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discography: compilations

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Box One

Original release
First released in 1988 on Beggars Banquet Japan 4 CD box set: ALCB81/82/83/84

CD1 - The Wonderful And Frightening World Of...
CD2 - Hip Priest And Kamerads part 1
CD3 - Hip Priest And Kamerads part 2
CD4 - This Nation's Saving Grace

Recording info & notes
CDs 1 and 4 are the same as the original UK CDs. Hip Priest And Kamerads has been split into 2 discs; the first comprising: Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul / The Classical / Fortress / Look, Know / Hip Priest / Who Makes The Nazis? (live)/ Just Step Sideways (live) / Room To Live / Mere Pseud Mag. Ed. (live); and the second disc comprising: Hard Life In Country / I'm Into C.B. / Fantastic Life / Jawbone And The Air-Rifle (live) / And This Day (live).

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