"Fall Out"
New Musical Express, July 22, 1989, p. 3


BRIX SMITH has left THE FALL to concentrate on her own band THE ADULT NET. She was replaced on lead guitar at the band's gigs in Cambridge and Manchester last week by founder Fall member MARTIN BRAMMAH.

Brammah was responsible for writing such Fall classics as 'Rebellious Jukebox', on the very first Fall LP 'Live At The Witch Trials', and the band's second single 'It's A New Thing'.

Although Brammah's return to the band is said to be temporary, Mark E Smith told NME: "Martin's been great. I'd written a couple of songs with him a month ago and when Brix announced she was leaving the band last week he was good enough to stand in."

The Fall also performed the two dates last week with a flute player, Charlotte, although it is not clear if she has joined permanently.

The Fall are currently in Brazil playing two dates before returning to Britain to work on their first Phonogram LP. Before he left, Mark filmed a video for the track he performs on the current COLDCUT LP.

Brix's departure from The Fall has been rumoured since the break-up of her marriage to Mark. It is thought to have nothing to do with musical differences, although her music with The Adult Net is far more in the classic American garage-pop mould than Mark's unique ranting style.

A spokesman at Phonogram, also home of The Adult Net, told NME: "Brix is in Los Angeles shooting a video for her next single for a week and is unavailable for comment. Phonogram are making no comment either."