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Night Of The Humerons

Original UK release
First released on 21 April 2012 on Cherry Red Records Limited Edition 7": CHERRY501

01. Victrola Time (Smith/Poulou) 3:56  Lyrics

Science hasn't recorded it yet...
And I don't wanna buy any johnnies

I said MDMA years!
You can't feel, you can't feel Victrola
Victrola teller, Victrola teller
From '28 from '16
DMA years
J-j-just stop
J-just can't
Just can't
Post meth and DMA years
The pre non-MDM and net years
The post meth MDMA years
The pre- non- MDM and meth years
The post meth and also DMA years
The MDMA years
The pre- black eyes and tears of today years
The post-meth MDMA years
MDMA years...
Can't feel I could cry
The pre- black eyes and tears of today years

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02. Taking Off (Live) (Smith/Greenway) 4:35  Lyrics


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(7" side 1: track 1; side 2: track 2)

Mark E Smith - vocals
David Spurr - bass
Keiron Melling - drums
Pete Greenway - guitar
Tim Presley - guitar
Eleni Poulou - keyboards

Produced by: Mark E Smith

Recording info & notes
Record info unknown.

Limited edition 7" single of 1,000 copies, issued exclusively for Record Store Day 2012.

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