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The Rough Trade Singles Box

Original UK release
First released on 15 July 2002 on Castle 5CD box set: CMEBX526 SET

CD1 - How I Wrote 'Elastic Man' single
CD2 - Totally Wired single
CD3 - The Man Whose Head Expanded single
CD4 - Kicker Conspiracy/Wings single, disc 1
CD5 - Kicker Conspiracy/Wings single, disc 2

Recording info & notes
Boxed set comprising the 4 singles released on Rough Trade in miniature duplicate card sleeves, plus booklet. See respective singles for full details. On the original pressing of the box set, the versions of Container Drivers & New Puritan on CD5 were the album versions from Grotesque and Totale's Turns respectively, not the John Peel session versions that appeared on the original 7" single. This was due to initial difficulties in obtaining clearance from the BBC for the use of those session recordings. Later pressings have the correct John Peel session versions. There is nothing to visibly distinguish the different pressings.

2003 Earmark LP version
The box set was issued as an LP on 8 September 2003 on Earmark LP: 40014, entitled The Rough Trade Singles Collection. The pressing was on 180gm vinyl.

2004 Earmark 7" vinyl reissue
Reissued on 22 November 2004 as 5 x 7" vinyl singles in a box on Earmark: 40014S.

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