Fall News - 24 April 2000

Tour Dates:

24 May London LA2
12 June Ashton Witchwood
13 June Hull Adelphi
14 June Middlesborough Corner House
15 June Glasgow King Tuts
16 June Edinburgh Liquid Room
17 June Dundee Fat Sams
18 June Aberdeen Glow 303


Ashton Witchwood tickets available through www.ticketline.co.uk


The Biggest Library Yet #19

Now available:

* Mark Waller interview (Glow Boys)
* notorious Allied Propaganda interview from 82/83
* Adam Helal interview
* Vic Godard interview
* WSC interview with MES
* Dave Haslam interview
* list of all Fall songs, ever
* March tour summary

Merchandise available to subscribers only: Dragnet t's, and a couple of tapes: Salisbury Arts Centre May 1999 + unreleased tracks, London Sound Republic Apr 1999 mixing desk + 2 interviews featured in TBLY #18.


And find out what MES is *really* like.

[As of 24 April - subs no longer available]


john howard:

from the Wire list: paul.rabjohn@ssab.com,
> having given the matter some consideration i have decided that if the job becomes vacant i may have to apply for the job of keyboard player in elastica , from a 20 song set there must have been all of 3 numbers where she came into vague contact with her instrument (a bloke stands in the background triggerring all the bleeps and bloops). the rest of the time she performs a sort of bez-like role with a sort of solo aerobics demonstration. strangely compelling actually , which might be why i never got offerred the job.....
> but i digress. hey , they were really good ! it all works way better live than on the new album and they gave it a really good go. packed out a small venue (wulfrun hall) rather than rattling around in some big hanger , and looking as cool as ever. near the end of the set a roadie walked on with a mike stand , i thought "hello" , and who should weave on but mr mark e smith for spirited versions of "vaseline" and his 2 songs off the new album. god that made me laugh , he's looking such a mess. elastica all looked absolutely terrifed of what he was going to do but he behaved himself..... so loads of old wire riffs and mes too , it was fun. justine claimed the mes guest slot was a one-off , interesting to hear if that was true. no 12xu sadly. for all that's been said , i suspect most of you listers would have enjoyed this if you'd seen it , i was glad i went for sure.p


michael thought you might like to see this from today's Guardian:

"A headteachers' leader yesterday urged the government to extend its class size pledge to older children or risk facing "a middle class revolt" among parents."


Paul Saxton:

From today's Melody Maker, Elastica-Man Dave Bush:

"I've been caned all week," cackles Dave, adopting the older-brother-from-hell role and lobbing a tangerine at Mew. Just for kicks. "The dark days are over? Nah, they've only just begun! After being in The Fall - and The Fall *are* rock 'n' roll - you think: 'Great, be in a band with a load of girls. That should be nice and calm.' Bollocks is it! It's like: 'Stop! You're being too fucking hardcore!'"


PROP MAGAZINE: (Editorial Address: 31 Central Avenue, Farnworth, Bolton, BL4 OAU)

Press Release

PROP, issue 8 is now available, featuring:

The Fall and Decline of a Book: The making of THE CITY LIFE BOOK OF MANCHESTER SHORT STORIES* by Ra Page.

Ra Page, literature editor of City Life magazine, had an idea: a book of Manchester Short Stories. Page had a dream of highlighting the city¹s literary presence and cocking-a-snook at the London based literati by bringing some of Manchester¹s finest writing talent together in one volume. The result was ŒThe City Life Book of Manchester Short Stories¹ published by Penguin Books in November, 1999.

His revealing diary, published in PROP 8, tells the story of how the germ of an idea grew and grew beyond his wildest ambition and apparently out of his control. The diary features moments of:

Frustration as he ducks in the cross-fire of office politics.

Tension as he tries to make peace with Manchester author Jeff Noon following a review Page wrote for the Spectator.

"...he feels like the gods have ruled that in the city Jeff Noon makes his literary home the only significant literary critic should completely have it in for him. He is Fortune¹s fool; Fate is a fickle strumpet, etc."

Moral dilemma as he is pushed by Penguin¹s marketing department to look for celebrity authors (including The Fall front-man Mark E Smith and D.J. Dave Haslem), rather than new writers, to increase sales.

"I meet the lead-singer of The Fall at reception (bad skin, bad hair - everything you expect in aging rock star), and marshal him past my bewildered (ney jealous) colleagues at the M..E.N. (Manchester Evening News) and City Life into a specially prepared Mark E Smith Suite..."

Finally, a realisation that, sometimes, there are more important things in life than literature!

Also, in Issue 8:

- new poetry from John Kinsella, Linda Chase, Joel Lane and many others. - short fiction from David Castleman, Ian Robinson and Paul Marshall. - A commentary on Performance Poetry by Phil Simmons. - and reviews, news and views of the poetry scene and beyond.

PROP Magazine: Editors: Steven Blyth and Chris Hart. PROP is an international literary Magazine published in the U.K. which publishes new poetry and short fiction, plus related essays, interviews and reviews. The magazine has previously included contributions from Tom Paulin, Charles Simic, Sophie Hannah, Nina Cassian, David Constantine, Jim Burns, Mark Kermode and Bill Naughton. Cost: £3.00 single issue. £10.00 for a 4 issue subscription.

* The City Life Book of Manchester Short Stories, is published by Penguin Books (£7.99). Ra Page is a book reviewer for The Guardian, The Times, the New Statesman and City Life.


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