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photo archive updated 21 February 2009

A selection of photographs from 1977 to date. Most are hosted here on; some are on external websites.

If you have any Fall photos you'd like to add (particularly pre-2001 photos), please email them to Stefan at Thanks!

August The Ranch, Manchester Kevin Cummins
October The Squat Club, Manchester Bernie Wilcox
21 November Northeast London Polytechnic, London Martin Carter
9(?) May Doornroosje, Nijmegen, The Netherlands Hans
5 November Bierkeller, Leeds Rich Kidd
29 April Vanbrugh College, York Ian Ellis
3 December Warehouse, Liverpool Graham Wrigley
4 December Manchester University Mike Battman
16 January Warehouse, Leeds Ian Ellis
17 January 1 in 12 Club, Bradford Ian Ellis
9 February Plan K, Brussels, Belgium Philippe Carly
7 April Network Park, Long Island, New York, NY Bill McDermott
29 July Fforde Grene, Leeds Ian Ellis
1 October Boys' Club, Bedford Dec Hickey
4 October Buster Brown's, Edinburgh Improvisational Karaoke-ist, Dundee
19 November Leicester Polytechnic Andy Cunnell
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16 March Fall promo shots Michael Pollard
13 April Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany Gabi Hütköper
5 September Mark and Brix portraits Michael Pollard
27 October Essex University, Colchester Gary Walker
6 December Broadway, Leuven, Belgium Philippe Carly
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25 March I-Beam, San Francisco, California J. Neo Marvin (scroll down to bottom)
16 June Clitheroe Castle, Clitheroe, Lancashire Ian Leaver
22 October Shelly's, Stoke on Trent Steve Owen
11 November Hammersmith Palais, London Paul Lewis
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13 February The Guildhall, Cambridge James Lollobrigida
11 September Underground, Croydon, London Mauricio Valladares
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4 February Hof Ter Loo, Antwerp, Belgium Peter Staessens
10 February Metropol, Aachen, Germany Jean Hupperetz
21 February Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Peter Pakvis
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3 March HMV Records, Oxford Circus, London Paul Lewis
12 March Oxford Polytechnic Paul Lewis
12 April Volksbildungsheim, Frankfurt, Germany Algimantas Schalna
8 October I Am Curious Orange, Sadler's Wells, London Paul Lewis
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1 March Poole Arts Centre, Poole Pontypoolie
22 June East's Rugby Club, Brisbane, Australia Peter Chirico
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27 June Glastonbury Festival Declan Roney
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Aug./Sept New York City, New York Dean Walcott
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28 January The Fridge, Brixton, London Slick
13 September RPM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada David Fisher / Sandeep Atwal
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12 December Mean Fiddler, Dublin Locomac
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5 December The Forum, London David and Carina
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30 March Coney Island High, New York City, New York Dean Walcott
30/31 March Coney Island High, New York City, New York Stefan Cooke
3 April Middle East, Cambridge, Massachusetts Stefan Cooke
30 April Alleycat, Reading Gez Wood
24 July Bullingdon Arms, Oxford (Ark) Gez Wood
21 October St. Bernadette's, Whitefield, Manchester Gez Wood
13 November Dublin Castle, Camden, London (Ark) Gez Wood
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1 March The Witchood, Ashton Slick
7 May Salisbury Arts Centre Gez Wood
14 May The Forum, London David and Carina
17 September 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands Andre Nieuwlaat
20 October Dingwalls, London David and Carina
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13 August Castlefield, Manchester Tina McClelland
22 September Royal Festival Hall, London Simon Christian
6 October StAnza Poetry Festival, St. Andrews, Scotland Rob Macintosh
15 November HMV Records, London animated GIF
30 November Irish Center, Leeds Josef Pipek
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April Netherlands tour various
12 April Trinity College, Dublin (MES reading), Ireland Tom Smyth
4 & 6 May Bolwerk, Sneek & Patronaat, Haarlem, The Netherlands Martin Kremers
20 October Zaal Spuugh, Vaals, The Netherlands Ini Soyer
24 October Logo, Hamburg, Germany Sebastian Cording
30 October Maria Am Ostbahnhof, Berlin, Germany Sebastian Cording
13 November Knitting Factory, Los Angeles, California (MES reading) Kamil Kutra
14/15 November Knitting Factory, Los Angeles, California Cole Coonce
15 November Knitting Factory, Los Angeles, California (MES caught in the act) Slang King
20 November Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, Washington Jack DeGuiseppi
23 November Knitting Factory, New York, New York Resa Blatman | Michael Harkavy

24 November Knitting Factory, New York, New York Stefan Cooke | Maurice Narcis
25 November Knitting Factory, New York, New York Renzo Pecoraro
29 November Footage and Firkin, Manchester Peter van der Bruck
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19 February Palac Akropolis, Prague, Czech Republic Jana Kusalova
25 February Tunnel, Milan, Italy Beppe Zanardelli
1 March Interzona, Verona, Italy Stefano Butini
8 March Haus der Jugend, Dusseldorf, Germany Martin Kremers
20 April Garage, London Paul Lewis
27 September Zodiac, Oxford Paul Lewis
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1 May Recession Festival, Aarhus Train, Denmark Martin Kremers
19 June Casbah, San Diego, California Cole Coonce
20 June Echo, Los Angeles, California David Ehrlich
21 June Slim's, San Francisco, California Adam Gochnauer
28 June Empty Bottle, Chicago, Illinois Robert Gilroy
29 June Empty Bottle, Chicago, Illinois Matthew Cook | Nikola Blichfeld-Tamindzic
30 June Magic Stick, Detroit, Michigan Chris McGorey | Margo
1 July Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio John Lorio | Conway Paton
5 July Middle East, Cambridge, Massachusetts Resa Blatman
6 July Knitting Factory, New York, New York Stefan Cooke
7 July Knitting Factory, New York, New York Stefan Cooke | Paul Kane
11 July Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, North Carolina Greg Ellis
16 July Emo's, Austin, Texas Dixon
1 October Bierkeller, Manchester Gordon Gibson
2 October Bierkeller, Manchester Jon
27 October HMV Records, Manchester Fallfandave | Chris Tew
6 December Engine Rooms, Cardiff Mike Jones | Pontypoolie
7 December Carling Academy, Islington, London Paul Lewis | Jaffoon Jaffoon
8 December Carling Academy, Islington, London Paul Kane | Nick Gibbons
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4 February Barfly, London Jaffoon Jaffoon
3 April Carling Academy 2, Liverpool Stephen
8 April Knitting Factory, New York, New York Dean Walcott
9 April Knitting Factory, New York, New York Stefan Cooke
10 April Maxwell's, Hoboken, New Jersey Stefan Cooke
1 May Emo's, Austin, Texas Brandon
11/12 July Fibbers, York Michael Jungbluth
14 August Moorfest, Heaton Moor, Stockport Michael Pollard
18 September 16 Tons, Moscow, Russia Karbunkul - video captures & photos
26 September Carling Academy, Islington, London Paul Lewis
3 October FZW, Dortmund, Germany Michael Jungbluth | Martin Kremers
4 October Manufaktur, Schorndorf, Germany Martin Kremers
5 October Gleiss 22, Muenster, Germany Michael Jungbluth
9 October Gebaeude 9, Cologne, Germany Michael Jungbluth
11 October K4, Nuremberg, Germany Michael Jungbluth
12 October Szene, Vienna, Austria Mayr Thomas
13 October Registratur, Munich, Germany Joerg Conrad | Peter Seiderer
17 November Austurbaer, Reykjavik, Iceland Oskar Einarsson
30 November Bierkeller, Manchester Country Folk
3 December Bierkeller, Bristol Pontypoolie
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10 February Knitting Factory, New York, New York George Hamp
7 March Civic Centre, Middleton Martin Slater | Michael Pollard
12 March Empire Nightclub, Milton Keynes Paul Lewis | Marcus Kittridge
13 March Waterfront, Norwich Paul Saxton
3 April Concorde 2, Brighton Mark Howard
6 May Les Nuits Sonores, Lyon, France Jerome Quercia
23 May Liquid Room, Glasgow Kevin Barclay
17 June Maria am Ostbahnhof, Berlin, Germany jochenausberlin (you'll have to scroll through to find them)
10 July Feedback Festival, Parc de la Villette, Paris, France Bertrand Lasseguette | Fabrice Latouche | Jean Philippe Chabot | Stephanie Mastronicola (all on same page)
30 September GDMW Festival, Rotterdam, The Netherlands Lutek Dabrowski | Astrid van der Meijde | Tobias Deppner (all on same page) | Ini Soyer
5 October The Mill, Preston Karen Hope
8 October Carling Academy, Liverpool Steve Marriner
16 October Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow Declan Roney
19 October The Sage, Gateshead John S
20 October Irish Centre, Leeds Rofanator
6 November Sankey's Soap, Manchester Danny Short | Michael Pollard
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26 January Petrol, Antwerp, Belgium Ini Soyer
12 March Cartoon Club, Croydon, London Steven Chandler
16 March Civic Hall, Stratford-upon-Avon   James Pavitt
31 March Les Docks, Lausanne, Switzerland Beppe
10 September Opera House, Boscombe, Bournemouth Mick Cunningham | David & Carina
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5 March Robin 2, Bilston, near Wolverhampton Rob Shuttleworth
22 March Picturedrome, Holmfirth Michael Pollard
6 June Maria am Ostbahnhof, Berlin, Germany mopp88
18 July Carling Academy, Islington, London Neil McNab
2 November Albert Halls, Bolton Keiron Clarke
22 November Barfly, Birmingham Andy
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22 February Von Sudenfed @ the Borealis Festival, Bergen, Norway Borealis Festival
9 March The Point, Cardiff Tyron Francis
12 March Astoria, London Mark Harris
16 March Tripod, Dublin Mark Harris
8 May Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, Belfast Geoff
24 May Mark Smith @ the Old Court House, Brighton David Sharman
25 July Wickerman Festival, Scotland tangerinedream
9 September Spiegeltent, Dublin David Kelly
29 November Picturedrome, Holmfirth Michael Pollard