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Bingo-Master's Break-Out!

Original UK release
First released 11 August 1978 on Step Forward Records 7": SF7

01. Psycho Mafia (Smith/Friel) 2:19  Lyrics

Spitting on the streets
Numb heads and feet
Nowhere to go
Won't let us in the shows

'Cos we talk about love
And the Psycho-Mafia
I'm talking 'bout love
And the Psycho-Mafia

No soul in the discos
No rock in the clubs
Won't let us in the pubs
And the city joys

Going on about love
And the Psycho-Mafia
I'm talking about love
And the Psycho-Mafia

'cho Mafia
'cho Mafia

Spitting on the streets
Shot heads and teeth
Our eyes are red
Our brains are dead

Going on about drugs
I'm talking about love

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02. Bingo-Master (Smith/Baines) 2:32  Lyrics

Two swans in front of his eyes
Colored balls in front of his eyes
It's number one for his Kelly's eye
Treble-six right over his eye

A big shot's voice in his ears
Worlds of silence in his ears
All the numbers account for years
Checks the cards through eyes of tears

Bingo-Master's Breakout!

All he sees is the back of chairs
In the mirror, a lack of hairs
A light room, which he fills out
Hear the players all shout

Bingo-Master's Breakout!

A glass of lager in his hand
Silver microphone in his hand
Wasting time in numbers and rhyme
One hundred blank faces buy

Bingo-Master's Breakout!

Came the time he flipped his lid
Came the time he flipped his lid
Holiday in Spain fell through
Players put it down to

Bingo-Master's Breakout

A hall full of cards left unfilled
Ended his life with wine and pills
There's a grave somewhere only partly filled
A sign in a graveyard on a hill reads

Bingo-Master's Breakout

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03. Repetition (Baines/Burns/Friel/Bramah/Smith) 5:11  Lyrics

Right noise
We're gonna get real speedy
You gotta wear black all the time
You're gonna make it on your own

Cos we dig
Cos we dig
We dig
We dig repetition
We dig repetition
We've repetition in the music
And we're never going to lose it

All you daughters and sons
who are sick of fancy music
We dig repetition
Repetition on the drums
and we're never going to lose it

This is the three R's
The three R's:
Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

Oh mental hospitals
Oh mental hospitals
They put electrodes in your brain
And you're never the same
You don't dig repetition
You don't love repetition

Repetition in the music and we're never going to lose it

President Carter loves repetition
Chairman Mao he dug repetition

Repetition in China
Repetition in America
Repetition in West Germany
Simultaneous suicides

We dig it, we dig it
we dig it, we dig it

Repetition, repetition, repetition
Repetition, repetition, Regal Zonophone

There is no hesitation
This is your situation
Continue a blank generation
Blank generation
Same old blank generation
Groovy blank generation
Swinging blank generation

Repetition, repetition, repetition....

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(Side 1: tracks 1-2; side 2: track 3)

Mark E Smith - vocals
Martin Bramah - guitar
Tony Friel - bass
Karl Burns - drums
Una Baines - keyboards

Produced by: The Fall
Cover artwork: Jonnie Brown

Recording info & notes
Recorded at Indigo Studios, Manchester on 9 November 1977.

A 4th track - Frightened - was recorded but not included on the single because Mark E Smith considered the rendition didn't come up to scratch. The recording of that track has never been released.

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