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[core full time band members are indicated by the graphic of their main instrument]


Mark E Smith



also: tapes, violin, keyboards
Born 5 March 1957 in Crumpsall Hospital, North Manchester. Grew up in Prestwich, part of metropolitan district of Bury. First worked in a meat factory and then in an import-export company in Manchester docks. Formed The Fall in 1976 and has been the leader and lead vocalist ever since. Has also made two solo albums, which used some Fall music. Has also done some writing, for example in the NME, and acting, including a role in "Diary of a Madman". Married Brix Smith on 19 July 1983 and she joined the Fall soon thereafter. After their divorce he married Safron Pryor, a secretary at the Cog Sinister Fan Club, on 27 November 1991. They divorced in February 1995. In December 2000 he met Eleni Poulou in Berlin while with Michael Clark and they subsequently married. She joined the group on keyboards in 2002.

Elenor Smith

Sep 2002-present
keyboards, backing vocals
The mysteriously named Elini/Elena/Elenor Poulou of Greek origin via German schooling has recorded with Zen Faschisten and Shizuo. Married MES early 2001.

Dave "The Eagle" Spurr

Aug 2006-present
Originally appeared as stand-in bass player for Rob Barbato, but subsequently continued as second bassist from the September 2006 shows. Sole bass player since 1 June 2007. Previously in the groups En-tito from Bury and, more recently, MotherJohn.

Pete Greenway

Aug 2006-present
Stand-in guitarist for when Tim Presley hasn't been available, since the Reading & Leeds festival dates. Also has played alongside Presley, as second guitarist, on occasions. Sole guitarist since 1 June 2007. Founder member and lead guitarist of Das Fringe (formerly Pubic Fringe), which has been a support band for the Fall in recent times.

Keiron Melling

Oct 2006-present
Stand-in drummer for Orpheo McCord for the Dublin show on 7 October and second drummer in addition to Orpheo at Manchester on 12 November 2006. Sole drummer since 1 June 2007. Like Dave Spurr, from the group MotherJohn.

Daren Garratt

backing vocals
Dec 2013-present
Member of Fall support band Pubic Fringe who joined in on backing vox for Touch Sensitive at Stourbridge 2004. Since December 2013, Daren has been second drummer.


Simon "Ding" Archer

Apr 2003-Apr 2004
Took over from Jim Watts on bass. Played live on several tours but only appears on a handful of recordings - mostly re-recordings of Country On The Click material and its associated singles. Was loaned out to PJ Harvey for her backing band in 2004. Had a hand in production in early-2005 album sessions. Made several guest appearances as second bass player during the March 2008 UK tour as his current band, Bobbie Peru, was support act.

Robin Ayling

late 1990s-early 2000s
Head of Voiceprint Records. One of the character voices at the start of Ketamine Sun.

Una Baines

1976-Mar 1978
Born April 1957. Comes from Colyhurst. Worked in offices and was a student psychiatric nurse. Founding member of The Fall but couldn't play the group's first gig because a bank loan hadn't come through in time to buy a keyboard. Left the Fall in 1978 to form the Blue Orchids with Martin Bramah, whom she married. This group was briefly reformed in 1985. Also released an album with The Fates.

Rob Barbato

May 2006-June 2007
Drafted in by Narnack Records to enable MES to complete the 2006 US tour after Pritchard, Trafford & Birtwistle walked out. In Darker My Love with Tim Presley. Last gig Barcelona 1 June 2007.

Jason Barron

production, programming
One of Pete Waterman's young bright-eyed sound engineers. Cut his teeth on records by Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan & Rick Astley before doing production and engineering duties on Levitate and Marshall Suite.

Dian Barton

late 1980s
Live sound engineer and produced several songs, including Bremen Nacht. Also worked for New Order.

Mike Bennett

late 1994-late 1996
producer & backing vocals
Produced Cerebral Caustic and Light User Syndrome, adding vocals to Cheetham Hill. Also appeared live as backing vocalist. He has also written and produced for Ian Brown, the Muppets and Bananarama. Part of Trance Visionary project with Andy Powell (ex-Wishbone Ash).

S. Beswick

2002 or 2003
Played keyboards on Recovery Kit. Friend of Ben Pritchard who helped him write that song.

Charlotte Bill

flute, oboe
Played on Extricate and made some live appearances.

Spencer Birtwistle

Nov 2000-Nov 2001
Jul 2004-May 2006
Founding member of Laugh. Engineer of World of Twist single "The Storm". Laugh changed name to Intastella in 1991, due to arrival of vocalist Stella Grey. Now works with the solo Stella. Replaced Tom Head on the UK tour to promote The Unutterable, due to Tom Head's acting committments coming before The Fall. Produced "Rude (All The Time)" and "I Wake Up In The City". Left after a punch-up with the group's manager in New York. Met up with MES for a drink in late 2003 which led to the recording of "(Birtwistle's) Girl In Shop". Returned to the group at York in 2004. Left after 4 dates of the 2006 US tour along with Ben Pritchard & Steve Trafford.

Ed Blaney

Also: guitar, vocals
Lead singer of Fall support band Trigger Happy. Then became The Fall's manager, bringing fellow Trigger Happy band members Watts & Birtwistle into the group. Resigned in 2002 after 2 booked US tours fell through, but was always around behind the scenes. Called back into active duty on the 2004 US tour. Used to make the odd appearance on guest vocals. Joined the band onstage as guitarist for the 2004 York gigs, making a 3 guitar line-up. Replaced as manager/broker in late 2004.

Kenny Brady

Jul 1990-Jun 1991
violin & keyboards
Did session work on Extricate then subsequently joined as a band member. Played on Shift-Work and live gigs around that time.

Martin Bramah

1976-Apr 1979 &
Jul 1989-Jul 1990
guitar &
backing vocals
Born March 1957. Was founding Fall guitarist, and then rejoined in May 1989 to replace Brix. Left for the first time (announcing his departure at an Iggy Pop gig) to form the Blue Orchids with Una Baines. The band became dormant after he and Baines married but released a single in 1985. He then formed the short-lived Thirst with Karl Burns. When sacked from The Fall in 1990 he re-formed the Blue Orchids with a guest appearance from Marcia Schofield.

John Brierley

Production on Dragnet, Grotesque & Room To Live.

Ian Broudie

Producer of I Am Kurious Oranj, better known as the mainman of The Lightning Seeds.

Jonnie Brown

Jan 1978
Born Rotherham. Bassist for 3 weeks. Was an art student.

Karl Burns

May 1977-Dec 1978
Oct 1981-Jun 1986
Jan 1993-Dec 1996
May 1997-Apr 1998
also: guitar, bass, keyboards

A former member of Nuclear Angel with Tony Friel. For a short while was with Public Image Ltd - he didn't perform live but he may have played on a single B-side. Also in The Teardrops in 1980 with Steve Garvey of The Buzzcocks. In 1985 he worked with Martin Bramah in Thirst. Sang vocals on "(Stay Away) Old White Train" on The Light User Syndrome. Went on to Ark with Steve Hanley after the 1998 New York bust-up, but left soon after (to be replaced by Paul Hanley).

Dave Bush

Aug 1991-Nov 1995
keyboards & computers
Born 4 June 1959 in Taplow. Sound engineer who worked with the Clash, Echo and the Bunnymen and the Teardrop Explodes. Was roadie for The Fall for about a year before joining the band. Went on to become Elastica's keyboard player until that band's demise.

Arthur Cadman

Also (and probably correctly) spelt Kadmon. Played for about 15 seconds on the Room to Live album. Formerly part of Manufactured Noise, Ludus and The Distractions.

Kay Carroll

1977-Apr 1983
management, production, backing vocals
Born 27 December 1948, maiden name Kay Sullivan. Lived in West Gorton, then in Ardwick. Maried early in her 20s, had two kids, but left her family and began studying nursing. She met Una Baines who introduced her to MES. Became the manager of the group and sometimes backing singer. Left in 1983 during an American tour and settled there. Married twice more. Now lives in Portland, Oregon and works as a nurse.

Michael Clark

various times
ballet accompanist
Born Aberdeen 1962. Studied at the Royal Ballet School in London, and then moved to Ballet Rambert in New York. He became a choreographer and dancer at Riverside Studios and then founded Michael Clark & Company. His dancers took part in an Old Grey Whistle Test performance of "Lay of the Lnd" in 1984. In 1988 he collaborated with The Fall on I Am Curious Orange, which was premiered in Amsterdam and then performed at the Edinburgh Festival and at Saddler's Wells in London. In April 1998 he appeared onstage with The Fall dancing with a chair.


Producers, DJs
Jonathan More and Matt Black. Produced Telephone Thing and some other tracks for the Extricate album. Appeared on TV with The Fall on turntables.

Tommy Crooks

Aug 1997-Apr 1998
Scottish artist, designed the Levitate album sleeve. After quitting The Fall, he joined Ark but left after early rehearsals and returned to painting. Is now in a band called Farmhand, which released "Farmland Quintessence".

Ruth Daniel

Sept 2002
Played keyboards on the Blackburn DVD gig and on other dates during the same tour. Is in a band called Earl.

Steve Davies

Jun 1980
Drums & percussion
Added congas to the first Peel session in May 1978 and then stood in for schoolboy drummer Paul Hanley on the Dutch tour of 1980, having never owned a drum kit (he borrowed one for the tour which he demolished after 11 shows). Was a member of Gong/Can covers group, Mushroom Tango. After the Dutch tour, Steve took up Afro Cuban and Brasilian hand drumming and he now runs a percussion and dance workshop called Baba Yaga Global Percussion & Arts Workshops, as well as doing street theatre and some TV acting.

Nick Dewey

27 Aug 1999
Chemical Brothers co-manager, drafted in to play drums minutes before the band took the stage at the Reading festival 1999. MES had sacked Tom Head en route to the festival (he was reinstated the next day). Dewey hadn't played drums for 5 years but apparently acquitted himself reasonably well. MES, extremely drunk and shirt covered in blood from a fight with Neville Wilding(!), didn't come across quite so well.

Mike Edwards

The singer/guitarist from Jesus Jones played guitar on the song Popcorn Double Feature for the Extricate album.

Stuart Estell

30 Apr 1998
Well known fallnetter who played guitar on one song (Industrial Estate) from the moshpit at Reading on 30 April 1998, when the band were much in need of a guitarist, consisting at that time of only MES, Nagle and Themen.

Chris Evans

3 Dec 2004
Drummer from support band, drafted in at the last minute when Spencer Birtwhiste failed to arrive at the Bristol Bierkeller for the gig.

Steve Evets

various times 2000's
backing vocals
also: bass
Acted with MES in "Diary of a Madman" as a worker obsessed with Elvis Presley. Appears onstage to sing backing vocals in many hometown shows. Filled in on bass for a couple of gigs between Jim Watts & Simon Archer. Has his own band Dr Freaks Padded Cell.

Brian Fanning

mid-late 2001
Second guitarist on Are You Are Missing Winner. Played UK tour dates to support the album, but didn't make it to the USA.

Fredrica Federation

Guest guitarist on the single Living Too Late. Rumoured to be Brix Smith.

Adrian Flanagan

Dec 1996-Feb 1997
Took part in 5 gigs late 1996/early 1997, replacing Brix and before Tommy Crooks joined. Now records as Kings Have Long Arms. After seeing this page he said "that shirt I was wearing, if I was MES I would of seen that as a sackable offence". Also called Mark a man amongst musicians, and who could argue with that!

Gavin Friday

backing vocals
Born 9 October 1959. Guest vocalist on The Wonderful & Frightening World Of The Fall. Ex Virgin Prunes, now solo artist.

Tony Friel

1976-Dec 1977
Born 4 May 1958 in Birkenhead. Ex-member of Nuclear Angel. Founding member of The Fall. Left to form the Passage with Dick Witts. Also recorded as Contact with Duncan Prestbury. Spent next 20 years playing in semi-professional R&B bands. Operated Racket label and then became a member of the Woodband Streetband.

"Cuz'n" Roy Gittens

washboard, vocals
Famous US tour manager who sometimes came on stage during encores to play the washboard and sing (White Lightning a speciality).

Al Goldson

guest vocal
The group's roadie who performed Enigrammatic Dream on the Blackburn DVD.

Robert Gordon

Electronic/techno producer who worked on tracks for Shift-work.

Damon Gough

Played guitar and co-wrote "Calendar" in 1997. Also kept Mark's false teeth in a mouldy old acoustic guitar case (according to Susan Vs Youthclub) after Mark left them in his car, thinking it was a taxi.

Granny On Bongos

7 Feb 1998-present
Semi-mythical replacement to any Fall group that has been sacked. Originates from NME interview with Smith published 7 February 1998. When discussing band sackings, MES said "if it's me and your granny on bongos, then it's a Fall gig".

Dale Griffin

various times
Produced at least half a dozen Peel sessions. Before becoming a BBC in-house producer, he was the drummer in Mott the Hoople. He once tried to throw Simon Rogers out of the BBC studios for playing Mott's "All The Way To Memphis".

Andy Hackett

Member of the Rockingbirds and several other bands and Edwin Collins' guitarist. Did session guitar work on Levitate. Now runs a guitar shop in Denmark Street, London.

Paul Hanley

Mar 1980-Mar 1985
Steve Hanley's younger brother. Joined The Fall at 16 years of age, while still at school. For most of his time in the group it was a 2 drummer line-up. Joined brother Steve again in 1998 in Ark, releasing one album. From 2001 until the present time has been in The Lovers, along with Steve and singer Tom Hingley (ex Inspiral Carpets).

Steve Hanley

Apr 1979-Apr 1998
Born 20 May 1959. Was in The Sirens, which played one gig only. Then in a group with Craig Scanlon called Staff 9. This band supported The Fall 6 or 7 times in early 1979. He also roadied for The Fall before being asked to join, together with Scanlon. The bass player at the time, Marc Riley, switched to guitar to make room for Hanley. Served the longest in the group, aside from MES. Formed Ark after quitting The Fall following the disastrous US tour of 1998. Married to Heather and has two children. Now works as groundsman/caretaker at a Manchester primary school. Has played bass in The Lovers since 2001.

Tom Head =
Thomas Patrick Murphy

Aug 1998-Nov 2000
Worked as an extra on Coronation Street and The League of Gentleman. Acting work came first at the time of the UK tour of 2000, so he was replaced by Spencer Birtwistle.

Adam Helal

Dec 1998-Feb 2001Born Bromley and originally called this surname by MES. Father thought to be from Lebanon. When he first joined The Fall there was another bassist, Karen Leatham. Refused to play in 2001 due to a dispute over his payment for The Unutterable album, so was replaced by Jim Watts. Litigation continues today. Helal is now part of Galactica, making synthetic soundscapes and organic ambience with ancient ethereal vocals!

Shan Hira

Produced the studio tracks on Seminal Live. Originally the drummer in the Stockholm Monsters, later the resident engineer at Suite 16 Studios and more recently live sound engineer for the Chemical Brothers.

Steve Hitchcock

production, string arrangements
Worked on The Marshall Suite, adding the cellos to Touch Sensitive amongst other things. Had an office next to John Lenard, boss of Artful Records, and worked for free.

Kazuko Hohki

guest vocals
From the Frank Chickens. Sang the chorus on Cyber Insekt with Julia Nagle, who had suggested her to producer Grant Showbiz (Kazuko being Grant's partner). Did not meet MES in the studio.

Speth Hughes

late 1990s
sound fx
Live sound mixer and studio engineer in the late 1990s. Provided sound effects on Peel session 22, November 1998. Lately has done sound engineering for African artist Baaba Maal.

Dougie James

guest vocal
Manchester soul singer who has performed guest vocals on a number of occasions.

Rob Lally

yonks ago - date
co-wrote Recovery Kit
One of Mark's closest friends. Is part of The Fall entourage. Acted, alongside another close friend, as Mark's best man when he married Elena. Photo from 2005 shows Rob with his son Cameron.

Karen Leatham

Aug 1998-Dec 1998
Debuted at Manchester University in August 1998. Was a founding member of Wonky Alice and also played with Mark Burgess's Sons Of God. After her departure from The Fall, she took part in a Wonky Alice reunion.

John Leckie

mid-late 1980s
Produced most of the Beggars Banquet albums.

Mike Leigh

Jan 1979-Mar 1980
Teddy boy drummer. Sometimes liked to play standing up. Came from and returned to cabaret bands.

Craig Leon

producer, guitar, keyboards
Played organ and guitar on Shift-Work as well as production duties on several albums and singles.

Paul Long

Produced a radio session for Mark Goodier's show in 1993. A Past Gone Mad from that session was released on the Peel Sessions album.

Orpheo McCord

May 2006-June 2007
Drafted in by Narnack Records to enable MES to complete the 2006 US tour after Pritchard, Trafford & Birtwistle walked out. Plays in On The Hill. Last gig Barcelona 1 June 2007.

Eric McGann aka
Rick Goldstraw

Mar-Jun 1978
Was in John Cooper Clarke's backing band, Curious Yellow. Also played in The Blue Orchids (sometimes known as Nico's backing band). Quit The Fall on the day the first Peel session was to be recorded in disgust at the van driver (Steve Davies) turning up in a Hawaiian shirt with his congas.

Bernard MacMahon

producer, programming
Production and programming on The Marshall Suite.

Richard Mazda

producer, saxophone
Production and saxophone on Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul and Hex Enduction Hour.

Mick Middles

19 Feb 2003
backing vocals
According to his book, he contributed backing vocals to Peel session 23 on Theme From Sparta F.C. (which MES will now be claiming as pre-cog of the 2004 Eurpoean champs win by Greece).

Dave Milner

Nov 2001-June 2004
drums, backing vocals
Was in Trigger Happy with Ed Blaney and replaced Spencer Birtwistle at short notice (with 45 minutes rehearsal).

Basil Nagle

backing vocal
Julia's son. Did talking section on single mix of Masquerade. [Thanks to Julia for the pic of her young lad, around the time Masquerade was recorded.]

Julia Nagle

Nov 1995-Aug 2001
keyboards & guitar
Canadian. Was a member of the St. Winifred's School Choir, though not at the time of the "Grandma" single. Worked on Bend Sinister as sound engineer and till then had thought The Fall were a dreary band. Previously, studied art and graphic design and played with a punk band, Blackout, following which she moved on to Illustration. She became a tape op. and sound engineer. She married Chris Nagle and they had a son called Basil in 1987. She formed What? Noise. The couple separated in 1993 and she joined The Thrush Puppies. At one point Julia had visions of an all female Fall backing group for MES, recruiting Kate Themen on drums and Karen Leatham on bass. Sadly, this never quite came off as Themen decided not to continue after her first 3 gigs.

Adrian Niman

Played saxophone on Room To Live album.

Jon Ormrod aka
Jon The Postman

guest vocals
Legendary figure on the Manchester punk scene, and a former postman, Jon was very fond of the song Louie Louie and sang it whenever he got the chance. Captured on The Fall's Live 1977 singing that song with MES. Later recorded some songs on Mark's Cog Sinister label.

Steve Ormrod

Sometimes referred to as "Dave". The group's first drummer. Thought to be an insurance salesman. Apparently he wrote a song called Landslide Victory about Margaret Thatcher (possibly explaining his rapid departure from the group). Little was known about him until Dave Simpson, author of The Fallen book, received an email from a friend of Ormrod's in late 2010. Sadly, the drummer, a schizophrenic, committed suicide in 1994.

Steve Parker

Producer of Perverted By Language. Did engineering and production work for many indie labels including Rough Trade, 4AD and Beggars Banquet. Went on to engineer for the likes of The Rolling Stones, Tears for Fears and Aretha Franklin as well as doing film and TV sound. Steve still does some production work, but his time is now mostly spent as a lecturer of music technology at Leeds Metropolitan University.

Yvonne Pawlett

May 1978-July 1979
Born 23 May 1959. Left the group to look after her dog. Was later in a group called The Shy Tots, around 1982. They released a 3 track cassette by mail order, or you could send a blank tape and a self-addressed envelope for a copy.

John Peel

guest vocal
Famous BBC DJ and supporter of The Fall, appeared on the track Symbol Of Mordgan on Middle Class Revolt talking with Craig Scanlon about a Manchester City football match.

Allan Pellay

backing vocals
Contributed backing vocals, including Hip Priests and Kamerads live version of And This Day (Hammersmith Palais, London 25 March 1982).

"The Plouty"

2002 or 2003
Played organ on the track Protein Protection. True identity is Elena Poulou!

John Porter

Produced Peel session #6. Possible best known for producing The Smiths.

Tim Presley

May 2006-June 2007
Drafted in by Narnack Records to enable MES to complete the 2006 US tour after Pritchard, Trafford & Birtwistle walked out. In Darker My Love with Rob Barbato. Last gig Barcelona 1 June 2007.

Ben Pritchard

Feb 2001-May 2006
Brought in to replace Neville Wilding, who refused to play a gig due to a dispute over royalties. Had played on Dr Bucks letter on The Unutterable. Mark had known him since he was a lad. Got sacked after the aborted US tour of 2004. Then came back. Then resigned due to "irreconcilable differences with Mark". Then came back. Finally walked out after 4 dates of the 2006 US tour along with Steve Trafford & Spencer Birtwistle, as they felt they couldn't continue working with MES any longer.

Mark Radcliffe

Produced Peel session #8. Born in Bolton in 1958. Attended Manchester University where he studied English, American Studies and Classical Civilisation. Was a cabaret dancer for a while before starting in Picadilly Radio in Manchester. Became a producer at Radio One, moved back to Picadilly Radio, then to the BBC again where he had a radio show with Marc Riley.

Marc Riley

Jun 1978-Oct 1982
bass then switched to guitar Apr 1979
also: keyboards
Was in The Sirens, who played one gig only. Became roadie for The Fall at the age of 16. Played bass to start with, then switched to guitar and keyboards to allow Steve Hanley to join the group as bassist. Left the group after the Australia/NZ tour of 1982, after coming to blows with MES in an Australian nightclub. Formed The Creepers, which continued until 1988 with a change of personnel, until renamed The Lost Soul Crusaders in 1988. Then became a disc jockey on BBC radio.

Mike Robinson

various times
BBC in-house producer. Produced a number of John Peel sessions.

John Rolleson

backing vocals
Tour Manager 1998. Did backing vocals on Peel session 21, broadcast February 1998.

Lucy Rimmer

Dec 1995-Oct 1996
Backing vocals on The Light User Syndrome and lead vocals on Birthday and The City Never Sleeps. Organised The Fall fan club and was MES's girlfriend. A close friend of Mark's sister Caroline.

Simon Rogers

Mar 1985-Oct 1986
bass, keyboards, guitar, production
Originally recruited to Brix's band, The Adult Net. Performs on Ministry of Sound collections and has worked with Peter Murphy and Boy George. Has had chart success as part of panpipe band Incantation. Also worked with Kurious Oranj producer Ian Broudie with The Lightning Seeds and recorded alone under the name Nation 12, notable for the single Brutal Deluxe, later used as title music for the computer game "Speedball 2".

Bob Sargeant

Producer of second Peel session and Live At The Witch Trials. Later worked with The Beat and Haircut One Hundred.

Rex Sargeant

Production on Infotainment Scan, Middle Class Revolt & 27 Points.

Craig Scanlon

Apr 1979-Dec 1995
Born 7 December 1960. Was in The Sirens, which playd one gig only. Then in Staff 9 with Steve Hanley. This band supported The Fall in early 1979. Dismissed from The Fall for "failure to maintain amps and slovenly appearance". Now thought to be working in a Social Welfare office in Manchester.

Marcia Schofield

Oct 1986-Jul 1990
Born 1962 in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Went to university but dropped out and met future husband Philip Schofield, member of the Workers' Revolutionary Party and ex sex-shop worker. (Phil later changed his name to Phil Shoenfelt and had a 12 inch single, "Charlotte's Room", released by MES on Cog Sinister). They formed Khmer Rouge. Moved to London in 1984 and met Brix Smith. Started with The Fall in a rehearsal gig in Ipswich in 1986. Sacked from the band in 1990 at the end of an Australasian tour. Has worked since with the Blue Orchids. Studied medicine, specialising as an anaesthetist. Now is a mother in Cambridge with a young child.

Adrian Sherwood

Production on some tracks for the Slates 10" and Extricate.

Grant Showbiz =
Grant Cunliffe

Various times
Born 1956. Production duties on Dragnet, Grotesque, Slates, The Unutterable, Country On The Click, Imperial Wax Solvent. Also live sound mixer in the early 1980s and various times since.

Brix Smith

Sep 1983-Jul 1989
Aug 1994-Oct 1996
guitar, backing vocals
Born Laura Elisse Salenger on 12 November 1962 in Los Angeles. Parents divorced when she was a year old. Studied theatre and literature at Bennington in Vermont. Formed a band called Banda Dratsing. Brix played bass and was the singer. Met MES in Chicago (Fall US tour) in 1983 and they married that year on 19 July at the registry office in Bury. She played guitar in the group until announcing her departure from The Fall publicly in July 1989. Had a side project group, The Adult Net. After her first departure from The Fall she toured with the Bangles, then auditioned for Hole. In August 1994 she rejoined The Fall and stayed until October 1996, leaving mid-tour. Since then she has recorded some singles and collaborated with Future Pilot AKA. Last heard of running a fashion shop in London.

John Sparrow

Produced 3rd Peel session.

Simon Spencer

early 1997
keyboards, production
A member of D.O.S.E. Collaborated with MES on Plug Yourself In. Started production on the Levitate album but didn't last long before leaving, following a dispute with MES over artistic direction. Took Mark's lyrics and built the song Inch around them, with Kier Stewart. Wrote the song which ended up being called Spencer Must Die. He did just that (died) at the Glastonbury festival 2003.

Kier Stewart

early 1997
Involved with D.O.S.E. and Inch. Played live early 1997.

Kate Themen

April-May 1998
From the group Polythene and currently Icons Of Poundland. Was stand-in drummer for 3 gigs in 1998 immediately after the disastrous US tour (1998 version), when most of the band walked out. Her surname has often been dyslexically reported as Methen or Methan.

Mayo Thompson

Mainman of The Red Krayola. Co-produced Grotesque.

Steven Trafford

Apr 2004-May 2006
Drafted in to replace Simon "Ding" Archer when he was loaned out to PJ Harvey, just prior to The Fall's 2004 aborted US tour. Survived it.... However, the 2006 US tour didn't go quite as well - Steve walked out after 4 dates along with Ben Pritchard & Spencer Birtwistle.

Geoff Travis

Head of Rough Trade Records. Co-produced Grotesque and Slates. Also provided backing vocals on How I Wrote Elastic Man.

Dave Tucker

Played clarinet on some live dates and on the Slates 10". More recently known as an improv guitarist and has a band called The School Of Velocity.

Ellen van Schuylenburch

late 1988-early 1989
ballet dancer
One of Michael Clark's company in the I Am Curious Orange production. Solo ballet dancer at several live gigs late 1988 and early 1989. Liked dancing in sheepskin boots.

Jim Watts

Feb 2001-Mar 2003
Jul 2004-Dec 2004
Also: computers, keyboards
James Vincent Jarvis Watts. Born 14 February 1975 in Salford. Worked in criminal courts and in IT. Was in Trigger Happy and Alfie, playing bass, and then did some gigs with Stella. He was in a covers band (playing Bonzo Dog songs) which never had a name, and is now in his own band UglyRadio on guitar. Also does some roadying for New Order. Returned to The Fall at York in 2004 on guitar instead of bass (his preference). Departed again Dec 2004 due to dissatisfaction with credits & royalty arrangements and lack of creative control.

Cassell Webb

backing vocals
Wife of Craig Leon, producer of albums from Extricate through Code: Selfish. She added backing vocals.

Neville Wilding

Nov 1998-Feb 2001
Born Prestatyn, Wales. Was in Rockin Gomez, Rhyl's finest psychobilly act. Replaced in 2001 after refusing to play due to a dispute over royalties for The Unutterable.

Tony Wilson

various times
BBC staff producer during the 1970s & '80s (NOT the Factory Records Tony Wilson). Produced 2 Peel sessions.

Simon Wolstencroft

Jun 1986-Aug 1997
also: keyboards
Member of The Patrol which became The Stone Roses. Also in The Colourfield for a short while and was the drummer in a band called the Weeds (which included Andrew Berry on vocals). Considered joining an early version of The Smiths but wasn't impressed by Morrissey. After leaving The Fall, played with Ian Brown on the Golden Greats album.

Tony Worthington

Produced Peel session #17.

Stuart ?

27 March 2003
Played drums on the live TV broadcast "Made in the North West" - 2 songs. Filling in for Dave Milner who was unable to make it for personal reasons.

Thanks to the many contributors from the Fall online forum, Dave Simpson, and various group members who have come forward with info.

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