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Hey! Luciani

Original UK release
First released 8 December 1986 on Beggars Banquet 7": Beg176; and 12": Beg176T

01. Hey! Luciani (Hanley, S/Smith) 3:34  Lyrics

I said Luciani
The future's here today
I said Hey Luciani
Pope of three three days

They made out you were are an ultra nut
And had no time for your Christianity
You paid with your life for their treachery
The future's here today
The future's here to stay

Hey Luciani
Jesus has gone away
I said Hey Luciani
Meet the Church Bank S.A. [1]

They said you were of peasant stock
And one day the curia murdered you
Your hermeneutics are through
And on that fruited plain
The corporate bishop's graze
Exit church of poverty and pain
The future's here today
The future's here to stay

Hey Luciani
A pop star in your cell
I said Hey Luciani
A Polish son of Hell

You were the first John Paul I
How is it your 'Christian' is gone?
Can you see it from your grave?
The TV snow-storm on top,
The brass Holy Grail
Imitation for sale
The future's here today

And all the cowls are black
On an inquisition rack
The future's here today
The future's here to stay

Note: [1] Italian version of an American Corporation or a British Limited Liability Company.

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02. Entitled (Hanley, S/Scanlon/Smith) 3:15  Lyrics

Hands up, I can't do that
Wait till tomorrow
Pretends to think a lot
Not user friendly

So when we go in a second
What does that mean to you?
You take her from the back
We're so respectable

But I'm entitled

Why can you not relax
When I'm behind you?
I don't make passes from the back
Is it something usual?

To be so entitled

Remember with this photograph
Take care of photograph
Drowned in plastic
You've got good reason to laugh

Give up, I can't do that
Wait until tomorrow
My reputation's in tatters
Where does that leave you?


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03. Shoulder Pads #1B (Smith, ME/Smith, B) 5:03 Lyrics

All these fads
It's shoulder pads

On New Year's Dawn
To my surprise
All the Macca lads stayed at home
Picking antiques
Cosy fleck with green bits
Main undercurrent, white spermatoze

My powers
Against them, half-useless
My senses
Alive have party

Was embarrassed but stuck with them
Walked, at shoulder, down the street, ridicule
They couldn't tell Lou Reed from Doug Yule
Suppressed hate romance

It was like being back at school

My powers before them resound
My powers heard language, two-time doom

Win populace, internal defeat
Their mob had a coup d'etat
Realize what they'd always wanted
Knew I was right all along
It wasn't then a Beatles song
Superhero in harlequin kecks
Dim-wit lecture, half read
Cursing black singers ten years dead

Was a clown in victim hat
Was shouldered and spurned

Then my powers did return

Hop on, lovers of fads
It's shoulder pads
Death knell now for pilsner lads
My powers! Gone!
My powers! Gone!

Said twisted chill, flashes pan
It's MES in shoulder pads

Look out! Lovers of fads
It's MES in shoulder pads

Big fit deal for lovers of fads
It's MES in shoulder pads

Get a line, bargain mind
Against a different clime
Holding ankles, rotten cads
It's MES in shoulder pads

And unless you want MES as your dad
Only got anchors, lovers of fads
It's MES in shoulder pads

MES in shoulder pads
MES in shoulder pads
It's MES in shoulder pads
MES in shoulder pads
MES in shoulder pads
It's MES in shoulder pads

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(7" side 1: track 1; side 2: track 2)
(12" side 1: track 1; side 2: tracks 2,3)

Mark E Smith - vocals
Brix Smith - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Craig Scanlon - guitar
Steve Hanley - bass
Simon Rogers - bass, guitar, keyboards
Simon Wolstencroft - drums

Produced by: Ian Broudie (track 1); John Leckie (tracks 2-3)
Cover artwork: Suzanne Smith

Recording info & notes
Recorded at Abbey Road Studio, London mid 1986.

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