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Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul

Original UK release
First released 13 November 1981 on Kamera 7": ERA001

01. Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul (Smith/Riley/Scanlon/Hanley, P) 3:12  Lyrics

Well, I didn't eat the weekend
But I put the weight back on again
And our kid got back from Munich
He didn't like it much
Has a psyche that hadn't been synthesized
Just like machines
It's getting like that here now
It just goes to show

I got no nerves left Monday morning
And I think I'll cut my dick off
The trouble it got me in
Went home to my slum canyon
On my way I looked up
I saw turrets of Victorian wealth
I saw John the ex-fox
Sleeping in some outside bogs
There's a silent rumble
In the buildings of the night council
It's a meeting of controllers
Who drive right through the gates
In white roll-tops

And I guess this just goes to show
The lie dream of the casino soul

I'm a bit jagged right now
In a tongue-tired, wired state
Cause Sunday morning dancing
I had an awake dream
I was in the supervision dept.
Of a bigtown store
Security floors one to four
They had cameras in the clothes dummies
A man came up to them
He wanted sex in the dummies eyes
Then came up the cry:
"Security, mobilized!"
Meanwhile in the sticks
Proles rich, dance in cardboard pants
And I guess this goes to show
The lie dream of a casino souls scene

Note: This song is about the Wigan Casino nightclub, the home of northern soul music.

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02. Fantastic Life (Smith/Riley/Scanlon/Hanley, P) 5:25  Lyrics

Got eighteen months for espionage
Too much brandy for breakfast
And people tend to let you down
It's a swine
Fantastic life

Dole penicillin to eastern ching plague-ridden
And one thing I have found
What you cast out will hit back
And a man will find he has to deny his
Fantastic life

Ours is not to look back
Ours is to continue the crack

Met a 54 year old dustbin man
And '48 he'd been in Jerusalem
Sold surplus oil to Arab fighters
For M-cocktails to burn Jewish terrorists
What a turn-up!
Fantastic life

Style's too easy to buy nowadays
And there's interference with the mail
And you just can't get out the words
Some people think if they had a job they'd be well
A fantastic lie!

The Siberian mushroom Santa
Was in fact Rasputin's brother
And he didst walk round Whitechapel
To further the religion of forgiven sin murder
Fantastic lie!

No lie, friend called David
He said he had a barney on Corporation Street
He said he told the policeman what he really thought
But knowing him I don't believe that crap
A Fantastic lie

And I just thought I'd tell you
And I just thought I'd tell you
About fantastic life

And I just thought I'd tell you
Some fantastic lies

And I just thought I'd tell you
And I just thought I'd tell you

I walked right (West) round Wakefield Jail
A fantastic life
And I just thought I'd tell you
And I just thought I'd tell you

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(Side 1: track 1; side 2: track 2)

Mark E Smith - vocals
Marc Riley - keyboards
Craig Scanlon - guitar
Steve Hanley - bass
Paul Hanley - drums, vocals
Karl Burns - drums
Richard Mazda - saxophone

Produced by: Richard Mazda
Cover artwork: Savage Pencil

Recording info & notes
Recorded in London mid 1981.

Overseas releases
Released in Australia and New Zealand in 1982 on Gap Records 7": SKA755. Released in Germany in 1982 on Line Records 7": 6.13336. Same cover and tracks as the UK 7".

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