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(We Wish You) A Protein Christmas

Original UK release
First released on 8 December 2003 on Action Records CD: TAKE22CD: and Limited Edition Double 7": TAKE22

01. (We Wish You) A Protein Christmas (Smith/Watts/Pritchard/Milner/Archer/Poulou) 3:32  Lyrics

Christmas time
No bells around
Christmas time
Muffled and knocked down

C-C-C-Christmas time

(Daa da da daa, etc)

All the family is in the house today
How I wish I had never gone away
I see Christ's blood on the street
Something here is the wrong way around


(Daa da da daa, etc)

The feast of man in October
Menus for hampers
Why did I come back?
I came back to Earth
The only thing good to say is
All the politicians are on holiday

Let's hope for a Protein Protection Christmas
Through all the land

(Daa da da daa, etc)

To all our Euro-end friends in Jerusalem
And Damascus
And Pra-ha-hahaha-ha-gue
Haha hahahaha ha
Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

Fastest out of the club with excuses
Haha hahahaha ha
Who's the fastest out of the club with excuses?

In my re-enforced exile
You know it's the smell


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02. (We Are) Mod Mock Goth (Smith/Poulou) 4:44  Lyrics

Take Viagra
Go to Camber Sands
Our shirts are well out of our pants
Mod mock goth

All week we work for daytime TV
When we laugh we say "tee hee hee"
We are mod mock rock goths

We drink all night
Goin' home, four in the back
We get groups up before half nine
In Camden, Manchester and the Oxford laylands
We are mod mock goth

When we have the time
We stress less
We are the mod mock goth
Mod mock goth

Mod mock goth
Round the world
I'm irresistable
I got a lot of land
My land is built of silver
My portaphone is lost
Mod mock goth
Mod mock goths!

And my trousers got a tick on the side
My portaphone is lost somewhere deep inside
We are mod mock goth
Mod mock goth

Little beards as in the Bible
On the end of the chin
Silver portaphone in hand
Shirt is out of the pants
Mod mock goth
Mod mock goth

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03. (Birtwistle's) Girl In Shop (Smith/Birtwistle) 3:54  Lyrics

Thank you!

The stars dripped from the sky in a rage
Reflecting the occupations of late

Total fool
Idiot pool
Track thirty-one
Inspection hill
Don't ask or refuse
The colonial
Slave for Smith

Idea from 1983 sheer travel boredom

Shadow stop
Largest bed, largest bed
And a kid
With the biggest dick ever you've seen
He defines the cause for injuries
He employs any chances to his own advantage
What does not kill him, makes him...

And a

Queen of Bozo's
Compassion, compassion
Read on
Strike the world
Just criticism


Total fool
Idiot pool
Track thirty-one
Inspection hill
No refusal or refuse

It's alright
He's alright anyway
Bert Millichip
Left him alone
Let him fuck
Relive the Pope
Cheap flights with bright light lights

Holy cigarette
Case for the jews
Hey Lord, Blackpool - have played this place

Can't miss the derivative
Resident again in the bedroom
In hazed English

He's got the Broadway vampires right round him
He is British
He is worm
His failure from the East and the West End
Now suddenly feel the Broadway
October Sunday Halloween
And idea of double (?)
Partied with himself
For only 80 pence

Drifting people off on their holdays go
Drifting people off where their holdays go
And where...
And where do holidays go?
Go on...

I cannot make it up

You need more time

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04. Recovery Kit 2# (Smith/Pritchard/Lally) 4:04  Lyrics

How can you leave your house?
How can you leave your money and guilded land?

What I took, I fought
Your head explodes if you try on it
You go out and drive
What I took, I fought
There were three at the old hall door

Complete recovery kit
Four parts of it
It's always free

What can I...

Was late that night it came on
It was quite steep in the middle
Came out the exit

Complete recovery kit
Four parts of it
If you want
Always free

Complete recovery kit
Four parts of it

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(CD: tracks 1-4)
(7" side 1: track 1; side 2: track 2; side 3: track 3; side 4: track 4)

Mark E Smith - vocals
Ben Pritchard - guitar
Simon "Ding" Archer - bass
Dave Milner - drums, vocals
Elena Poulou - keyboards
Spencer Birtwistle - drums, keyboards (track 3)

Produced by: Mark E Smith
Cover artwork: Marcus Parnell

Recording info & notes
Recorded late 2003.

The double 7" was a limited edition of 1,000 copies. Track 1 was a newly recorded reworking of the song Protein Protection from the album The Real New Fall LP Formerly 'Country On The Click'. Track 4 was an alternate version of that song from the same album. A promo CD for the single carried the warning: "For promotional use only - abuse it and we will get one of Santa's helpers to drop a little present on you from a great height".

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