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discography: bootlegs/unauthorised releases

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Container Drivers
Arkain Filloux (Belgium) NR031, 2014 (Bootleg LP) [top of page]
Mess Of My / No Christmas For John Quays / Like To Blow / Container Divers / Jawbone And The Air Rifle / Futures And Pasts / Mother-Sister! / Rebellious Jukebox / Industrial Estate / Put Away
Early BBC Session Recordings. Screen printed cover, blue vinyl.

Middle Class Revolt Remixes
White label 12" single, 1995 (Bootleg 12") [top of page]
Middle Class Revolt (Prozac Mix) / Middle Class Revolt (Orange In The Mouth Mix)
Remixes by The Drum Club, originally included as bonus tracks on Japanese pressings of the Cerebral Caustic CD.

Pseudo Indie Label PIL05CD, 1994 (Bootleg CD) [top of page]
Marquis Cha-Cha (Kamera 7" version)
Bremen Nacht Run Out (Free 7" with Frenz Experiment)
Mark'll Sink Us (live) (Free 7" with Frenz Experiment)
Lucifer over Lancashire (Melody Maker "Vinyl Conflict" EP, 1986)
Hey! Luciani (Sounds "Sounds Showcase 1" EP, 1987)
Wings (live in NYC 1985 from "Bugs on the Wire" LP, 1987)
L.A. (live at Albany Empire, Deptford from "Fruitcakes And Furry Collars" LP, 1986)
U.S. 80's-90's (live in Bremen, Germany from "Head Over Ears" LP, 1987)
Guest Informant (live in Vienna, from 7" EP with issue 9 of Sniffin' Rock, 1989)
The Man Whose Head Expanded (live, from Bang Zoom tapezine no. 7, 1986)
Backdrop (from "In A Hole")
Dresden Dolls ("unreleased" rehearsal, 1977 (Total Eclipse DRD1 ))
Strychnine (Peel Session)
Race with the Devil (Gene Vincent song played as a request for John Peel at his 50th birthday party, Subterranea, London, 29 August 1989)
Plaster on the Hands (Pilsner Trail - live at the Venue, London 21 March 1983)
Uncredited piece of MES talking about the release of How I Wrote 'Elastic Man'
Subsequently given official release on Cog Sinister/Voiceprint CD (COGVP127CD), 5 February 2001 - see album details page.

Schlick Yarbles Revisited F101, 1984 (Bootleg LP) [top of page]
Lay Of The Land / Ludd Gang / Kicker Conspiracy / Smile / 2 x 4 / C.R.E.E.P. / Neighbourhood Of Infinity / Copped It / Garden
Recorded live in Munich 4 April 1984. Limited to 200 copies. Neighbourhood Of Infinity was officially released on the Palace Of Swords Reversed compilation.

Class Of 76
Happy Porpak Production SEX 3531, (Bootleg LP) [top of page]
Mess Of My Age [sic] / Hassle Schmuck [sic] / Plaster On The Hands
Compilation album with 3 Fall tracks - first two from John Peel sessions 2 & 4; Plaster On The Hands live at Electric Ballroom, London (not Manchester as stated on the cover) 21 May 1983.

Dresden Dolls / Psycho Mafia / Industrial Estate
Total Eclipse DRD1 (bootleg 7") [top of page]

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