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The Fall play ...

Nov 30 Bierkeller, Manchester (tickets)
Dec 1 Bierkeller, Manchester (tickets)
Dec 2 Boardwalk, Sheffield (tickets)
Dec 3 Bierkeller, Bristol (tickets)
Dec 4 Carling Academy, Liverpool (tickets).
Dec 5 All Tomorrow's Parties (The Nightmare Before Christmas), Camber Sands Holiday Centre
Mar 10 Rescue Rooms, Nottingham (w/John Cooper Clarke). £14 advance, box office: 0115 958 8484


Mark has announced his 2005 New Year Honour's List (comprising a list of contributors to the Fall Forum compiled by D. Luff aka Cog Sinister, who's at work on a second volume of Fall Lyrics). Clayts has the audio and visual documentation on his site.


A message from Paul Hanley:

I'd be much obliged if you could mention the upcoming gig by Tom Hingley & The Lovers, at the Carling Academy, Islington on 22nd January 2004, on your esteemed website. It's the day after the Fall documentary is aired and Steve assures me he's available for any questions that anyone may have about the programme or The Fall in general!

More details are available here:



As you all know by now, Theme from Sparta FC # 2 was Number 1 in John Peel's 2004 Festive 50. The session version of Blindness did not make an appearance. For the record, here's the Fall's Festive 50 history (thanks to Xyralothep on the forum).

Year position song

1979 40 Rowche Rumble

1980 49 Rowche Rumble
1980 38 Fiery Jack
1980 26 How I Wrote 'Elastic Man'
1980 21 Totally Wired

1981 56 Totally Wired
1981 47 Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul
1981 33 How I Wrote 'Elastic Man'
1981 30 Fiery Jack

1982.2 58 Look/Know

1983 40 Wings
1983 35 Kicker Conspiracy
1983 21 The Man Whose Head Expanded
1983 8 Eat Y'self Fitter

1984 44 No Bulbs
1984 18 Creep
1984 9 Lay Of The Land

1985 42 L.A.
1985 39 Couldn't Get Ahead
1985 33 Gut Of The Quantifier
1985 23 Spoilt Victorian Child
1985 3 Cruiser's Creek

1986 48 Dktr Faustus
1986 37 Lucifer Over Lancashire
1986 26 Realm Of Dusk
1986 20 Bournemouth Runner
1986 15 Living Too Late
1986 10 US Eighties Nineties
1986 3 Mr Pharmacist

1987 26 Athlete Cured
1987 9 Hit The North
1987 2 Australians In Europe

1988 40 Guest Informant
1988 36 Jerusalem
1988 27 Kurious Oranj
1988 24 Big New Prinz
1988 16 Bremen Nacht
1988 14 Cab It Up

1989 38 Dead Beat Descendant

1990 41 Chicago, Now!
1990 35 Telephone Thing
1990 30 Blood Outta Stone
1990 15 White Lightning
1990 1 Bill Is Dead

1991 43 So What About It?
1991 41 The Mixer
1991 35 The War Against Intelligence
1991 24 High Tension Line
1991 9 A Lot Of Wind
1991 4 Edinburgh Man

1992 50 Birmingham School Of Business School
1992 34 Kimble
1992 12 Ed's Babe
1992 6 Free Range
1992 5 Legend Of Xanadu

1993 50 War
1993 48 It's A Curse
1993 43 Behind The Counter
1993 41 A Past Gone Mad
1993 29 Ladybird (Green Grass)
1993 26 Service
1993 22 I'm Going To Spain
1993 20 Glam Racket
1993 19 Lost In Music
1993 11 Why Are People Grudgeful

1994 41 M5
1994 38 City Dweller
1994 2 Hey Student

1995 49 The Joke
1995 30 Bonkers In Phoenix
1995 24 Don't Call Me Darling
1995 7 Feeling Numb

1996 16 Hostile
1996 13 The Chiselers
1996 6 Cheetham Hill

1997 17 I'm A Mummy
1997 7 Inch

1998 49 Shake Off

1999 7 F-Oldin' Money
1999 4 Touch Sensitive

(all time)
2000 38 The Classical
2000 34 Totally Wired
2000 24 How I Wrote 'Elastic Man'

2000 43 WB
2000 23 Two Librans
2000 3 Dr Bucks Letter

2001 30 I Wake Up In The City

2002 22 Susan v Youthclub

2003 26 Green Eyed Loco Man
2003 2 Theme From Sparta FC

2004 1 Theme From Sparta FC pt. 2


From manchesteronline.co.uk:

Art Fall-Out at City Bar

Carmel Thomason

MOST people would be flattered to be the main subject of an art exhibition, but then Mark E Smith has never been most people.

The Fall frontman is so outraged with a caricature painting of himself that he's demanded that it be taken down from public view.

The piece, by Manchester artist Andy Parry, is part of a collection which also includes images of Badly Drawn Boy, Jack Nicholson, David Bowie, Pete Postlethwaite and Jimmy Saville, being displayed in Kro 2 on Oxford Road.

Hearing of the work, Mark and his bandmates went down to the bar to take a look. But I'm told that the singer wasn't in the least bit enamoured of what he saw.

Kro 2 owner Mark Ruby explains: "Mark came into the bar with some friends and when he saw the painting he asked for it to be taken down.

"I don't understand it. By their very nature caricatures are not flattering but there are some big stars up there with him. He's probably the least well known and his picture is the biggest. It's a homage to him, not a mickey take.


"We did take it down on the night because we don't want to make arguments with customers but we've since put it back up again."

The Fall bass player Steven Trafford, who was with Mark E Smith at the time, adds: "Mark had heard about it so we went to have a look.

"He just found it offensive. He felt that it didn't look like him, thought it was grotesque and wanted it taken down. Some of the staff took it down on the night, but I don't know what Mark would think now it's back on the wall."

Still, it won't be there for too much longer as the exhibition ends next month and the painting has already been bought by a Mark E Smith fan.

And as for artist Andy Parry, he isn't too worried about his subject's reaction. "I think that it was just the typical punk rock response," he says. "I chose to paint Mark E Smith because he is a very controversial Manc figure.

"I admire his longevity and his avant gardeness. I take his dislike as a bit of a compliment. If he'd been really complimentary about it then I'd think something was wrong. Just the fact that he reacted to it is good."


Jim Watts has left the group (again). He announced on the message board on Thursday, 16 December the following:

"Well for anyone who is interested I have left the Fall. Again. Not amazingly acrimonious. Usual reasons. Sick of the whole credits/royalties charade. No creative control whatsoever. Finding out that apparently Dave Milner wrote Boxoctosis [I presume this means Dave is receiving the royalties for the song that Jim wrote & is credited for on the album sleeve]. And sick of the hassle over the fucking intro cd's.

A shame though as i have really enjoyed playing gigs and recording with this line up which I feel is easily the best I have been involved with. The next record looks like it will be excellent too. It just wont involve me.

Just gonna concentrate on my own band UglyRadio (who are playing Band on the wall next tuesday btw) and teching with New Order (who pay more anyway).

And before you all ask as far as I am aware Spencer and Steve are still totally in the band. They just got lost and turned up late the other week. Nothing more to it. [They didn't appear at the Bristol gig on December 3rd.]


I'm sure we're all very sad to see Jim leave and we wish him the very best with his band.


Thanks to Andy Sloan from New York:

Today's Village Voice (December 16) has a Tower Records ad that's a "tribute to local artists" and has the Statue of Liberty in the background. It has pictures of 6 albums on sale as part of the tribute. The last one is the Real New Fall Album. Presumably because Narnack is in Brooklyn. Still, funny to think that Tower couldn't find 6 "local" artists from New York City with current releases to put on sale.


From a Guardian blog (and we hear that the documentary will be re-broadcast on BBC2 around the middle of next year):

The Fall: The Wonderful And Frightening World Of Mark E Smith
21st January 2005

BBC FOUR focuses on one of England's truly unique and under-rated bands - The Fall in this special documentary. One of the most enigmatic, idiosyncratic and chaotic garage bands of the last 30 years, The Fall are lead by the belligerent and poetic Mark E Smith and grew out of the fringe of the Manchester punk scene and to date have released in excess of three dozen albums, toured relentlessly, inspired two successful stage plays, recorded 24 Peel Sessions, performed with contemporary ballet dancer Michael Clarke along with various spoken word events. All this has happened under the guidance of Smith with various line-ups currently totalling over 40 different members. They have never conformed to fashion or musical trends and when asked why they were his favourite band, John Peel replied "They are always different, they are always the same." This is the first time that Mark E Smith has agreed to the story being told on television and he along with many of the major players take us through this unique English rock 'n' roll story.

Their rollercoaster story is told alongside footage of their most recent and sadly now last Peel Session recorded in August at the legendary BBC Maida Vale studios, there is also film of John playing out the session at Peel Acres a week later. Contributors include past and present band members including Marc Riley, Una Baines, Steve Hanley, Ben Pritchard and Eleni Smith plus thoughts from key fans/critics including Paul Morley, Tony Wilson, Stewart Lee, promoter Alan Wise, original Buzzcocks manager Richard Boon and Franz Ferdinand.


The Mouse on Mars 12" Wipe That Sound (featuring M.E.S.) is in the shops. Here's what the label, Sonig, has to say about it.

mouse on mars have teamed up with mark e. smith from 'the fall' and n.y. rapper 'tears the muffin man' for new vocal mixes of "wipe that sound". the mixes will only appear on vinyl from october on. "Rumor had it that the forthcoming Mouse on Mars' LP, Radical Connector, was going to be a dance-oriented outgrowth from the duo's stellar Idiology, but I can't imagine anyone expecting such a decidedly enormous beat as the one gracing "Wipe That Sound." The track decided veers away from the modern click and thump of German tech-house, instead shooting for the realm of block party booty anthems: "Wipe That Sound" grooves slow and sleazy through an ooze of typically dense MoM hiccups and atypically sloppy swaths of synth, while a chorus intoning the song title doubles over and chirping falsettos echo in response. Though it generates from a painfully slow, monotone trickle, "Wipe That Sound" quickly gains steam, renewing a slew of R&B cliches through its four-minute maximum recourse and closing as Mouse on Mars' catchiest track yet." [Nick Sylvester, pitchforkmedia.com] "The collaboration MOUSE ON MARS + MARK E. SMITH is a jumbo merger - and nothing less. "Wipe That Sound" is already the coolest club 12" of the year." (soulseduction.com)


Incendiary Magazine interviews The Polaroids about the Fall.


The documentary Truly Madly Deeply Vale aired on November 19 on Granada TV. The Fall played at this free festival in 1978 and 1979 and there were a few comments by Mark as well as a tiny bit of Fall footage. You can read all about the festival at http://www.deeplyvale.com.


Some Fall forum participants have published a new Fall fanzine, The Pseud Mag. You can read about it on this thread or order directly from their site. If you'd like to contribute something, I'm sure the compilers would be delighted. Issue #1 is not a bad read at all. I liked the story behind Hernandez's message board photo.


There's a campaign on the message board to vote for Blindness (Peel session version) for this year's Festive Fifty .


From the Narnack website:

"The Fall will be recording a brand new record for Narnack in the early part of 2005. All new material and is scheduled to be released June/July 2005. We'll keep you updated as we get more information."

Narnack has a CD sampler out with a couple of Fall tracks -- Sparta FC #2 from TRNFLPFCOTC-US and Blindness from the last Peel session -- I hope with the BBC's permission!


Sanctuary's 2 CD reissue of Hex Enduction Hour is released on 17 January 2005, in a slipcase. The first disc contains the original album. The second disc contains bonus tracks: Deer Park / Who Makes The Nazis? (Peel session 5); I'm Into CB (b-side of Look Know 7"); and live tracks - Session Musician / Jazzed Up Punk Shit / I'm Into C.B. (Stars On 45 Version) / And This Day / Deer Park / And This Day (Revisted) [from 1997]. The 2 other Peel session tracks - Look Know & Winter - and Look Know (7" a-side) were removed at the direction of Mark E Smith.


November 30 - Bierkeller, Manchester:

Country Folk took some photos, including one of the setlist:

Andrew sent in a couple of photos as well:


Just got back from the (first) Manchester gig, ears ringing. Was tipped off early that John Cooper Clarke was not the support (venue said that he was never booked).

A good tight set that started pretty promptly. Mark seemed in fine fettle, didn't appear drunk. No walk offs. No reading from scraps of paper. Minimal knob twiddling. He even surveyed the audience and smiled at one point. None of the drunken scallies that marred their previous appearance here.

We got a "Good evening, we are The Fall" as well as "It's good to be back at The Bierkeller after an absence of forty-five years..." and "We've been editing City Life magazine, not...".

Set list was: Boxtosis/Bo Doodak/Clasp Hands/Mountain Energei/Green Eyed Loco Man/What About Us/Sparta FC/Mod Mock Goth/Wrong Place into I Can Hear The Grass Grow/Mr Pharmacist/Blindness encore:White Lightning/New Big Prinz

Mic was passed to audience at end, but faded out pretty sharp.

Highlights for me were Box/Sparta/Blindness, but the whole set was solidly impressive. Looking forward to tomorrow.

As always, there are a few reviews on the message board.


December 1 - Bierkeller, Manchester:

Manchester Online:

The second leg of The Fall's two-night residency to plug new album Interim could have been one of their more straightforward recent appearances. Anyone with a passing interest in Manchester's prickliest band, though, would know Mark E. Smith never makes life easy.

In the basement of a Manchester record shop last December, the rest of The Fall played for ten minutes before Smith eventually strolled on stage to deliver some vocals, inexplicably clutching a filofax under his arm.

This summer he cut an even more bizarre figure at the Bridgewater Hall. Slumped in a wheelchair due to a fractured hip, he bellowed incoherent punk poetry down a pair of microphones and filled the hall with agonising feedback.

Then most recently came a baffling appearance on Newsnight in the aftermath of John Peel's death, when Mark ignored the (admittedly inane) questions and went off on a tangent of his own choosing.

This time around, in a venue and part of town that's one of the last bastions of the old Manchester which moulded him, Smith seemed preoccupied with the sound levels to the point where the scene on stage resembled the plot of a pantimome [sic].


Whenever Mark's slurred, sarcastic growls weren't required, he went to the back of the stage to fiddle with the volume knobs on the amps, only for the rest of the band to correct them again as soon as he turned away.

Ignore that distracting game of cat and mouse, though, and the constantly-chewing Mark and his current five-piece backing band were in storming form, though their recent dalliances with electronic music were less pronounced.

The guitars and bass crunched like bones being snapped and the drums were beaten like a naughty Victorian child, while Smith's latest wife Elenor pouted and pawed some barely audible notes on the keyboards.

While The Fall have never had a proper hit single in 26 years, and they haven't even grazed the charts for over a decade, the renditions of long-standing live favourite Mr. Pharmacist and car ad soundtrack Touch Sensitive were joyous affairs that caused the audience to punch the air and sing along to Smith's stream-of-consciousness lyrics.

The tubthumping choruses of Wrong Place Right Time and the Theme From Sparta FC caused similar waves among the hometown crowd, while a gloriously twisted cover of I Can Hear The Grass Grow was suitably unrecognisable from The Move's psychedelic original.

A musical triumph and a reassuringly peculiar performance.


Well, £16 for just less than an hour (and no support) was a bit of a rip-off but other than that I have to say I left much impressed with the current Fall gruppe - easily the best they've been since Nev et al jumped ship.

Keyboards still bobbing around just below the threshold of human hearing (though strangely upfront in the mix whenever MES decided to have a stab) but the band sound fantastic with Jim and Ben weaving around each other very nicely indeed. My sole complaint is that Mark's vocals were buried deep down in the mix; you'd be hard pressed to make a single word out if you weren't familiar with the songs.

Setlist was something like: Open the Box, Dr Buck, Mountain Energei, Pharmacist, Sparta FC, Touch Sensitive, Blind Man, What About Us, Wrong Place, I can Hear the Grass Grow and a (very) quick encore with White Lightning. Maybe missed one or two out there, I'll suss out the proper set later. A punchy set but far too short, I'd say. It was good to hear Touch Sensitive sounding so good again; no longer the sludgy riffing it had descended into at one time. Mr Pharmacist and White Lightning were fun but essentially superfluous - I'd much prefer to hear the current band get their teeth into The Classical or Jaw Bone instead of these old crowd pleasers. Grass Grow was improbably great despite the muffled vocals. I'd been hoping for a rush of new material but it was not to be...

There were no incidents of any note, save for MES systematically unplugging everyone else's vocal mics and then needing the bassist's assistance to plug his own back in again. The wanker students who marred last year's gig by taking to the stage were in attendance again. They'd seemingly only come to pull off the same stunt as they spent the entire gig right at the front constantly talking amongst themselves. No stage invasion this year though.

I was a little perturbed by Jim's appearance - back of stage and not looking like he was enjoying himself... For my money, he's the best thing to have happened to the band in recent memory and I would hope that he'll be around for some time to come.

Did everyone else go to the previous night's shindig? I only recognized Graydon - where were the Simons, Paul, Bess and Julia? Tisk tisk.

Anyhow, restrained and focused MES and a shit-hot band... I'm half tempted to make it across to Liverpool for a second helping. You'd be daft to miss them.


December 2 - Boardwalk, Sheffield:

Reviews on the message board.


December 3 - Bierkeller, Bristol:

Thanks to Pontypoolie for these photos.


Set list: The Joke/ Mountain Energi/ Mod Mock Goth/ Sparta FC/ Wrong Place Right Time/ Mr Pharmacist/ What About Us?/ Big New Prinz/ White Lightning/ Blindman

Overall a great Fall performance. This was my 20th Fall gig and 4th at the Bierkeller. My mates and missus decided not to attend this one and being alone I noticed how many other solo blokes attended (a bit sad really).

The show was cut short due to a heavy metal (nu-metal?) club night at 10.30. MES was less than impressed with having set stage times, and opened the show with an apology for the early start/finish said it was because of a 'youth club' and encouraged us to get our money back at the front desk.

MES was sober and in fine voice, the drummer had failed to show, so the seat was filled by an 18 year old from the supporting metalskatepunk band, who had apparently never heard of The Fall. I'm sure this enlivened MES, he seemed to enjoy the different sound, and admittedly it was nice to hear a non homogenous Mr. Pharmacist which has long been a comfortable Fall staple (there should be no such thing). Anyway the kid did a fine job throughout, was only really noticeable during Big new prinz and the aforementioned Mr. P, and in fact was as good as any Fall drummer since K.Burns/ S. Wolsoncroft.

MES fucked with players amps and Elena's synth throughout (which I always enjoy). After MES' first walk off, the crowd cheered for more, prompting Elena to come on stage to say they were keeping to club night deadlines. The crowd were having none of it and so a second encore ensued, until some twat got on stage and grabbed MES around the neck, and he walked off.

Highlights: Elena's synth & vocals are now a nice addition to what has been a stripped down sound.

Mod Mock Goth, with MES' emphasis of the line 'they get groups up before half 9' for the obvious reasons.

The fastest White Lighting I have heard, mostly due to the young drummer setting the pace.

Wrong Place sung well, and my first live hearings of What about us? & Blindman.

Had to hang around in club for awhile afterwards as I thought it would be a much later gig (The Fall have never started before 10.45 at the Bierkeller before). I bumped into Jim & Ben who were worried about traffic and fog getting home (the whole band were in a Salford hire minibus). I also spoke to MES, the opportunity had arisen many times before but I lost nerve, or didn't want to seem like a prick, but as I was waiting around, I said well done, thanks and shame about the youth club, to which he laughed.

Altogether a good night. No one I'm aware of asked for a refund.


Went to the Bristol Bier Keller on Friday (only 73 miles from home, almost a Fall gig on my doorstep!). Great venue, usual poor support, Rag Week, a nu metal punk style band.

The drummer though, kept his kit on the stage, the band left their equipment on stage and that's what the Fall used! It was Mr and Mrs Smith, Ben on lead, Jim on bass and the drummer from Rag Week on drums.

MES announced that if people wanted a refund they could go to the front desk!

God knows what happened there but it gave the gig a real edge that was missing from the recent London gig. The young drummer (looked around 17) did exceptionally well, only mucking up during Mr Pharmisist (and I thought everyone knew that one!) MES was in mischievous mood and in great form with the audience obviously all Fall fans and loving every minute of it. There was even the most gentle of stage invasions at the end although Mrs Smith looked quite worried and rushed over as he embraced MES who had a big smile on his face!

Two encores, although it was only supposed to be one as there was a
Punk Club on after the gig. Just something about this one and one
of the best I've seen in recent times.


I will now try and write a 'review' of the fall Bierkeller gig in Bristol of the 3rd of December, 2004.  I'm sorry if this is not the conventional way to go about this, but i thought i'd better have a stab as no-one else has bothered so far.

It's a few days after the gig, but i thought i'd better leave it sink in before i tried writing about it.  I had been contemplating going to see the mighty mighty fall for a while, but i'd never made any moves toward it. perhaps this is because the only live document (apart from a few mp3s) i had heard of them is the Touch Sensitive DVD, which frankly left me cold. Anyway, i decided to take the plunge, and as Bristol was the nearest to Wales they'd be playing for a while, me and my mate Quiff decided to embark on a train-based epic journey to see them.

On arrival in Bristol, there was a deeply uncomfortable 1/2 hour where we walked about, slowly realising we had no fucking clue where the venue was. We finally decided to hail a taxi after talking to many drivers who had no idea where it was.  We found one who knew - he was listening to opera.  Cool

The venue, unsuprisingly, hadn't sold out.  We stumped up 16 (a bit steep I thought, but i hate to buy) and entered the faux-spit'n'sawdust hell of the Bierkeller.  We waited, whilst horrific (and inappropriate) grunge/metal music played.  Eventually, a support band came on.  They were awful - the worst band i have ever ever seen live.  It was agonising, thrash metal nonsense played by people in heavy-cotton vests.  My god it was bad.  Some comic relief came from the fact that they were from the area, and thus had comedy bumpkin accents, which juxtaposed magnificently with the angst and pain their music self-conciously dripped with.  Christ.

Then a brief wait for the main event - i kept checking my watch because if we missed the train home we'd be stranded in this notoriously dodgy city till morning, and i'm not yet old enough to be master of my bedtime.  The Fall eventually came on at 9.30, pretty much all together, which was a welcome suprise.  Mark started the show off by intoning "We have to be off by 9.30, cause of the youth club" with 'uhs' aplenty. They played The Joke, and it was good.  The sound was the best i'd ever heard at a rock gig, and i was standing at the side of the stage, feet from the man himself - a happy side effect of their relative obscurity.  It was terrifyingly loud and i had geniunely feared for my hearing, but what a way for it to go.

They didn't play much that i knew, but i didn't mind - it just meant i heard a lot of fantastic stuff i hadn't heard before.  They played Sparta, Mountain Energei - both very good.  Nothing off the Unutterable, which was a minor dissapointment.  They played shit hot versions of Wrong Place, Right Time and Mad Mock Goth (a highlight, a testiment to the man's vocal skill.) Mr.Pharmacist obviously, many others.  Mark was in great form, didn't walk off once, lots of stunningly dissonant keyboard solos, smiling, singing into all mikes at some point, making up lyrics etc.  The band were stunning, so tight it hurt, especially considering that the drummer was a 'stand-in' from the support band and Ben was still cueing him in and out of songs.  Ben did get on my tits though, and the seemed to be acting like he was in a normal rock band, particularly during Sparta with some extremely cheesy Bruce Springsteen-esque mannerisms whilst doing backing vocals.  But after 45 mins, this awesome torrent of ordered noise stopped, and the band walked off.  They walked back on, almost immediately after, and did White Lightening (never cared about it before, but it sounded so good) but then they walked off again.  Needless to say, this pissed the crowd off.  Much booing, until some bloke started kicked the boxes that comprised the front of the stage and led the crowd in an inpromptu version of Rowche Rumble.  With this Eleni came on and explained in her understandably funky accent that there was a club night and they couldn't play anymore - aha, Mr. Smith's youth club references weren't just surreal.  This pissed the crowd off more.  Eventually they came back on and did a fucking stunning version of what i assume was 'Blindness', filled with bile, and references to the dreaded youth club, that was now starting at six thirty-eh.  Awesome.   He passed out the mike to the crowd, everyone was reticent until a man from Llanelli (a welsh place, non-British people) invaded the stage.  Eleni went mental, and he was removed by security.  I met him later in the train station and he said that Mark had put his arm round him, but Eleni got the wrong end of the stick and told him to 'fuck off'.  Then they finished for real.

A magnificent performance - my only worry is that i feel this may stop me from enjoying any future fall gigs i choose to see.  Mark E. Smith, in the insightful, perfect words of Quiff, is a 'mong-genius'.

More reviews on the message board.


December 4 - Carling Academy, Liverpool:

Thanks to Dave for these photos:

Reviews on the message board.


December 5 - All Tomorrow's Parties, Camber Sands Holiday Centre

Brief comments on the message board.


Steven Bending's Fall Multimedia Project has been down since August 31.

However, Bike Bloke's Fall multimedia archive is still online: http://www.thefall.da.ru/ or http://www.fall-videos.uni.cc/.


Market corner:

Impact Merchandising has several "retro" Fall T-shirts and badges.


Claus Castenskiold has launched a website where you can purchase this PBL poster and browse his artwork (Fall and otherwise).



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