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The Fall 2014

The Fall 2014: Pete Greenway (guitar), Keiron Melling (drums), Dave Spurr (bass), Eleni Poulou (keyboards), Mark E Smith (vocals)

Plus: Daren Garratt (drums)  Daren Garratt

Originally formed in 1976 in Manchester, England, The Fall now approaches its 40th year with founder and sole constant leader Mark E Smith. The group has gone through over 60 personnel changes during that time; the core current members having been on board since mid 2007, marking one of the most stable periods during the group's history. Daren Garratt joined as second drummer in December 2013. The Fall has continued to release new music and tour constantly during the whole of its lifespan. To 2014, there have been 30 studio albums, almost double that number of singles and 85-odd live albums and compilations. The group's releases and touring schedule is documented in this website.

For a listing of all past and present Fall members and related people, see here.

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