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News for week ending 30 Jan 1998

In the NME Awards, the GODLIKE GENIUS AWARD FOR SERVICES TO MUSIC (voted by NME) went to a certain Mark E Smith of The Fall. The award ceremony is on Channel 4, Sat 31st Jan, 11.05pm. Also see http://www.nme.com where they write, tiredly:
".....One heart-stopping moment, however, came when Eddie began reading the long and elaborate tribute to the winner of the 'Godlike Genius' gong and MARK E SMITH stood up and headed for the bogs. "I'm not fuggin' sittin' hear listenin' to 'im go on about some clapped out old cunt," Mark muttered to the security guards trying to keep him in his seat, only to be told that said clapped out old cunt was actually him! Hence he made a brief detour to the stage and attempted a career (i)piece de resistance(/i) by trying to sack everyone in the room during his speech... "


No Fall news at the moment.

Nothing more about this 'Fall Convention' at the 333 Club on Feb 26th, except it could be at the Dublin Castle.


Steve Beeho has found this Julian Cope snippet in Wire


The Masquerade single could be out on 2 Feb, and also possibly on the 9th. It comprises a 10" and 2-part CD (possibly a second vinyl part, and perhaps in 32 weekly instalments with a free binder included in issue 1). Peel played Scareball and Calendar which will appear on one of the CDs.

A Peel Sessions compilation comes out on 23 February: Rebellious Jukebox, Mess of My, New Face in Hell, Winter, Smile, Middlemass, 2 x 4, Cruisers Creek, What You Need, Athlete Cured, Dead Beat Descendent, Black Monk Theme, Idiot Joy Showland, Free Range, Strychnine, A Past Gone Mad, M5.

Palace of Swords Reversed and Room to Live are being released on CD on 20 February. Initial stocks of both CDs will come packaged with a bonus CD EP which will be available to early orders only (first 1000). Both allegedly "digitally remastered"  w/new artwork and they come with the Cog Sinister stamp of quality.

Bonus CD t/list
POS - Recorded at "Band on the Wall" - Manchester 1982. Look Know, Tempo House, I'm into CB, Mere Pseud Mag Editor.
RTL - "Band on the Wall Pt 2". Drago's Guilt, Joke Hysterical Face, Lie Dream of a Casino Soul, Hexen Strife Knot

Also Adam Marshall, our tired and emotional reporter at a party, reports:
"I was speaking to a bloke on Saturday (from a band called PAIN [anyone know 'em?]) who claimed his mate was putting together the worlds most amazing AIDS benefit LP. Apparently MES has done a track for it - not with the Fall but with some (unspecified) other artist(s). I'm afraid that I never got around to finding out any more concrete details about this as I got side-tracked."


Not much happening, but it's been a good week on FallNet..

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Subject: In this month's Wire....

.......... Julian Cope is in the chair in the Invisible Jukebox slot. This is the feature when they play a musician various unidentified tracks with no prior knowledge of what they're hearing (you may recall MES did the honours a few years back).

One of the songs selected is I Am Damo Suzuki.


Julian Cope: It sounds like the Fall doing some Kraut.

Mike Barnes (the Wire): That's exactly what it is.

JC: [pause] Oh, I know what it is. Is it "Oh Yeah" [from Can's Tago Mago]

MB: Yes, but it's reworked as I Am Damo Suzuki.

JC: I heard they had song called that. So this is Oh Yeah, with Mark Smith copping the publishing. I'm going to do that with a Fall song, call it I Am Mark E Smith. That's quite clever, I like that. I wouldn't have done anything without punk, and Krautrock is so punky, it's got the kind of changes that only someone with a flagrant disregard ..... it sounds so much like everything else and then when it changes it's ridiculous and ugly. That's the thing with the Fall, it's exactly the same as everything else, and when it changes it's ridiculous and ugly.

MB: Did you ever do any music with Mark Smith?

JC: No. There was an unrecorded loose jam of me, Mac [Ian McCulloch] and Mark singing songs walking home from a gig one day. In John the Postman's world that would be a legendary unrecorded album. The difference between [Mark Smith] and me is for the last seven years everything I say is exactly the same but there's lots of different ways to say it. With him, I think he's always saying a different thing but he's saying it in the same way. So really, we're very, very different but there's a similarity in the sheer Sky Saxon-ness of it.


Julian Cope is a huge Can fanatic and was also a big Fall follower in their early days, yet despite being aware of I Am Damo Suzuki's existence ("I heard they had a song called that" indeed), he's never so much as bothered to check it out ........ yeah, right.



Graham Coleman's found the following ....

Browsing around and found this short story:

Gordon Legge


So I goes for this job interview and the boy says, "Right, name fifty singles by The Fall." I goes, "What?" The boy goes, "You heard me. Come on. Two minutes. Two minutes and counting." And I needed it...but I did it. The boy puts a wee tick in this ledger-type book that's lying in front of him. "Right," he says, "next: you know how some folk screw their faces up when they smoke, and how some folk straighten their faces out when they smoke?" I goes, "Aye." The boy puts a wee tick in his book. And then he stares me right in the eye. "Reincarnation," he says, "what d'you reckon?" I shrugs. "Kind of looks like it to me," I says.

you can find the rest of it at


I wasn't too impressed. Fifty singles indeed. Far better by Mr Legge is The Shoe, 'a novel about a group of unemployed twenty-somethings in an unspecified Scottish town who hang around talking about music and football'.

and this.....

Turning on the radio this morning I heard You Are Everything by Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye and it struck me that part of it was very familiar. I mean I've heard it before but it seemed to possess an added significance, and then old Diana goes into a passage where she sings something like 'I walk like you do, I talk like you do, I thought I was you'. Ha, I thought, if one can think 'ha', I never knew MES pinched that Chiselers interlude or whatever it is passage off this old Motown tearjerker. (but Barrie reckons it goes: 'Then I saw somebody/who looked just like you/they walked like you do/I thought it was you')


FallNet topics of the week:


The Millennium/Film 98 issue

From Al Reynolds:
What about the KCP-DACOTY2KAWAYSOL problem? That's the "Kelloggs Cornflakes Packet Draw a Car of The Year 2000 and Win a Year's Supply of Lego" problem. Keeps me awake at nights that does. There are already major consultancies set up to tackle it.

Personally, indicating my deep degree of sadness, I still call it Film 84. I don't know why everyone else feels this childish need to update it every year.

         |_\                        |
                    | \           /----------------------\
                     |---------------|        O O O       OO ----\
                       ---------{ <-- danger atomic engine        ----------\
                 OOOOOO                               OOO

A car of the year 2000
by Al (age 31 3/4)

THAT Top 100 albums of all time chart

From: Peter Reavy

> Hey P.Reavy! What's wrong with Astral Weeks then?

Let me try to explain how hard it is to live in Belfast and like Van Morrison. The man still plays here occasionally, arfing like a seal in the name of soul music, but no-one dares speak out and admit he is an abject looney. Worse, every hotel bar contains blues covers bands with singers who also arf like seals, and the reason for this is that they all want to be like Van Morrison. I have visions of pub bands in Belfast after another twenty years of this evolution. The vocalists in hotel bars across the city will actually be able to whale call out to each other, then await eerily echo-like answers, all to the tune of Brown Eyed Girl.


From: Toby Blake
Hmmm, these days he does tend to sound somewhat seal-like but in days of old he had a fantastic voice. Of course this is only my opinion but is non-negotiable (if you can't stand his voice, you're never going to like his music).

However, much of your argument seems to consist of him influencing crap music, crap people and crap tunes. Are the Rolling Stones to blame for Primal Scream? Is Muddy Waters to blame for Eric Clapton? Are The Fall to blame for Pavement? Are the Beatles to blame for Oasis?

The answers are No, No, No and Yes. Note - this is based purely on my own prejudice. Every second or third band over the last thirty years has tried to sound like the bastard Beatles. So, is Van to blame for the state of the nation? No, the responsibility lies squarely at the feet of the fab four. Good singles band though.


You'll know what I mean when I say "Recipe"

From: Chris Kovin
Subject: Recipe of the Week

Camel Hoof Paste
Source: Famous Dishes of Shanghai website


250g camel hoof,40g dried scallops, 40g dried mushrooms, 30g done ham slices, green soybeans, corianders, salt,chives, ginger, gourmet powder, rice wine, vinegar, pepper, soy, delicious soup


1.Clean the hoof and pull its hair up, braise it for 30 minutes, remove the bone and put it in a bowl, then steam it together with knotted chives and sliced ginger  for about 1 hour, knife it into dices, then stew themwith knotted chives and sliced ginger for 45-60  minutes to make them into a thick paste.

2.Steam the dried scallops with chives, ginger, wine to   be done, put them with the done dried mushroom dices, ham slices, green soybeans in the camel hoof paste, then add salt, gourmet powder, rice wine, vinegar, pepper, soy, braise them for 20 minutes,  place them in a bowl, put in corianders.

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