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Sir William Wray

Original UK release
First released on 20 April 2013 on Cherry Red Records Limited Edition 7": CHERRY502

01. Sir William Wray (Single Mix) (Smith/Poulou) 3:33  Lyrics

G-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-Gish! Gish!


You're preposterous in the house
You're preposterous!

And all you do is look look look
all you do is push push push

And gray, and gay
Wa wa wa wa wow
You know how how how how how how, Sir William Wray

And all you do is look look look
All you do is touch, just touch
Sir William Gray

And your Columbus suit on display
Hey, WIlliam Wray!

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!
Sir William Wray
Sir William Wray

Hey, Wray

Yeah, wa-wa-wa-wa--wa-wa you know how!
Gish gish gish
Sir William Wray

Wow wow wow wow
Sir William
Wow wow wow wow wow wow

You're William
And silver transparent
Are you amphibious
William Wray?
Sir William Wray

Wray! Hey, Wray! Wray! Wray!

Sir William Wray

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02. Jetplane (Smith/Poulou)  Lyrics

Diane Worstock and Dr. Jeffery Henning
first came up with their innovative new idea
whilst standing in an airline queue, of all places
(On the Milan to London flight on a cold Italian...
their London flight had been delayed by two hours)
Standing in the queue, who would've thought that
this innovative new idea would've occured to them
ticket number was obliterated

It occured to them, standing in an airline queue
for the Milan to London flight on a cold Italian Saturday afternoon
the Italians certainly like their Sundays

[Eleni interspersed]
the world's small now
but a longer schlep
new vistas at night
followed him...

And to make matters worse
some sort of Rock group was holding up things also
they were bringing elbows and euros into Heathrow
( When you hear planes whoooosh..)
This was when the great idea was beginning to dawn on them
to the Italian extreme cold or heat
Anyway, Diane with the cooperation of Dr. Dave opened a bureau
which not only tattoed your return number to Heathrow on your arm
but also squeaks if you are carrying more euros into Heathrow
(Suddenly, certainly, sullenly...)
And people who had cash, bringing it back
would be persecuted to the fullest extent
Worstock and Henning Ltd

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03. Hittite Man (Single Mix) (Smith)  Lyrics

Hittite Man emerges from the ground
White robes, he says

You don't hear me

Hittite Man, Hittite Man emerges
White robes to the ground, into sand
Says, debt does not exist

And you can't hear me
You don't hear me

Goodbye Stacey and Julie, goodbye...
Pilgrim out of mind, out of depths
Death does not exist
Hittie Man emeres from sand

He says
You can't hear me
You can't hear me

(you don't hear me)

What about Stacey, Julie and Dave?
What about Stacey, Julie and David?

Pilgrim out of mind
Hittite Man emeres from sand

Pilgrim out of mind
Out of death and debt
You do not exist

He says
You don't hear me
You don't hear me

Hittite Man, white robe right down to the ground
Disappearing into the sand

You have no idea about the gibbous morons
You have unloaded on this earth
He says, he says, goodbye Stacey
He says goodbye Stacy and Judy
Goodbye Stacy

Debt does not exist, you don't hear
He says
You don't hear me
Scalded crucifix
Pilgrim out of mind

Hittite Man

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(7" side 1: tracks 1,2; side 2: track 3)

Mark E Smith - vocals
David Spurr - bass
Keiron Melling - drums
Pete Greenway - guitar
Eleni Poulou - keyboards

Produced by: Mark E Smith, Simon "Ding" Archer, Shows
Cover artwork: Anthony Frost and Mark E Smith

Recording info & notes
Record info unknown.

Limited edition 7" single of 1,500 copies, issued exclusively for Record Store Day 2013.

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