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Mr. Pharmacist

Original UK release
First released 1 September 1986 on Beggars Banquet 7": Beg168; and 12": Beg168T

01. Mr. Pharmacist (Nowlen) 2:22  Lyrics

Mr Pharmacist
Can you help me out today
In your usual lovely way
Oh Mr Pharmacist I insist
That you give me some of that vitamin C
Mr Pharmacist

Dear Pharmacist won't you please
Give me some energy
Mr Pharmacist

Hey Mr Pharmacist
I'll recommend you to my friends
They'll be happy in the end
Mr Pharmacist can you help
Send me on a 'delic kick
Mr Pharmacist

Dear Pharmacist use your mind
You better stock me up for the wintertime
Mr Pharmacist

Hey Mr Pharmacist
Words cannot express
Feeling I suggest
Oh Mr Pharmacist I can plead
Gimme some of that powder I need
Mr Pharmacist

Dear Pharmacist I'll be back
With a handful of empty sack
Mr Pharmacist

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02. Lucifer Over Lancashire (Hanley, S/Smith) 5:11  Lyrics

Saw six men
Under a tall tower
Break it to him
Like I'm breakin it to you, gently
The nice people
Will remind you, oh yeah
Kicking, white, cheerleader
When the tired cheerleader

Lucifer over Lancashire

The black birds
Shake the hedges
On this the hottest day for ages
Was that monsoon
Doctor doctor [hid/hit] the needle
Can be discounted
No longer

Lucifer over Lancashire

I tell you no lies
Completely blind
Are the sentinel's eyes
At the back of his mind
This demon is hip
The demon's grip
He took over everywhere
And his blitz
Now over here
And the sky moves on
His cock-eyed moon
A useless priest
{Under your] power
Now I'm just flyin
I'm flyin
I'm typin
I'm shinin
I'm winnin
I got this on
I'm a runnin shark
I'm winnin
I'm shinin...

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03. Auto Tech Pilot (Hanley, S/Smith) 4:54 Lyrics

Last night I heard 3 real loud ricochets
From the police tech center at the top of my street
And then the morning after, brass band in unison
Jumping, shouting, all 3000
Meanwhile I've been broke in twice
And had a maniac at door, swearing, 12:05 AM

And I really think this computer thing is getting out of hand
And I think this tech pilot isn't going to land
Three quarters of mail destined for beer
Time to put an end, to the extend
All the bump men
Time we cake this
Compute garbage in, garbage out
And time to put a cap on this
With a brain, nice habit
And I'm thinkin of...

(Track is deserted
All securities run forth of the perverted)

Isn't gonna land
On its purgatory band
Auto tech pilot
Isn't gonna land
Jet isn't gonna land
Troll the instant pilot
Auto tech pilot
Isn't gonna land

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(7" side 1: track 1; side 2: track 2)
(12" side 1: tracks 1,2; side 2: track 3)

Mark E Smith - vocals
Brix Smith - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Craig Scanlon - guitar
Steve Hanley - bass
Simon Rogers - bass, guitar, keyboards
Simon Wolstencroft - drums

Produced by: John Leckie

Recording info & notes
Recorded at Abbey Road Studio, London mid 1986.

Mr. Pharmacist is a cover of the song by The Other Half.

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