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discography: live albums

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Totale's Turns (It's Now Or Never)

Original UK release
First released 5 May 1980 on Rough Trade LP: ROUGH10

01. Intro (Smith) 0:45
02. Fiery Jack (Hanley, S/Riley/Scanlon/Smith) 4:27
03. Rowche Rumble (Riley/Scanlon/Smith) 4:48
04. Muzorewi's Daughter (The Fall) 3:44
05. In My Area (The Fall) 4:32
06. Choc-Stock (Scanlon/Smith) 2:33
07. Spectre vs. Rector 2 (Hanley, S/Leigh/Scanlon/Smith) 5:52
08. Cary Grant's Wedding (The Fall) 3:37
09. That Man (Riley/Scanlon/Smith) 1:43
10. New Puritan (Hanley, S/Riley/Scanlon/Smith) 3:21
11. No Xmas For John Quays (Smith) 7:41

(LP side 1: tracks 1-6; side 2: tracks 7-11)

Mark E Smith - vocals
Marc Riley - guitar, vocals
Craig Scanlon - guitar
Steve Hanley - bass
Mike Leigh - drums

Cover artwork: Mark E Smith

Recording info & notes
Tracks 1-6 recorded live at Bircoats Leisure Centre, Doncaster on 27 October 1979; tracks 7-8 recorded live at Palm Cove, Bradford on 29 February 1980; track 9 is a studio outtake from the sessions for the single Fiery Jack; track 10 is a home demo recording from Mark E Smith's house in Prestwich; track 11 recorded live, possibly at The Warehouse, Preston on 22 November 1979.

As the cover states, tracks from October 1979 to February 1980. Tracks 1 and 2 run together on the original LP.

Overseas releases
Released in Italy in 1980 on Base Records LP: ROUGH 10 Y5 and also on Base Records/Go International LP: GI LP 10. The former LP has black labels, the latter orange labels.

1992 DOJO reissue
Reissued on 21 Novemer 1992 on DOJO Records CD: DOJOCD83 with the original tracklisting and cover.

1998 Castle reissue
Reissued on 27 June 1998 on Castle/Essential CD: ESMCD638 with the original tracklisting and a slightly different cover.

2004 Sanctuary reissue
Reissued on 15 March 2004 on Castle, a label of Sanctuary Records Group CD: CMRCD882 with the original cover and tracklisting plus bonus tracks:

12. The Container Drivers (Smith/Riley/Scanlon/Hanley, S) 3:40
13. Jawbone And The Air-Rifle (Hanley, S/Riley/Scanlon/Smith) 3:23
14. New Puritan (Hanley, S/Riley/Scanlon/Smith) 7:13
15. New Face In Hell (Smith/Riley/Scanlon) 5:03

Tracks 12-15 are from John Peel radio session #3. First pressing came in a cardboard slipcase (see image gallery).

2004 Earmark vinyl reissue
Reissued on 13 September 2004 on Earmark (Italy) LP: EAR40037LP with the original tracklisting. A 180gm vinyl pressing. Earmark is a joint venture between Sanctuary Records Group and Get Back Records of Italy.

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