Fall News - 22 August 2000

Next live Peel Sessions concert on Friday Sept 22 at the Festival Hall features  Dick Dale and The Fall.

Mark E Smith will be doing a reading at the Stanza 2000 poetry festival, St Andrews, Scotland. It will be at the Victory Hall on Friday 6th October at 10pm, tickets £6/£3 concession. Musical backing by Julia Nagle.(Peter: MES appears alongside (maybe introduced by?) a WN Herbert who lists The Fall as one of his obsessions at http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/poets/Herbert/obsess.htm)


Subject: Re: The Fall in Portugal


We went to Portugal because we had not seen The Fall in 4 years.

Nice little festival, not a lot of people so we decided to go a little further. We got backstagepasses because I write for a small danish magazine and we got to the backstage area where Mark was supposed to be. The drummer was sitting outside, Mark wouldn't let him in, but he knocked again and again and finally the man himself put his face out, to see what was going on. He let us in, me and my friend, gave us a beer, and we just had some fun. He was joking a lot, he obviously had a few beers - just like we had. Not that grumpy old man we read about.

The concert was brilliant although the stage was too big for Marks movements but he did fine. Did his walking around and seemed to be in balance. They did a lot from Marshall, they did some older stuff and also some very nice ones from the album coming in october. It sounded a lot like Marshall Suite stuff. I can't wait to see them again so right now we are working on getting them to Denmark.

Lars Kjelfred, Copenhagen


Pete Collins:

Fall @ D.Percussion

Set List:

new one (could have been the one they played first at the Witchwood in June)
Crystal Maze
Ketamine Sun
'Two Librans' (?)
F'-Oldin' Money
Hey! Student
Touch Sensitive

Strange to see the Fall perform to thousands of people in the pouring rain, but that's exactly what happened yesterday. Band were a four piece (Mark, Nev, Adam & Tom), and despite coming on half an hour late (they were due on at 8:30, but quarter to nine there were rumours circulating that MES was still in Prestwich!) they were rapturously received - by most of the crowd anyway! (some random quotes :"I don't know any of the members" and "I bet none of those fuckers have even heard Hex Enduction Hour")

Set was quite short, owing to their lateness and the need to finish the festival on time with a Buzzcocks greatest-hits set, but in my opinion they were tight as a gnats chuff. The new material is sounding better and better, the pick for me being Crystal Maze and 'Two librans'. Even Cyber, a tune which I hadn't really liked when I heard it at the Witchwood sounded great. MES looking relatively sober and despite a short walk-off to grab some lyric sheets, he got well into it.

Highlight for me was a heavy-sounding version of Hey! Student, possibly a dig at the many student-looking people loitering around that weekend (myself included!), which went down extremely well once people had realised what it was. Comedy moment of the night involved the cameraman, who had dutifully filmed every act on both days of the festival without incident being chased off the stage by MES everytime he encroached during the Fall's set. After Cyber the band seemed to be pulled off by the stage manager, and MES mumbled something along the lines of "Got to go, have to settle issues with the government", but they returned for a cracking Touch Sensitive.

I think it was worth it for the cold I caught.



Subject: <fallnet> Manchester 13th August Waters Edge Festival

The festival is a free thing put on on a yearly basis ... loads of  hip manc acts ... 2nd to last on the sunday night (before the buzzcocks !) were "mark e. smith and the fall" ...

they arrived onstage 30minutes late (it had been a very tightly run  gig up untill then and only managed to play about 3/4 of their 40 min set before being booted off ...

loads of new tracks which were very impressive ... i was exceptionally drunk so i didnt catch the lyrics but "roundabout" was definelty one of them ... they also played the skiffly one ///  faimilar ones included touch sensitive, hey student, antidotes, foldin money. mark was not over drunk. in short, they were excellent.


Peter Reavy:

The Arthur Machen society, which MES was supposedly a member of, has a web site at http://www.machensoc.demon.co.uk/index.htm

Also, I found some MR James stories on the web, in case anybody's got a better attention span than me http://easyweb.easynet.co.uk/~fadey/mrjframes.html


Thanks to Harley Richardson:

>Found another lurid Fall-connection in my trawls across the web...



Pete F:

The Menace also features Elastica's collaboration with singer Mark E. Smith of the Fall on "How He Wrote Elastic Man." When Smith joined Elastica onstage in Wolverhampton last month, it was a dream come true for Frischmann.

"He just turned up and said, 'I'll give you 45 minutes, and then I'm coming onstage,' " Frischmann said. "That was actually one of the high points of my life. I was just playing the guitar and watching him in front of me, and it was like being in the Fall, which I guess has probably been my lifelong ambition."



John Howard:

Fall interview in German:



Hmm ...product endorsements:


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