Fall News 22 January 2001

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ta to biv for this

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Old stuff: Nov 1997 - Dec 1999


The Unutterable
The album's out - have you all got it now? Hope so.

The Fall play Dublin Red Box on 24th Feb
The gig at Haarlem Patronaat is being rescheduled.

In the forthcoming January issue of The Wire (on sale: 2 Jan) there is an Invisible Jukebox interview with MES (the first person to be invited back into the Jukebox hot seat; his first appearance in it was way back in April 1995). The interview was done by Edwin 'Savage Pencil' Pouncey.

MES answers fans' qustions in the current (Feb) issue of Q magazine.

Two Librans appears on the freebie CD with the final issue of Select.

Charmonline have a very nice (though short) review of the Leeds Gig up.


Brix (and furry friend) appeared in this Evening Standard article:

Ta to SimonFB for the Festive 50:

1 'Twist The Knife' - Neko Case & Her Boyfriends
2 'Good Fortune' - P J Harvey
3 'Dr Bucks Letter' - The Fall
4 'Mistakes And Regrets' - And You Will Know Us By Trail Of Dead
5 'Come On Lets Go' - Broadcast
6 'Big Exit' - P J Harvey
7 'Greedy Ugly People' - Hefner
8 'The Light 3000' - Schneider TM
9 'No Danger' - Delgados
10 'American Trilogy' - Delgados
11 'Dinosaur Act' - Low
12 'Day That Thatcher Dies' - Hefner
13 'I Hate Scotland' - Ballboy
14 'Accused of Stealing' - Delgados
15 'Good Fruit' - Hefner
16 'Your Charms' - Cinerama
17 'Wow' - Cinerama
18 'Mess We're In' - P J Harvey
19 'Prayer to God' - Shellac
20 'In a Beautiful Place' - Boards of Xanada
21 'Somewhere Some Night' - Laura Cantrell
22 'Ballad of Cable Hogue' - Calexico
23 'Two Librans' - The Fall
24 'Whores Hustle, Hustlers' - P J Harvey
25 'Kid A' - Radiohead
26 'Brutal' - New Order
27 'Two Seconds' - Laura Cantrell
28 'The Second Line' - Clinic
29 'Vinyl Countdown' - Cuban Boys
30 'Popping Song' - Cowcube
31 'Drug Dealer in Park' - Herman Dune
32 '24 hr Garage People' - Hmhb
33 'Wonderwall' (session) - Catpower
34 'Theme From P&P' - Cuban Boys
35 'Candyman' - Lab 4
36 'Fresher Than The Sweetness' - Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
37 'Irk The Purists' - Hmhb
45 'Seached' - Orbital
46 'Little Boy Blue' - Bonnie Prince Billy
47 'Svefn G Englar' - Sigur Ros
48 'Idiotique' - Radiohead
49 'Fought in a War' - Belle & Sebastian
50 'Crystal Lake' - Gandaddy

Tiny, tiny Fallcon on the Idler site, in an article about Englishness in pop music:

"Aside from The Fall's outstanding collaboration with William Blake, "Dog Is Life/Jerusalem" ("I will not rest until Jerusalem is built in England's green and pleasant landů It was the fault of the government."), the most successful song to conjure up everything that's great about being out in the English countryside is probably Van Morrison's "Summertime In England", recorded, appropriately enough, in the south of France."


Finally, many thanks to Tina McClelland (www.photo2000.co.uk) for sending us the following photos from the Castlefield gig last year.

fall 253-1a.jpg - 59620 Bytes

fall 253-2a.jpg - 38907 Bytes

fall 253-5a.jpg - 39741 Bytes

fall 253-9a.jpg - 107044 Bytes

fall 253-12a.jpg - 35354 Bytes

fall 253-14a.jpg - 47213 Bytes