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discography: live albums

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Live 1977

Original UK release
First released on ?? March 2000 Cog Sinister via Voiceprint CD: COGVP114CD

01. Psycho Mafia (Smith/Friel) 2:40
02. Last Orders (Smith/Friel) 2:14
03. Repetition (Baines/Burns/Friel/Bramah/Smith) 4:42
04. Dresden Dolls (Baines/Burns/Friel/Bramah/Smith) 3:45
05. Hey Fascist (The Fall) 2:50
06. Frightened (Smith/Friel) 5:22
07. Industrial Estate (Smith/Bramah/Friel) 2:23
08. Stepping Out (Smith/Friel) 3:32
09. Bingo Master's Breakout (Smith/Baines) 2:40
10. Oh Brother (The Fall) 4:10
11. Cop It (The Fall) 3:04
12. Futures And Pasts (Smith/Bramah) 2:50
13. Louie Louie (Berry) 6:36

(CD: tracks 1-13)

Mark E Smith - vocals
Martin Bramah - guitar
Tony Friel - bass
Karl Burns - drums
Una Baines - keyboards
John The Postman - vocals (track 13)

Recording info & notes
Recorded live at the Stretford Civic Centre on 23 December 1977.

A super lo-fi, distorted soundboard recording, but the earliest live record of the group ever released. Tony Friel's last gig with the group. Titled as "Live 77" elsewhere other than on the front cover. One batch of CDs was mispressed with the audio tracks from Early Fall (which was being manufactured at the same time); the CD label is printed as Live 1977 so there is nothing to distinguish the mispressed discs until you play them.

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