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discography: live albums

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A Part Of America Therein, 1981

Original release
First released ?? May 1982 on Cottage (USA) LP: LP1

01. The N.W.R.A. (Smith/Scanlon/Hanley, S) 10:57
02. Hip Priest (Hanley, S/Riley/Scanlon/Smith) 7:58
03. Totally Wired (Scanlon/Riley/Smith) 4:06
04. Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul (Smith/Riley/Scanlon/Hanley, P) 2:57
05. Cash 'n' Carry (Smith/Hanley, S/Riley/Scanlon) 6:42
06. An Older Lover (Smith/Hanley, S/Hanley, P/Riley/Scanlon) 6:50
07. Deer Park (Burns/Riley/Scanlon/Smith) 4:30
08. Winter (Scanlon/Smith) 7:35

(LP side 1: tracks 1-4; side 2: tracks 5-8)

Mark E Smith - vocals
Marc Riley - guitar, vocals
Craig Scanlon - guitar
Steve Hanley - bass
Karl Burns - drums

Recording info & notes
Recorded live on a tour of America during May-July 1981. Tracks 1-2 from Chicago; tracks 3-4 from New York; track 5 from San Francisco; tracks 6-7 from Houston; track 8 from Memphis.

Cash 'n' Carry is a version of C'n'C-S Mithering.

1992 DOJO reissue
Reissued in December 1992 on DOJO Records CD: LOMACD10 coupled with Slates on a single CD. The cover artwork had elements from both covers (see image gallery).

1998 Castle reissue
Reissued on 24 April 1998 on Castle/Essential CD: ESMCD637 coupled with Slates on a single CD, as per the 1992 reissue.

2004 Sanctuary reissue
Reissued on 22 November 2004 on Castle, a label of Sanctuary Records Group, CD: CMRCD1052. Original 8 A Part Of America Therein, 1981 tracks plus bonus tracks:

09. Middle Mass (The Fall) 3:51
10. The Container Drivers (Scanlon/Riley/Smith) 3:49
11. Session Musician (Smith/Scanlon/Hanley, S) 8:53
12. Your Heart Out (Smith/Scanlon/Hanley, S) 8:53

Tracks 9-12 recorded on the same US tour. Tracks 9-10 from The Spit, Boston, Massachusetts on 11 June 1981; track 11 from Jimmy's, New Orleans on 23 June 1981; track 12 from Palo Alto, California 8 July 1981. This CD reissue departs from the previous CD reissues by not combining A Part Of America Therein, 1981 with Slates.

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