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News for week ending 21 Dec 1997

There's a new Official web page up at: http://fall.cjb.net


Gez has some pics from the recent tour up at:


And Mike Jones has some at:


And \sh:



There's a MES interview in this month's Select. Also a hilarious "down the pub" round-up of 1997 by MES, Peter Hook and Paul Heaton in the Xmas Melody Maker. Hopefully we'll get these scanned in.


A two-part CD single, Masquerade, has appeared in the pre-release schedules for Jan 1998. Peelie played a very different mix last week.

Recent news....

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971203 Oxford, Stoke, Leeds, Liverpool reviews; Esquire interview
971125 Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stoke reviews
971116 Manchester reviews, Loaded interview
971112 Band "back together", teletext interview
971110 NME report, various Dublin/Belfast reviews
971109 First Dublin/Belfast reviews, MES on Elastica album

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