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Laptop Dog

Original UK release
First released on 7 November 2011 on Cherry Red Records 7": CHERRY500

01. Laptop Dog (Smith/Greenway) 4:00  Lyrics

All life was there
But the path disappears
I say to you
I say to you
All life was there
But lap disappears
Searches all the bins
On advice of PC
No luck did he

All life was there
But lap disappeared
Searches all the bins
Burning veins
Outside the B'n'B
Now takes two months
No joy has he
Has no family
Has no

I say to you
All life was there
Lap disappeared
Searches all the bins
Burning veins
Do not underrate what I say
And the intolerant of laptop craze
A big creature will stalk you
And it will alliterate and proclaim

Laptop ignorant
Everybody proclaims
Laptop ignorant

No luck has he
Keith Richards follows him
To his hotel stop

Laptop ignorant

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02. Cosmos 7 (Spurr/Smith) 3:17  Lyrics


Sail the seas

And makes your hair silver
Rat's head

Cosmos 4 awaits
Cosmos 7
A mythical European lifestyle
Sharp brains
Cosmos 7
Cosmos 11
Cosmos rat's head

Four eyes, this is coming
Russian in the back

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03. Monocard (Lunatic Mix) (Spurr/Melling/Smith) 8:10  Lyrics

How can we stand firm?
How can we stand firm against the process?
And the malefactors
Cropped by night
Nocturnal surprise
Felicitatious malefactions

When will I get grasp of Monocard?
Is it bread? When will it begin?

I walk into village
Trenches in Hounslow
The true chiefs
Gorilla's an apprentice
Of Chiswick

At my peril and at my demand Monocard
From Prussia and Chiswick

Give me grasp
Of monocard
Is it bread?
Or is it yeast?
Will it, with it give assist
At my peril and at my demand

I should apprentice possess
In Chiswick
And rats
Of style
Of Mono

Ersatz apprentice
Okay style
Okay mono
To be one Cosmo

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(7" side 1: tracks 1,2; side 2: track 3)

Mark E Smith - vocals
Peter Greenway - guitar
David Spurr - bass
Keiron Melling - drums
Eleni Poulou - keyboards

Produced by: Mark E Smith, Simon "Ding" Archer

Recording info & notes
Recorded at Metropolis Studios, London and Toerag Studio, London in mid 2011.

Limited edition 7" single that plays at 33rpm. Cosmos 7 and Monocard are different to the album versions.

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