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News for week ending 15 February 1998


No Fall news at the moment. Last week's snippet about Mark E Smith playing NY referred to a local trumpet player of the same name....

On Thursday 26 February:
Ludd Gang + I Ludicrous
"The promoter is a jerk! A sincere salute to the best band since music began featuring Ludd Gang - a Fall tribute band featuring members of Prolapse, and I Ludicrous, long standing favourites of Smithy, and suitably fallish of musical hue. Plus guest DJs spinning fall and fall related sounds. Never bored with ESP medium dischord..."
Hope and Anchor, 207 Upper St, Islington. 4.00: or 3.50 with flyer. 3.00 UB40/NUS.
Nearest tube: Highbury & Islington, or Angel; Doors 9pm to midnight. Info 0171 378 6095


Some Fall record sleeves appear in the Destroy exhibition of punk artwork at the Royal Festival Hall. Notes below.


The Masquerade single was out on 9 Feb. It comprises a 10" (Masquerade Mr. Natural Mix, Masquerade PWL mix, Masquerade album mix), CD1 (Masquerade single mix, Ivanhoes two pence, Spencer must die (live), Ten Houses remix) and CD2 (Masquerade single mix, Calendar, Scareball, Ol' Gang live).

New Peel session to be aired in early March (3rd?).

Later in February we have CD releases of Room To Live and Palace of Swords Reversed, and a Peel Sessions album. Also, Perverted by Language seems to have been released on Cog Sinister. 

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From Graham Coleman:

I had a look round on Saturday (it's free). It collects record sleeves, posters, punk fanzines, in theory from a design rather than musical perspective.  MES among many others gets a 'thank you', although how he helped or contributed is hard to guess. They have pretty much every single and album up to Room to Live (except Dragnet). And plenty of other groups, too! It's at the Festival Hall, South Bank, London (insert John Peel comment along the lines of 'that's all very well but what about people who live in Aberdeen?'). Watch balding 30+s in leather jackets get nostalgic over an old Clash poster or XRay Spex single. Or trying to explain the importance of Crass lyrics to younger partners/friends.

From: Rafael Runco-Farrands

Today I went to the “destroy” exhibition of record-sleeves’ punk art, at the Royal Festival Hall.

The event is about the sleeves, not the artists -- but still there are some surprising inclusions, such as UB40’s Signing On.  The exhibits are displayed in chronological order, from 1976 onwards, and there must be over 500 originals (there are also some posters and budges).

The Fall are featured throughout (indeed, possible the only artists spanning the whole period).  MES is acknowledged by the organisers as someone who helped them put the whole thing together.  In fact, I suspect that the The Fall record-sleeves on display may belong to MES’s personal collection; they are (LPs and singles):

Bingo Master’s Break Out
It’s the New Thing
Fiery Jack
Live at the Witch Trials
Totale’s Turns
Totally Wired
How I wrote Elastic Man
Hex Enduction Hour
Room to Live/Undilutable Slang Truth!

I think the exhibition is on until mid-March.

>From the Internet Movie Database...
>Xanadu (1980) starring Olivia Newton-John contains:
>"The Fall"
>Written & Produced by Jeff Lynne, Performed by the Electric Light
>Bit of a coincidence considering :
>1. "why don't you bog off back to Xanadu...."
>2. The Fall have covered a Jeff Lynne song (Birthday)
>3. The soundtrack to Xanadu was almost certainly on Jet, who released
>4. The Legend of Xanadu - Fall cover on NME Ruby Trax

Graham C:
Amused to see MES went further in the NME interview, declaring not only the crapness of the 80s, but the 70s, the 60s, the 50s - 'and I was only 2 when they ended!' ..  I don't know if there is a decade he approves of, perhaps sometime in the Dark Ages. All mud and witches.

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