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The Fall play:

Mon 08 Oct Cockpit, Leeds, UK.
Tue 09 Oct The Cluny, Newcastle, UK.
Wed 10 Oct Liquid Room, Edinburgh, UK.
Thu 11 Oct The Limelight, Belfast, UK.
Fri 12 Oct Red Box, Dublin, Ireland.
Sat 13 Oct University Of Liverpool SU, Liverpool, UK.
Mon 15 Oct The Park, Peterborough, UK.
Wed 17 Oct Bierkeller, Bristol, UK.
Thu 18 Oct Princes Hall, Aldershot, UK.
Fri 19 Oct VK, Brussels, Belgium.
Sat 20 Oct Zaal Spuugh, Vaals, The Netherlands.
Mon 22 Oct De Kade, Zaandam, The Netherlands.
Tue 23 Oct Kantine, Cologne, Germany.
Wed 24 Oct Logo, Hamburg, Germany.
Thu 25 Oct Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Tue 30 Oct Maria Am Ostbahnhof, Berlin, Germany.
Wed 31 Oct Metropolis, Munich, Germany.
Thu 01 Nov Szene, Vienna, Austria.
Fri 02 Nov Hafen Club, Innsbruck, Austria.
Sat 10 Nov The Forum, London, UK.
Tue 13 Nov Knitting Factory, LA (The Fall)
Wed 14 Nov Knitting Factory, LA (The Fall)
Thu 15 Nov Knitting Factory, LA (spoken word)
Mon 19 Nov San Francisco GAMH
Wed 21 Nov Seattle Crocodile
Thu 22 Nov Seattle Crocodile
Fri 23 Nov Knitting Factory, NYC (The Fall)
Sat 24 Nov Knitting Factory, NYC (The Fall)
Sun 25 Nov Knitting Factory, NYC (spoken word)
Thu 29 Nov Planet K, Manchester, UK.

The Fall have just released a surprise ltd. ed. 7" single on Flitwick Records. Unfortunately you're already too late, as all copies have been distributed. It comprises "Rude (All the Time)- acoustic" and "Wake Up in the City" (both Smith/Blaney). If you didn't get a copy, it'll probably be released on an new EP before Xmas.

The new EP "PRESENT" will be out soon on Voiceprint and contains the tracks:

1. My X Class Mates Kids
2. New Formation Sermon
3. Distilled Mug Art

Mark's spoken word album, which may be titled "PANDER PANDA PANZER", will be along shortly. The Fall are currently polishing off their next album.

Voiceprint have a Fall Summer Special offer on all their Fall releases: 9.99 each or 25 quid for three.

The gig in Rockwave Festival in Athens Greece , was cancelled due to an unexpected storm.

The gig at the Bulldog Bash went ahead.

Tim Wesley:

As part of the New England exhibition the Midwatch film by Mark Waller is being shown again at the Lux Centre in Hoxton Square, London, N1. It is in a separate booth - it is on a continual tape loop and it is free so you can fathom what the film is about after 4th watching but as it has only two charachters in it. There is a booklet accompanying the film at GBP3 it includes full script for fall collectors no doubt. I notice as well on the programme another film by mr Waller entitled 'the sons of Temperance' what's that all about then eh?! The exhibition runs from tuesdays until sundays from 12 miday until 7pm until the 9th september
enquiries 0207 684 2785/2871/0201/0200
fax 0207 684 1111

Trent D:

Subject: interview in Offense Newsletter #59

The inteview was with Simon & Craig. i've posted Renee Velkoff's pics (alas, digicam captures of photocopies, so very grainy) to my webspace at: http://home.columbus.rr.com/tristero


Derek Westerholm is organising:

"Notebooks out, plagiarists... A tribute to THE FALL."

Friday, September 21, 2001 @ The El Mocambo -464 Spadina Av.- Toronto, Ont.

Confirmed so far...

Cool Trout Basement
Delta Marsh + Muli
Lullabye Arkestra (Feat. Justin Small of Do Make Say Think)
Doc Pickles & The Good Eggs
The Creeping Nobodies
Wayne Omaha
Mecca Normal

Also featuring...

Video footage of the Fall for added visceral entertainment.

The Rebellious Jukebox... a multidisc CD player stuffed with Fall CD's and set on random play.

(Hopefully) Extra-cool lighting by General Chaos.

The first official day of Fall (at midnight!)

A massive set of old Fall gig pics, many thanks to Ian Ellis

18 pics from 29/4/82, Vanbrugh College, York

2 from Leeds Warehouse 16/1/83

4 from Bradford 1 in 12 club 17/1/83

3 from Leeds Fforde Grene 29/7/83

Pete Conkerton goes Thule crazy:



Mark Harris found this review from Record Mirror from ages ago:

"The Fall - 'Seminal Live'

There are some who would gladly pull their own heads off before saying a bad word against The Fall and there are those who find no method in Mark E Smith's madness. I find myself warming to his cynicism (12 years too late, of course) and it's true to say there are some fine moments on this album.

The line 'white walled tyres were a lifetime from his thoughts' in the introduction to 'Elf Prefix/LA' made me chuckle, as did Smith's ridiculous country drawl on 'Pinball Machine'. If it ever came to a musical duel between The Pogues and The Fall, Smith would have Shane MacGowan lying face-down in a pool of Jameson's by the end of round one. 'Dead Beat Descendent' is a cracker, too, the rhythm section crashing about while the crudest of guitars scratches out the melody.

Much of the rest is standard Fall fare, interesting if only to judge the band's influence on today's young pretenders. The Mark Smith approach to life (if in doubt, sneer) seems to be an increasingly saleable commodity and invariably makes interesting listening. Having said that, 'Mollusc In Tyrol' is a totally unbearable drone which should never have found its way from the vaults.

Mind you, things could have been a lot worse considering this album is merely plundering The Fall's back catalogue, conveniently fulfilling the band's contractual obligations with Beggars Banquet as they move on to greater things in the Big League. There's enough snarling and growling to grace any Fall record but 'Seminal Live' is not to be taken too seriously. Just try telling that to any self-respecting vinyl junkie, though...

3=BD / 5 "

AmC comes up with the best stuffed animal example:




They dig Replication (from micromolds). " A state-of-the-art production technique to increase manufacturing efficiency and reduce cost. "

MES-O-FAB, the name of quality.


uploaded pictures of fall t-shirts that have somehow survived the years at http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/otalgia in the photo's area.


The Radiohead interview in Wire magazine by Simon Reynolds discusses whether Radiohead are neurotic middle class dabblers or not for several pages and then there's this quote. Greenwood: "At one point I started to believe that if you sit down and analyse what you're doing, then you're not being your true self. But, for instance, Mark E Smith is not a noble savage - he's a fucking intellectual". There's also some stuff about how Miles Davis used to sneak into the Juilliard library and crib out of classical music scores. It did not make me want to buy the Radiohead LP. The proud owners of Hawaiian Steel Guitar Classics CDs (for such am I) have no use for such things.

23 August 2001

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