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discography: live albums

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Original UK release
First released on 1 November 2004 on Hip Priest via Voiceprint CD: HIPP004CD

01. All Clasp Hands (Smith/Trafford) 3:32
02. Blindness (Smith/Birtwistle) 3:26
03. What About Us? (Smith/Poulou) 6:29
04. I'm Ronney The Oney (Smith/Blaney) 1:33
05. Green-Eyed Snorkel (Smith/Watts) 6:49
06. Mod Mock Goth (Smith/Poulou) 2:50
07. Wrong Place (Smith) 2:39
08. Sparta FC No.3 (Smith) 3:41
09. Mere Psued Mag. Ed. (Smith) 3:21
10. Spoilt Victorian Childe (Smith) 5:06
11. Boxoctosis Alarum (Smith/Watts) 3:17

(CD: tracks 1-11)

Mark E Smith - vocals
Ben Pritchard - guitar
Jim Watts - guitar
Steve Trafford - bass
Spencer Birtwistle - drums
Elena Poulou - keyboards
Ed Blaney - guitar

Produced by: Mark E Smith
Cover artwork: Pascal Le Gras and Mark E Smith

Recording info & notes
Live recordings mixed with live in the studio rehearsal recordings from August and September 2004.

The album was originally to be titled Cocked. There was a one track promo CD issued containing a demo version of Blindness, entitled Blind Man.

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