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Behind The Counter

Original UK release
First released: Part 1 on 13 December 1993 on Cog Sinister via Permanent 12" #1: 12SPERMD13; and CD #1: CDSPERMD13. Part 2 released on 20 December 1993 12" #2: 12SPERM13; and CD #2: CDSPERM13.

01. Behind The Counter (Smith/Burns) 3:11  Lyrics

They're always hitting on me
But I'm getting thin
From waiting on
They just want me to be

Behind the counter

The hen centre
Was always picking on me
There they are tucking in all over shop
Got no time
For dinner or tea

Behind the counter
Every car I see
Is always picking on me
They take a left turn when I cross, guaranteed
They park on the pavement
Some have paid parks on the pavement

I say "Wait sir, wait sir,
You'd better wait sir"

I'm getting thin
From idiots who write rock books
Ex-groups cold would've played this
"For Nose Pin and the Punk Piggies
Didn't quite make it," they say
Get behind the counter
The other side of the counter

Chill it, boy

The other side of the counter

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02. War (Belgvad/Moore) 2:44  Lyrics

Tell of the birth
Tell how war appeared on earth

Musicians with gongs
Permeate the autobahns
Foetus of disgusting breath

And she split the egg
Cast a spell and war was born

Come follow me
Out of the obscurity
Pilgrims in songs
Swamp the empty aerodrome
Kalashnikovs but no houses
Women at the double, march
No food for the spouses
They wait for the US drop
Russians sit back and laugh

While war casts her gory locks
Over the deserted docks
She casts her gory locks
Over the deserted docks

She cast a spell
Split an egg and war was born
And pillage hopes with gusto
Even though they have no nerve
And she does just look on
And war does what she has to

War does what she has to
People get what they deserve

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03. Cab Driver (Smith/Scanlon/Hanley, S) 5:23  Lyrics


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04. M5 (Smith/Bush/Wolstencroft) 3:28  Lyrics

You'll never see me trying to raise Cain
You'll never see me wear a suit of green
There's a slip-road up right ahead
leading to the agragarian
But I'm city born and bred
Too many car-fumes in my head
Just a well-read punk peasant

But you'd think a country man would understand
the devil makes work for idle hands
M5 6-7 pm

And the man who pretends he knows it all
is destined to a Mighty Fall
Gets into your house with cheer
then proceeds to take all you've got to offer
This is not an autobahn
It's an evil roundabout
That leads to the Haywain
And you'll never see good trains again

In late 60s, my daddy said to me
you'll never see trams and clogs again
Now they roam the city

Can these people not understand
The devil makes work for idle hands
M5 6-7 pm
The devil makes work for idle hands

M5 to the country straight ahead
It's stuffed to the gills with crusty brown bread
Can they not understand
there's nothing worse than a bored man?

M5, 6-7 PM

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05. Happy Holiday (Smith/Hanley, S) 3:26  Lyrics


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06. Behind The Counter (Remix) (Smith/Burns) 3:07  Lyrics


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(12" #1 side 1: track 1; side 2: tracks 2-3)
(12" #2 side 1: track 4; side 2: tracks 5-6)
(CD #1: tracks 1-3)
(CD #2: tracks 4-6)

Mark E Smith - vocals
Craig Scanlon - guitar
Steve Hanley - bass
Dave Bush - keyboards
Simon Wolstencroft - drums, keyboards
Karl Burns - drums

Produced by: Rex Sergeant and Mark E Smith
Cover artwork: Pascal Le Gras

Recording info & notes
Recorded at Suite 16, Rochdale mid-late 1993.

The edits/mixes on War & M5 are slightly different to the versions on the Middle Class Revolt album. War is a Henry Cow/Slapp Happy cover.

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