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Wikipedia entry on The Fall

The Annotated Fall - Fall lyrics annotated and analysed

The Flickering Lexicon - Dannyno's Concordance to the Song Lyrics of The Fall


Mark Prindle reviews of Fall releases

The Fall Things tumblr

Hip Priestess tumblr

Your Granny On Bongoes tumblr

52 weeks of The Fall blog

Julia Adamson's Invisblegirl website

The Adult Net (Brix Smith) website

Paul Wilson's MES font for Windows and Mac

Paul Sexton's MES text filter - turn your prose into MES-speak!

Hey! Luciani (the play) transcription - thanks to Pete Conkerton

The Biggest Library Yet - fanzine published by Graham Coleman and later by Rob Waite.

Fall Quote Generator - by Graham Coleman

The Fall en concert a French comic strip by Luz. English translation by Olli Czoske here

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