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Last Night At The Palais

Original release
First released on 24 August 2009 on Sanctuary via Universal CD & DVD: 2713432

01. Senior Twilight Stock Replacer (Smith/Spurr) 4:52
02. Pacifying Joint (Smith) 3:35
03. Fall Sound (Smith/Barbato/Presley/McCord) 3:56
04. Over! Over! (Smith) 3:01
05. Theme From Sparta F.C. (Smith/Pritchard/Watts) 3:56
06. Hungry Freaks, Daddy (Zappa) 5:46
07. Wrong Place, Right Time (Smith) 3:02
08. My Door Is Never (Smith) 6:29
09. The Wright Stuff (Smith/Poulou) 5:03
10. White Lightning (Richardson) 3:00
11. Blindness (Smith/Birtwistle) 9:14
12. Reformation (Smith/Barbato/Presley/McCord) 4:42

(CD: tracks 1-12)

Mark E Smith - vocals
Elena Poulou - keyboards
Tim Presley - guitar
Pete Greenway - guitar
Rob Barbato - bass
Dave "The Eagle" Spurr - bass
Orpheo McCord - drums

Cover artwork: Mark Kenny and Becky Stewart
Photos courtesy of: Kurt and Walter Joerres, Mark Howard and Jeff Higgott

Recording info & notes
Recorded live at the Hammersmith Palais, London on 1 April 2007.

This was the final gig to be held in the famous London venue. The package also includes a DVD of the same gig plus a bonus promo clip of Reformation.

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