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Original UK release
First released 24 August 1984 on Beggars Banquet 7": Beg116; and 12": Beg116T

01. c.r.e.e.p. (Smith, ME/Hanley, S/Hanley, P/Scanlon/Smith, B) 2:56  Lyrics

He reads books of the list book club
And after two months, his stance a familiar hunch
It's that same slouch you had the last time he came around

His oppression abounds, his type is doing the rounds
He is a scum-egg, a horrid trendy wretch


Black saucers at the back of your neck
Interruptions from the side when you talk
In the presence of this ugly gawk
Is offending, make sure you're not absorbed
(With hideous luck he'll absorb all your talk)


From the bright sun, he came one fine morn
"Populist" as well in his class at least
But then came real age, and for that we all must pay
(and for that we all do pay)


And he wants world peace! (and for that we all must pay)

He likes ABC! (C.R.E.E.P.)



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02. Pat-Trip Dispenser (Smith, ME/Smith, B) 4:03  Lyrics

He moves slow at the petrol stop
It's Pat the trip dispenser
He came with solvent in his hair
The trip dispenser

Spine-fuhrer of Hoboken
It's Pat the trip dispenser
Friend of Syndicate of Sound
Pigeon toed band

McGinty thought he could fool the Fall
With his imitation speeds
But he had not accounted for the psychic nose
He did not know there are no big shots on the rock
And even if there were, McGinty would not be among them

His head was full of icy calm
A clarity of nothing
It's Pat the trip dispenser

He paid at the generic supermarket
With paper
With paper
It's Pat the trip dispenser

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03. C.R.E.E.P. (Smith, ME/Hanley, S/Hanley, P/Scanlon/Smith, B) 4:44

(7" side 1: track 1; side 2: track 2)
(12" side 1: track 3; Side 2: track 2, 1)

Mark E Smith - vocals
Brix Smith - guitar, vocals
Craig Scanlon - guitar
Steve Hanley - bass
Paul Hanley - drums, keyboards
Karl Burns - drums, bass

Produced by: John Leckie
Engineer: Joe Gillingham
Cover artwork: Claus Castenskiold

Recording info & notes
Recorded at Focus Studios early 1984.

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