Fall News - 9 August 2000

The Fall are due to play at the Water's edge/D.Percussion festival on Sunday 13th August, at Castlefield Arena in Manchester.

Next live Peel Sessions concert on Friday Sept 22 at the Festival Hall features  Dick Dale and The Fall.

Mark E Smith will be doing a reading at the Stanza 2000 poetry festival, St Andrews, Scotland. It will be at the Victory Hall on Friday 6th October at 10pm, tickets £6/£3 concession. Musical backing by Julia Nagle.(Peter: MES appears alongside (maybe introduced by?) a WN Herbert who lists The Fall as one of his obsessions at http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/poets/Herbert/obsess.htm)

Out now:

Psykick Dance Hall is a budget 3CD set of reissued Fall material from 1977-83.
I Am As Pure As Oranj is a live CD of one of the Edinburgh performances in 1988. Review to follow.


They played at the Festival Valdevez in Portugal on 8th August. There's some video clips here (thanks to Geoff for pointing these out):

The Fall - Simplesmente irrecusável...

The Fall - Video e reportagem. Arcos de Valdevez - 8 de Agosto 2000.

Ver aqui



Shit I'm sorry, but as the eyes of the world were on San Francisco another Fall tribute took place at Hull Adelphi on Tuesday. Pete Conkerton was able to witness it and he's kindly supplied the following excerpts:


Could be The Fall show that might have been! Live onstage ...temper tantrums + advertising the effects of excessive quantities if drink and dodgy drugs...featuring Mark E Banks and SANTAS BUGGERBOYZ

Hull Daily Mail:

An evening which should turn out to be the gig of the week, without question. Following their success with their interpretation of Grease, Mark E Banks and Co. return with their inimitable tribute to The Fall, partly redeeming the mess the originals made of the task last month....Not to be missed.


My New House - Wings - Doktor Faustus - Riddler (intro) - Walkout - Hot Aftershave Bop - Shoulder Pads - Pat Trip Dispenser, followed by a set of Santas originals.


Oranj review:

Righto, so here it is: a full document of The Fall's Kurious Oranj performance from the Edinburgh Kings Theatre on 17th August 1988. Well, full in a way, since most of the crowd noise is edited out and the tracks separated, giving it much more of an LP feel than a live performance. The excellent sound quality and flawless performance adds to this, making it in the end much more of an alter-Oranj than a radically different product. In the main, the readings of the majority of tracks are *very* similar to those that appear on the album (and the Cab It Up rendition is the one we're all familiar with).

The major changes are a longer Dog Is Life, no Overture (hooray!), the addition of a few more inter-song spoken lines by MES, along with Dead Beat Descendant and Frenz. Hip Priest's the stand-out: it starts with the Hex Hip Priest on tape, then the band kick into Big New Prinz with the tape carrying right on underneath - the band finish and the last third of tape drags it back to history.

I was a bit underwhelmed the first time I heard it, but after a couple more listens it's growing. There's a bit more life to tracks like Jerusalem, and Wrong Place Right Time especially gels in a way it never quite did for me on the original album.Yes Oh Yes and Bad News Girl are still cracking, but Bremen Nacht's probably the least impressive version I've heard.

Cover's all orange, with a few video stills inside. Credits detail Executive Producer: Steve Hanley for The Fall, so make of that what you will.

Overall, a more even and probably better set that the original album. But they're not that different.


Peter Reavy:

> little diesel driving devil - don bowman

"Hillbillies in a Haunted House"

Category: Horror/Suspense
Director: Jean Yarbrough
Cast: Ferlin Husky, Joi Lansing, DON BOWMAN, John Carradine, Lon Chaney Jr., Linda Ho, Basil Rathbone

Running Time: 1 hr 28 mins Distributor: United Entertainment, Inc. Summary: A group of country and western singers spend the night singing and screaming in a haunted house. Between songs and shrieks they uncover a diabolical plot to steal a formula for rocket propellant.



www.muse.ie the weekly Irish on-line music magazine features a review of The Fall's The Nations Saving Grace CD in their You Gotta Have section.



Oh dear, Greg relates his 'Hammer of the Gods' tale:

I heard a nice Fall story while I was on vacation recently in Lithuania.

Apparently the Fall played a festival in Vilnius (capital of Lithuania) in 1994. A friend of mine (we'll call her Sara to protect the innocent) at the time was a 20 year old tour guide who got the very enviable task of showing a certain Mr. Smith around the city. Sara had no knowledge of Mr. Smith or his music, which didn't seem to bother him much. He had very little interest in the Architecture of old-town Vilnius, all he really seemed interested in were the people. That surprised Sara a bit. Apparently, through it all, Mr. Smith was very polite. As Sara dropped him off at his hotel, he wrote down his room number and told Sara she could come see him if she wished. Again, he was very pleasant and not rude at all. Sara did not go to his room.

Anyway, the next day they played a few songs and then Mr. Surly got mad and walked off the stage. Someone was able to convince him to go back out for at least a little bit.


Tch - it's all happening in SF (Ta, Eliot):

anyway, the following was just posted to the sf-indie list: Does everyone know that Dylan's is having a Fall night on Sunday, August 13 at 8pm? Flyer posted in the pub has cariacature of Mark E. Smith and a promise of "Nothing But The Fall!"



A piece on Michael Clarke in my daily paper a few days ago with the header "Back to the barre on white socks. Clarke is a charismatic dancer, as choreographer past his prime". Article tying in with the screening of the documentary "The Late Michael Clarke" in the Amsterdam Paradiso this week. A couple of mentions of The Fall.

"... and never danced on other music than that of The Fall, the pig-headed messy band of Mark E. Smith."

"With the spectacular I Am Kurious Oranj, he was the highlight of the Holland Festival in 1988. Visitors didn't came just for the dancing but also for the costumes of campking Leigh Bowery, who mostly danced along too, and the anarchopunk of The Fall."

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