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The Chiselers

Original UK release
First released on 12 February 1996 on Jet Records CD: JETCD500; 7": JET500; and cassette: JETMC500

01. The Chiselers (Smith/Burns/Hanley, S/Wolstencroft/Nagle) 3:14  Lyrics

The chiselers
He is desperate
Passed on
The 9th richest, bar none
The chiselers

He is short
They are short
The Stones are short
Mr Grumbly, with a white Ferrari, is short
Giving you hard looks

In the long long Yeltsin days
Get in touch
They're skint
Relocation due for the chiseler

Dry hump, in the hip club

Chiseler, chiseler, you're a godamn chiseler

The chiselers

He is desperate
They are desparate
One mad, bad, one mad
The Arab in

He is short
Pink Floyd are short

9th richest country in the world bar none

Dry hump, in the hip club


Dry hump, in the hip club

I try to think like you do
Act like you do
Try to dress like you do
I thought I was you

Now you turn around
Point your finger at me
Say I'm Chilinist
You think I'm the pits

The chiselers are here
And when they appear
You know I'll disappear again
The chisellers are there
And everywhere
And now I'll never come here again

I think like you do
I act like you do
I thought I was you

I need no persuasion
You know what to say
The process is clear
You are not happy

I try to think like you do
Dress like you do
I thought I was you


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02. Chilinist (Smith/Burns/Hanley, S/Wolstencroft/Nagle/Bennett) 6:15
03. Interlude-Chilinism (Smith/Burns/Hanley, S/Wolstencroft/Nagle/Bennett) 7:05

(CD: tracks 1-3)
(7" side 1: track 1; side 2: track 2)
(Cassette sides 1 and 2: tracks 1-3)

Mark E Smith - vocals, tapes
Craig Scanlon - guitar
Brix Smith - guitar
Steve Hanley - bass
Julia Nagle - keyboards
Simon Wolstencroft - drums, keyboards
Karl Burns - drums

Produced by: Mike Bennett
Cover artwork: Pascal Le Gras

Recording info & notes
Recorded at The Dairy, London 1995.

Some copies of the CD came in an uncoloured sleeve (JETCDS500).

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