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Kicker Conspiracy/Wings

Original UK release
First released 19 September 1983 on Rough Trade Double 7": RT143

01. Kicker Conspiracy (Smith) 4:21  Lyrics

Kicker, Kicker Conspiracy
Kicker, Kicker Conspiracy
J. Hill's satanic reign [1]
Ass-lickers King O'Team
Kicker, Kicker Conspiracy x 2

In the marble halls of the charm school
How flair is punished
Under Marble Millichip, the F.A. broods [2]
On how flair can be punished
Their guest is a Euro-State magnate
How flair is punished

Kicker, Kicker Conspiracy x 4

In the Blues Club, George Best does rule [3]
How flair is punished
His downfall was a blonde girl, but that's none of your business!
Kicker, Kicker Conspiracy x 4

Former fan at the bus stop
Treads on the ball at his feet, in the christmas rush
And in his hands, two lager cans
Talks to himself. At the back. At the top.

What are the implications of the club unit?
Plastic, Slime, Partitions, Cocktail, Zig-Zag, Tudor Bar

Pat McGatt. Pat McGatt, the very famous sports reporter is

FANS! ! ! "Remember, you are abroad!
Remember the police are rough!
Remember the unemployed!
Remember my expense account!


Lurid brochures for ground unit
Our style is punished

Kicker, Kicker Conspiracy x 5
Remember! don't collect with the rough
Kicker, Kicker Conspiracy

Kicker, lets swell the facilities

Kicker Conspiracy x 8

[1] Jimmy Hill - BBC TV presenter on Match Of The Day
[2] Sir Bert Millichip - Chairman of the British Football Association 1981-1996.
[3] The Blues Club was the Manchester City supporters club bar at Maine Road. George Best - 60's soccer icon - played for Manchester United, City's arch rivals, but he was still revered for his style and brilliance. Mark E Smith has said on UK TV that even though he's a City fan he often went with mates to watch United just so he could see Best play.

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02. Wings (Smith/Hanley, S/Hanley, P) 4:33  Lyrics

Day by day
The moon gains on me
Day by day
The moon gains on me

Purchased pair of flabby wings
I took to doing some HOVERING
Here is a list of incorrect things

HOVERED mid-air outside a study
An academic kneaded his chin
sent in the dust of some cheap magazines
His academic rust, could not burn them up

Recruited some gremlins
To get me clear of the airline routes
I paid them off with stuffing from my wings
They had some fun with those cheapo airline snobs

The stuffing loss made me hit a timelock
I ended up in the eighteen sixties
I've been there for one hundred and twenty five years
A small alteration of the past can turn time into space

Ended up under Ardwick Bridge
With some veterans from the U.S. Civil War
They were under Irish patronage
We shot dead a stupid sergeant
but I got hit in the crossfire
The lucky hit made me hit a time lock

But, when I got back
The place I made the purchase, no longer exists
I'd erased it under the bridge

Day by day
The moon came towards me
By such things
The moon came towards me

So now I sleep in ditches
And hide away from nosey kids
The wings rot and feather under me
The wings rot and curl right under me
A small alteration of the past
Can turn time into space
Small touches can alter more than a mere decade


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03. Container Drivers (Riley/Scanlon/Hanley, S/Hanley, P/Smith) 3:10  Lyrics

Net cap. of 58 thousand pounds
They sweat on their way down
Grey ports with customs bastards
Hang around like clowns the
Uh-containers and their drivers

Bad indigestion
Bad bowel retention
Speed for their wages
Suntan, torn short sleeves

Look at a car park for two days
Look at a grey port for two days
Train line, stone and grey

This is not their town
Big cigars come out of the ground
Sweat on their way down
F. Jack's a distant relation
Communists are just part time workers
And there's no thanks
From the loading bay ranks

Look at a car park for two days
Look at a grey port for two days
Train line, stone and grey
RO-RO roll on roll off
The container drivers
Speed for their wages
Uh-and their drivers

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04. New Puritan (Riley/Scanlon/Hanley, S/Smith) 3:22  Lyrics

The grotesque peasants stalk the land
And deep down inside you know everybody wants to like big companies
Bands send tapes to famous apes
Male slags, male slates, famous apes
[?] water cater now grim thoughts
The whole country is post-gramme
Echoes of the past

All hail the new puritan
Righteous maelstrom, cook one

And all hard-core fiends
Will die by me
And all decadent sins
Will reap discipline

New puritan

This is the grim reefer
The snap at the end of the straw
With a high grim quota
Your star karma, Jim

New puritan
New puritan

The conventional is now experimental
The experimental is now conventional
It's a dinosaur cackle
A pteradactyl cackle
In LA a drunk is sick on Gene Vincent's star on Hollywood Boulevard
Ha-ha ha-ha
Stripping takes off in Britain's black spots
The Kensington white rastas run for cabs
This I have seen

New puritan

In Britain the scream of electric pumps in a renovated pub
Your stomach swells up before you get drunk
The bars are full of male slags
At 10:35 they play "Send in the Clowns" once

Why don't you ask your local record dealer how many bribes he took today?
What do you mean "What's it mean? What's it mean?"?
"What's it mean? What's it mean?"

New puritan
New puritan

Hail the new puritan
Out of hovel, cum-coven, cum-oven

And all hard-core fiends
Will die by me
And all decadent sins
Will reap discipline

New puritan
New puritan

New puritan
New puritan
New puritan
New puritan
New an

New puritan...[?]

I curse the self-copulation
Of your lousy record collection
New puritan says "Coffee table LPs never breathe"

New puritan
New puritan
New puritan
New puritan
New puritan says...


New puritan
New puritan
New puritan
New puritan

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(7" 1 side 1: track 1; side 2: track 2)
(7" 2 side 1: track 3; side 2: track 4)

Mark E Smith - vocals
Craig Scanlon - guitar
Steve Hanley - bass
Paul Hanley - drums
Karl Burns - drums

Produced by: Steve Parker and Mark E Smith (tracks 1-2); John Sparrow (tracks 3-4)

Recording info & notes
Tracks 1-2 recorded in London mid 1983. Tracks 3-4 recorded at BBC Maida Vale Studio 4, London on 16 September 1980.

Tracks 3 and 4 were from John Peel session #3.

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