Fall News - 2 May 2000

Tour Dates:

24 May London LA2
12 June Ashton Witchwood
13 June Hull Adelphi
14 June Middlesborough Corner House
15 June Glasgow King Tuts
16 June Edinburgh Liquid Room
17 June Dundee Fat Sams
18 June Aberdeen Glow 303


Ashton Witchwood tickets available through www.ticketline.co.uk



THE FALL HIT THE NORTH! Mark E Smith - King of the road THE FALL look set to premiére new material from their forthcoming studio album on a UK tour in June. Sources close to the band have revealed to nme.com that they are scheduled to go into studios in Manchester and London throughout the next few weeks to start recording the songs they have been writing since the beginning of the year. No firm date has been scheduled for the release of any of the new material. The source also claimed that the band will "fine tune" some of their new songs on their June tour of northern England and Scotland, which calls at Ashton Under Lyne Witchwood (June 12), Hull Adelphi (13), Middlesborough Cornerhouse (14), Glasgow King Tuts (15), Edinburgh Liquid Rooms (16), Dundee Fat Sams (17) and Aberdeen Glow 303 (18).

The Fall's last studio album was 'The Marshall Suite', which was released in April last year on Artful Records.

The only other Fall album since was a compilation featuring the best of the band's output over the last ten years - 'A Past Gone Mad: The Best Of The Fall 1990-2000', which was released in February of this year, also through Artful.


The Biggest Library Yet

As of April 24th, Rob Waite has retired from the Fall fanzine and info-service.

He has some copies of issue 19 stilll to shift: available (UK only) at 75p a copy + an A4 SAE (40p).


The Good Evening, We Are Not The Fall MP3 hosting site was down for quite a while. Now it should be back up:



From: "Mark D. Smith"
Subject: <fallnet> Radio 4 Woman's Hour

Yesterday mornings edition was a music special. One item sought to investigate the male/female approaches to rock music. A certain John Harris selected one band that exemplified the male attitude.Guess?

He played 'Industrial Estate' claiming it represented "alienated" rock in the extreme. The music, he continued, was secondary to obscure titles (citing 'No Xmas for John Quays' and 'Terry Waite Says')which fans only need peruse. The Falls productivity and line-up changes are key factors too.

His Fall affinity was also the major obstacle to long-term female relationships.A helpful compilation tape a month into the courtship usually did the trick.

A joke's a joke but I could have wept...

Mark Dee


John Howard:

From Christgau's Consumer Guide Honorable Mentions:

The Fall, The Marshall Suite (Artful import): alt-rock won't die till they ban Pignose amps in Mark E.'s senior residence, but that doesn't mean he'll put this much into it ("F-'Oldin' Money," "Touch Sensitive");


Paul Saxton's exemplary summary of recent Fallnet:

1. "I don't like Popcorn Double Feature, me."

2. "What, you're joking, it's great."

3. "I agree, PDF is top Fall."

4. "You're wrong, it was The Fall at their most ordinary."

5. "Rubbish, next you'll be telling us you like Mollusc in Tyrol!"

6. "Hey, MIT! What a great song!"

7. "It is, isn't it? I like the bit where it goes: 'Mollusc in Tyrol'."

8. "No, MIT is rubbish."

9. "Are you crazy!!!!!? MIT is ace!"

10. "At least it's not as bad as Hurricane Edward."

11. "HE bad? Man, you are crazy!"

12. "I like The Fall, me."

13. "Me too!"

14. "And me!"

15. "Yeah, but they've done some crap haven't they?"

16. "Yeah, like Popcorn Double Feature."

17. "PDF - their worst single!"

18. "I don't like Popcorn Double Feature, me."

19. "What, you're joking, it's great."

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