Fall News - 20 January 2000

The new TBLY issue #18 has hit the streets.

Highlights of the 60 fun-packed pages include a Fall plagiarism article, part 2 of the cartoon history of the band, a chance to design the new Fall t-shirt, old pr clips and interviews, an Ark review (they were crap), and a surprisingly good Lovecraft-style short story packed with FallCon. And the only known Fall joke in existence.

Subscribers can also get hold of the next three bootlegs offered through TBLY:

Stuttgart Longhorn 10 Apr 1990, Arnhem Luxor 26 Feb 1987, Hoff Alter Banhoff 22 May 1981. GBP 3 per tape; postage 31p for 1 tape, 49p for 2 tapes, 60p for all three. Overseas please add extra postage.

New subscription rates: UK GBP 8.50, Europe/Republic of Ireland GBP 10.00, USA $20 (dollar bills only), Antipodes GBP 12.00. Subscription covers four issues of TBLY plus newsletters on behalf of MES. All monies payable to Rob Waite.

The Biggest Library Yet
29 Leverton Road
Retford, Notts
DN22 6QF


Live 77 and 77-Early Fall-79 can be obtained directly from Voiceprint. Say you came via The Fall home page and quote The Fall Special Offer and both these are a tenner (post free) if you order direct from Rob Ayling, Voiceprint Mail Order, Freepost DU409, PO Box 50, Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne & Wear DH5 5YP

Sietse reviews Live 77 here:



far too many people reported that:

The theme tune to this evening's (11 Jan) top tv programme- yes Channel 4's chat show hosted by Posh Spice- was Victoria sung by the Fall.


Paul S:

The Times Literary Supplement, in its review of The City Life Book Of Manchester Short Stories, has this to say: "...while Mark E. Smith's offering is just silly."


Chris Kovin found the inspiration for High Tension Line:




realaudio samples of part of an opera using the words to Blake's Jersulalem... just like our friend MES




By the way, on Watchdog, which is on BBC1 at the moment, they are talking about a dodgy car brokering company called Auto Tech.


Paul S:

From this month's MOJO magazine, Steve Hanley talks about thingy:

old days




recently declassified (http://www.scifi.com/sfw/current/news.html):

SF writer Philip K. Dick once told the FBI that he feared he was being coerced by a secret world group to spread the word about a new syphilis epidemic. The surprising claim is found in letters Dick wrote in 1972 to the FBI and that are contained in the bureau's files, according to the APBnews.com Web site.

Dick wrote that he was being asked by a secretive world health organization to spread the word about "paresis, an alleged new strain of syphilis sweeping the United States, which caused quick death."

Dick was prompted to write the letters because he said he feared for his life after a burglary to his Marin County, Calif., apartment. Dick feared that the burglar was Harold Kinchen, a Nazi sympathizer who had been under investigation by the Air Force, and who Dick believed had links to the secret health organization. Dick reportedly moved to Canada to get away from Kinchen. There is no sign the FBI investigated Dick's claims.

Anne Dick, one of Dick's five ex-wives, dismissed the conspiracy and questioned the reality of any break-in. "He was a little paranoid," said the woman who once wrote a biography of the author.

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