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discography: compilations

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Early Singles

Original UK release
First released 2 December 2002 on Cog Sinister via Voiceprint CD: COGVP136CD

01. Bingo-Master's Break-Out! 2:23
02. Psycho Mafia 2:13
03. Repetition 4:56
04. It's The New Thing 3:26
05. Various Times 5:15
06. Rowche Rumble 4:01
07. In My Area 4:05
08. Fiery Jack 4:45
09. 2nd Dark Age 1:59
10. Psykick Dancehall No.2 3:35
11. Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul 3:07
12. Fantastic Life 5:18
13. Look, Know 4:36
14. I'm Into C.B. 6:27
15. Marquis Cha-Cha 4:28
16. Room To Live 4:14

(CD: tracks 1-16)

Compiled by: Conway Paton
Cover design: Steve Lee

Recording info & notes
Tracks 1-3 are from the single Bingo-Master's Break-Out!; tracks 4-5 are from the single It's The New Thing; tracks 6-7 are from the single Rowche Rumble; tracks 8-10 are from the single Fiery Jack; tracks 11-12 are from the single Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul; tracks 13-14 are from the single Look, Know; tracks 15-16 are from the single Marquis Cha-Cha.

Compilation of all the singles A & B-sides released on Step Forward and Kamera from 1978-1982. Newly 24-bit mastered from 7" vinyl. The original concept was to include every single A and B side up to the end of 1983 on a double CD, however Voiceprint was unable to come to a satisfactory arrangement to procure the rights to the Rough Trade singles, so they had to be dropped and it ended up as a single CD.

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