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discography: info & credits


As from December 2014, this section of the website combines the information previously presented as the discography and the Fall Lyrics Parade.

The online discography was established by me in 2002, based on a word processing document maintained for the Fallnet email list by Jeff Higgott. Since then, I have maintained and updated the discography based on the physical releases and information from record companies, the internet generally and in particular this website's forum, plus contributions received by email.

The Fall Lyrics Parade originated as a separate website, run by Jonathan Kandell and Jeff Curtis until April 2002, when I took over editorial control and integrated it into this website. Up until December 2014 it was maintained as a stand alone mini-site, but now all the lyrics have been integratd into their relevant albums and singles pages. The lyrics have always come from fan transcriptions via the fallnet email list and this website's forum, plus from time to time I have put on headphones and struggled to decipher Mark E Smith's ramblings myself.

Contributions and corrections are always appreciated by email:

Many thanks,

Discography Credits

Stephen Fall and members of the Fall Online Forum too numerous to list, Stefan Cooke, John Coryell, S. C. Dean, J. R. Ellis, Mike Higgott, Mike Jones, Philip Katz, Richard Kidd, Alan McBride, Ed Lowe, Chris Mohr, John Peel, Chris Rouch, Steve Scott, Tommi Turkia, Rob Waite, Timothy Wesley, Gez Wood and Al Angen.

My Lyrics Parade Credits

Thanks especially to Jeff Curtis, Stefan Cooke & Rich Kidd. More recently, special thanks to bzfgt and dannyno from the Fall Online Forum. Newer transcriptions/corrections by Matt Bryden, Simon Christian, Mark Harris (huge effort), David Humphries, Alan McBride, Gary Frei, Richard North, Andy Golden, Odran Smith and members of the Fall Forum including eedoo, Clayts, Matt H, Chris Goodhead, fallfandave, harleyr, thefrenzexperiment, grimo, altfish, Bambino Tostare, Marinade, Sulphagne, Octagonals, SonofAlways, the lost word, taff, Derek Westerholm, autotech, marvell78, JohnQuays23, twinz2z, snoweyuk, newfaceinhull, King Nat, Ashley Pomeroy, John the Ex-Fox, Hanley Played a Fender P, bingomaster, Actresses on Cupboards, Buy Kurious, Snowy, GraemeLovesPinkLady, monkey rat, elvischomsky, Grinning Idiot, the unseen, P Lane Spotter, Kapitan, ocelot, The Abdominizer, rainmaster, chachacha, Onion Ringleader, nairng, Billybigbananas, Brian Trudell, Oscar Marletta.

Original Lyrics Parade Credits

Thanks to the Fallnet email group and Mike Hill of Cog Sinister for his enthusiastic support. Special thanks to Rob McIntosh & brothers. Thanks to Konrad Adams, Fiona Armstrong, David Auerbach, David Bivins, Patrick Burke, Geoff Caves, Simon Christian, Dan Coffee, Graham Coleman, Pete Conkerton, John Connolly, Stuart Crow, Oliver Czoske, Steve Dean, Edward Desautels, Stuart Estell, Michael Flack, Tim Girdler, Jim Glaspole, Craig Grannell, Chris Hardman, Paul Hoare, John Huston, David John, Philip Johnson, Rich Kidd, Bob Manners, Adam Marshall, Alan McBride, Scott McFarland, Sietse Meijer, Ted Mills, John Monroe, Ryan O'Connor, Per Olofsson, Mel O'Reilly, Leigh Panlilio, Graeme Park, Carina Pereira, Chris Power, Peter Reavy, Al Reynolds, Andrew "Rick" Richardson, Harley Richardson, Rafael Runco-Farrands, John Sheridan, Ken Sproat, M. Stewart, Tom Tomlinson, Trevor Upton, Rob Waite & TBLY, Rich Walker, James Whelan, James Whidborne, David I Williams, Tom Wootton, Neil Young, Kevin Younger, Michael Higgot, David Beus, Michael Cousins, Jeff Curtis, Brian Good, Chris Hardman, C.G. Harley, Jim Hildreth, Alex Lasky, Jeff Leane, A.C. Marshall PhD, Andrew Norman, Leigh Panlilio PhD, Al Reynolds PhD, Mark Savin, Craig Shelley, Shawn Splane, C.A. Stephens, James Whidborne, Daniel Cohen, J.R. Ellis, Neil Ghani, David Golumbia, Nick Hughes, Simon Hughes, Jeff Leane, Chris Mohr, Andrew Norman PhD, David Roe, Tommi Turkia, Salim Virgi, Carl Steadman and Al Angen.

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