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guitar tabs

[Note: These guitar tabs are unofficial fan interpretations]

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2 x 4 (bass)
A Figure Walks
Big New Prinz
Blood Outta Stone
Bremen Nacht (bass)
Carry Bag Man
C.R.E.E.P. (bass)
Cruiser's Creek
Cruiser's Creek (alt.)
Deadbeat Descendant
D.I.Y. Meat
Dktr Faustus (bass)
Eat Y'Self Fitter (bass)
Ed's Babe
Feeling Numb
Fiery Jack
Fiery Jack (alt.)
Flat Of Angles
Free Range
Futures And Pasts
Garden (bass)
Green Eyed Loco-Man
Hexen Definitive
Hip Priest
Hit The North
Hotel Bloedel
I Wake Up In The City
I'm Going To Spain
Jawbone & The Air-Rifle
Jawbone & The Air-Rifle (bass)
Jerusalem (bass)
Joker Hysterical Face
Kicker Conspiracy
Kurious Oranj
Kurious Oranj (bass)

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