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Fall News • R.I.P. MARK E. SMITH
5 March 1957 - 24 January 2018

added 12 February

Mark's sisters posted their very moving statement today on the official Fall website:

We would like to thank family, friends and fans for all their kind words, condolences and memories about our brother Mark.

Also, the N.H.S and staff who treated Mark throughout and Mark’s partner Pam who loved, cared and cherished our brother.

Mark fought a long and hard battle after his diagnosis of terminal lung and kidney cancer.  He took every treatment going, which could be brutal at times and left Mark with some horrible side effects. Mark was such a strong man and hated letting his fans down and tried to carry on regardless against all advice.

Mark had a great life and loved and lived it to the full and always by his own rules and we, as his sisters were privileged to be part of it too.

Mark is at peace now and pain free, but we, his three sisters have been left heartbroken and will miss our big brother very much.

Barbara, Suzanne and Caroline


Later that day Pamela Vander posted twice on Instagram. Such incredible bravery on her and Mark's part and such a lovely, moving tribute from Pam. And what a life he led. Bravo, M.E.S.


PART ONE: Hello all. Wasn’t gonna break the silence as I’ve been madly focused on planning Mark’s funeral service which had to be fit for a king, because that’s how I saw him. Now I don’t really know what to do or say anymore as everything has stopped. But feel it’s only right to let you all know what was really going on with Mark E. Smith, and how much he fought to stay here.

I can confirm that Mark was battling lung and kidney cancer, which had already spread beyond any real help. I mean, it was all finally rolling again for Mark, and the cruelty and timing of what happened... well, I don’t understand it. He was happy and excited and we’d found a second home a couple of years back, moved in, set up shop. Total privacy. He loved it there, wrote a lot, walked in the garden, we watched films. He was full of fresh ideas for The Fall, and the lads had his back 100% on everything. And then one terrifying diagnosis turned everything upside down. 

After that, Mark said yes to every treatment, every way to stay here, and I can honestly say that he was the toughest but most loving man I’ve ever known, a real warrior. And I am so proud of him for trying so hard, for trying harder and harder even through every set-back. Pure valiance. True to himself. His mind was getting stronger and stronger so even with diagnosis, we remained hopeful that maybe something would work. He was a positive force, and despite the pain, he was always focused on getting up, and getting out. Right til the end.


PART TWO: It all went downhill whilst in hospital a few weeks back. It was terrifying. I can’t put it any other way. I’m sorry. It was all so fast. Still a blur. Mark was at home with me when he passed, just the two of us alone which is what he wanted. He was at peace in the end. The nurses tell me to take comfort in that, we got home, his last wish. But it’s too shocking, the speed of it all. It feels... too cruel right now. But maybe it is my duty to Mark to pass on a message and let people know that he was fighting so fucking hard... and even though he’s not here, I know what he would say to all his friends, fans and admirers... ‘I love you all but cannot embrace you all’

So thank-you, near and far, for being fans of Mark E. Smith. For loving him and believing in him and his sounds and visions. We have lost a genius. Life, the written word and music will never, ever be the same. But we will feel Mark whenever it rains, and whenever the music plays. 

From a personal point of view it’s hard to breathe. I’ve lost my soulmate, the love of my life. We were just happy to be with each other, even in silence. But now the silence is like hell. The pain is unbelievable. We had so many incredible days & nights, so many plans... but I’m not angry, I’m proud that Mark tried so hard for us. He really gave it his all. The bravest man I’ve ever and will ever know. And the funniest. I love you my man, my king, my Mark. I’ll love you forever. Always yours, Pam


added 24 January


It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Mark E. Smith. He passed this morning at home. A more detailed statement will follow in the next few days. In the meantime, Pam & Mark’s family request privacy at this sad time. 

Pam Vander
The Fall - manager

In the late afternoon (Prestwich time) of 24 January I received the statement above from The Fall's press agent in London and distributed the wrenching news here and on Twitter.

Since then I've been gathering some of the more interesting tributes, of which there have been hundreds, from around the world for this In Memoriam page. Something Mark would dislike, but it's what I do.

If you think I've missed something important — particularly thoughtful appreciations, audio tributes, and Fall gatherings — please email me at or tweet @fallnews


I'm currently adding new items throughout the day — adding them to the bottom of whichever category they belong to. The categories are




nytRadio & TV:

BBC 6Music was the go-to station for M.E.S. tributes

Marc Riley show on 24 January; he announces the news during his BBC 6Music show

Gideon Coe show (also 24 January) mp3

Lauren Laverne show (25 January)

Mark Radcliffe and Clare Crane show (25 January) mp3

Brix Smith-Start tribute (from Radcliffe above)

Stewart Lee tribute

Sharon Horgan tribute

Music News Mark E. Smith special

5 Live Drive (25 January) - starts about 2h37m in.

Tom Robinson's Roots And Shoots of The Fall (28 January) mp3

BBC Radio 4: The Last Word (28 January) mp3

Radio Newcastle: Beat Surrender

BBC News: 24 January

Newsnight: 24 January

ITV News: 24 January

Euronews: 26 January (inc. Peter Hook)

Amy Lamé show (w/John Cooper Clarke in for the second hour); tributes at 9min (she plays Victoria) and 1h16m (JCC dedicates Elvis's "Peace in the Valley" to M.E.S. (28 January)




Mainstream press:

Dave Simpson for the Guardian: Legend of The Fall: Mark E. Smith kept swinging to the end (24 January)

Ilana Kaplan for the Independent : Mark E. Smith dead: The Fall's lead singer dies aged 60 (24 January)

Charlie Bayliss and Scott Campbell for the Daily Mail : Legendary The Fall frontman Mark E Smith dies at home aged 60 after battle with 'bizarre and rare medical issues' (24 January)

Dan Cain for the Sun: 'Untouchably cool' - The Fall's Mark E. Smith dead at 60 - months after cancelling a string of gigs due to ill health (24 January)




Rachel Aroesti & Ben Beaumont-Thomas for the Guardian: Mark E. Smith, founder and lead singer with The Fall, dies aged 60 (25 January)

Katie Fitzpatrick et al. for Manchester Evening News: Mark E. Smith dead - tributes and reaction as The Fall's singer dies aged 60 (25 January)

Randall Roberts for Los Angeles Times : Appreciation - Mark E. Smith, acerbic founder of influential British punk band The Fall (24 January)

Rob Sheffield for Rolling Stone: Remembering the Fall's Mark E. Smith: The man with punk's most evil sneer (24 January)




Kory Grow for Rolling Stone : Mark E. Smith, prolific singer of post-punk group The Fall, dead at 60 (24 January)

Derek Lawrence for Entertainment Weekly: Mark E. Smith, lead singer of The Fall, dies at 60 (24 January)

Jem Aswad and Pat Saperstein for Variety : Mark E. Smith, frontman of post-punk band The Fall, dies at 60 (24 January)

Sam Adams for Slate : The Fall's Mark E. Smith is dead at age 60 (24 January)

Kevin Perry for GQ : Mark E Smith created a strange and unsettling world of poetry (24 January)

Geeta Dayal for National Public Radio : Mark E. Smith: An uncompromising, essential voice from music's fringe (25 January)

Neil Cooper for the Herald (Scotland): Obituary - Mark E. Smith, riotous lead singer of The Fall (25 January)

Adam Sweeting for the Guardian: Mark E. Smith obituary: The Fall's driving force was poet, satirist and misanthrope (25 January)




Lee Trewhela for Western Morning News & Cornwall Live: Mark E. Smith remembered from is 'best gig ever' in Cornwall to his last horrorshow with The Fall (25 January)

Grégory Schneider et Oliveir Lamm pour Libération: Mark E. Smith, tombé pour l'offense (25 janvier)

Sean O'Hagan for The Guardian: Mark E. Smith, an autodidact fired by a singular vision (28 January)

Brix interviewed by Laura Snapes for the Guardian: "He shook up the snow globe every day" (26 January)

liberationInterviews by Laura Snapes and Rachel Aroesti for the Guardian: "An agent of chaos, fueled by fire": stars' memories of Mark E. Smith (26 January)

Guardian readers and Matthew Holmes: "A sad day — but John Peel will be rubbing his hands": readers remember Mark E. Smith (25 January)

Guardian photo gallery: The rock'n'roll life of Mark E. Smith - in pictures (24 January)

Nathaniel Friedman for Billboard: I've Never Felt Better in My Life: The Fall's"The Classical" and Mark E. Smith's Terrible, Glorius Freedom (26 January)

John Fleming for the Irish TImes: Mark E. Smith: bingo masters, witch trials and totally wired, his genius remembered (25 January)

The Times: Mark E. Smith obtuary (25 January)

Jon Parales for the New York TImes: Mark E. Smith, Uncompromising Leader of The Fall, Dies at 60 (25 January)

David Malitz for the Washington Post : Always different, always the same: Mark E. Smith of The Fall was a cranky, uncompromising genius (25 January)

Glenn Milchem for Now Toronto: In memoriam: Mark E. Smith of The Fall, 1957-2018

David Renard for the New York Times: Mark E. Smith of The Fall: Listen to 12 essential tracks (24 January)

Andrew Harrison for New Statesman : Mark E. Smith: A sudden end to forty years of prole art threat (25 January)

Stewart Lee for the Guardian: The 'nerveracking thrill' of being a fan of The Fall (28 January)

Aidan Smith for the Scotsman: Mark E. Smith - a legend of The Fall and city libraries (30 January)

Geeta Dayal for Vulture: 10 outrageous Mark E. Smith stories (30 January)

Tim Hornsby (of Fibbers) for the York Press: In memoriam: Mark E. Smith, frontman of The Fall (30 January)

Paddy Shennan for the Liverpool Echo: Mark E Smith of The Fall - thanks for the memories (31 January)

reykjavikGerman language media coverage - thanks to ado for collecting.

Einar Örn interview for RUV (in Icelandic) (25 January)

Mladen Gladić in der Freitag: Der Sun Ra aus Manchester (interview with Mouse on Mars) (12 February)


Independent press & music blogs :

Sean O'Neal for AVClub: Remembering The Fall's Mark E. Smith, rock's most uncompromising voice (24 January)

Niall O'Keeffe for the Quietus: "Nobody Messes with The Fall": Remembering Mark E. Smith (24 January)

Jeff Ross aka Noah Fence for Freeform Portland : RIP - Mark E. Smith (24 January)

Nick Levine for the N.M.E.: The Fall's Mark E. Smith has died (24 January)

John Robinson for Uncut: Mark E. Smith 1957-2018

Luke Turner for the Quietus: Hip Priest: Mark E. Smith as Conduit for The Fall (25 January)

Douglas Wolk for Pitchfork : The Glorious savagery of The Fall's Mark E. Smith (25 January)

Sasha Frere-Jones for Village Voice : Mark E. Smith's Mantras of Disdain (25 January)

Alex Siquig for the Outline: Why He Mattered (25 January)

David Wilkinson for the Conversation: "Northern white crap that talks back": The Fall's Mark E. Smith spoke for weird Manchester (25 January)

Daniel Dylan Wray for Vice : Remembering my drunken afternoons with Mark E Smith (26 January)

Jes Skolnik for Pitchfork: The ugly truths of loving The Fall's Mark E. Smith (26 January)

bobBill Pearis for Brooklyn Vegan: Bill's Indie Basement: The all-Fall Mark E. Smith Tribute Edition (26 January)

Derek Robertson for Drowned in Sound: The Fangasm: The Fall (26 January)

Emily Edrosa for the Spinoff : On partying and playing with Mark E. Smith (26 January)

Neil Davenport for Spiked : Mark E. Smith, the last of the non-conformists (25 January)

Sam Shepherd for musicOHM : Spotlight: Remembering Mark E. Smith, 1957-2018 (27 January)

Rick Leach for Get Into This : When Mark E. Smith played Glastonbury - a personal reflection on a unique talent (27 January)

Mike Lupica for WPRB History: The Fall / Mark E. Smith / WPRB Mega-post (29 January)

Michael Bracewell for Frieze: Mark E. Smith (1957-2018) (29 January)

Ben P. Scott for God is in the TV: Goodbye Mark E. Smith (29 January)

proleDavid Bennun for the Quietus: This Nation's Craven Face: The Bleak Brexit Foundations of the Libertines' Margate hotel (29 January)

Richard McKenna for We Are The Mutants: An episode in a lodging house: Mark E. Smith has been assigned (30 January)

acephalenoumena for the Lovecraft ezine: Mark E. Smith, post-punk icon and lifelong acolyte of weird fiction (30 January)

Jon Wilde for We Are Cult: Mark E. Smith (1957-2018) (31 January)

The Wire: Archive Portal - Mark E. Smith & The Fall

Pefect Sound Forever: RIP Mark E. Smith

Tim Midyett (Silkworm) for the Missoula Independent: He mattered here, too - a eulogy for The Fall after the death of Mark E. Smith (1 February)

Will Ainsley for the Gryphon: The Hip Priest is dead: Mark E Smith passes at age 60 (30 January)

Peter Margosak for the Chicago Reader: Mark E. Smith, the acerbic voice of influential Manchester postpunks The Fall, dead at 60 (24 January)

Luz for Les Inrockuptibles: Mark E. Smith expliqué à ma fille (30 January) many thanks to nonewthing for uploading and translating into English

Robert Peacock for the Wee Review: RIP MES (1 February)

Scott Creney for I Heart Noise: MES/The Fall special - a tribute (26 January)

Nicholas Panagakos for I Heart Noise: MES/The Fall special - Hip Priest (2 February)

Neil Cooper for Product Magazine: Hip Priest (3 February)

HUMO magazine (in Flemish): In memoriam: Mark E Smith van The Fall (26 January)

mes-trainK. A. Laity for 3 A.M.Magazine: the three rs (2 February) (not an MES tribute piece per se, but food for thought)

When Saturday Comes (MES's favourite football magazine) (5 February)

Tim Harris for Meanjin Quarterly: The Fall: Like Burroughs by Beerlight (29 January)

Tim Sommer for RealClear Life: How Mark E. Smith changed the face of post-punk forever (6 February)

Sharmeen Khan for Red Wedge: The Fall and dismantling all we know (6 February)

Liz Buckley for We Are Cult: Remembering Mark E. Smith (8 February)

Dave Cantrell for Stereo Embers: A strange grief and the enigma that wasn't — processing the passing of Mark E. Smith (10 February)

Ted Kessler for Q Magazine: Mark E. Smith (April issue). There are 10 pages of M.E.S. in this issue — I'll post the whole thing when it's off the stands.

Steven G. Titley for Sounds Magazine: Jamais Vu — Mark E. Smith and The Fall (11 February)

Robert Brokenmouth for I-94 Bar: RIP Mark E. Smith (1957-2018) (12 February)

MES tribute in the April issue of Uncut - can someone please scan it in?

MES tribute in the April issue of Mojo - can someone please scan it in?


Friends, fans, collaborators :

Graham Duff (24 January)

Everett True: Mark E. Smith R.I.P. (24 January)

Alistair Reynolds : Mark E. Smith (26 January)

Adrian Slatcher : Bill Is Dead (RIP Mark E. Smith) (26 January)

Daniel Maier : It's just stupid thinkin' 'bout the past (26 January)

Mike Lynch : Mark E. Smith (27 January)

Gareth Davis : R. Totale XVIII has left the building (27 January)

mjmcarty : My Mark E. Smith (27 January)

Andy Cowper (student security guard) : Is it too soon to tell my Mark E. Smith story again? (25 January)

Electric Knife Rec (24 January)

Pascal Le Gras:




Band On The Wall: A Tribute to Mark E. Smith

Craig Leon

Neville Wilding




jonKay Bateman (née Carroll)

Kid Congo, Jon Langford, Chris Desjardins

Rob Chapman

Tom Ravenscroft

Lanah (Lana) P

Phil Schoenfelt

John (the ex-) Foxx

Orpheo McCord

Simon Reynolds : "the spark inside" - me and others on Mark E. Smith and The Fall (30 January)

Ian Cusack: Mark Is Dead (30 January)

Kevin Cummins in Manchester City Football Club programme of 31 January. Extra pages (including Marc Riley) here

Julie Campbell: RIP Mark E. Smith (28 January)

Olivia / Gypsy Death And You: Mark E. Smith (24 January)

Mark Scholl / Schizomusica: The Backdrop shifted and changed (a Fall story) (30 January)

Todd Nudelman (vocalist for The In-Out): One Week Later - The Fall (1 February)

Hip Priestess: Fantastic Life: The 20 greatest Fall songs in no order whatsoever (4 February)

Brix Smith-Start at the VO5 NME Awards - her tribute starts at 1h 22min (14 February)

Brix's unabridged tribute for Q Magazine: Brix Smith Start remembers Mark E Smith (17 February)

Tim Riley: "To please is a curse" a tribute to Mark E. Smith & The Fall (17 February)


teefThere are lots of fan tributes on the Forum here and here, some of them quite beautiful. For example:

Chris Goodhead

Joanne Lee (generalist)

Phil Hardy




Audio tributes :

Soul Shenanigans #454 (26 January)

James Kraus - Kick Out The James on WZBC (26 January)

The Sound Projector Radio Show on Resonance FM (26 January)

Manic Street Mania Radio (27 January)

Live Ledge #319 (27 January)

Trash Flow Radio for WAIF (27 January) (playlist) (see also 3 February)

DJ October for Crack Magazine (27 January)

Henry Rollins (#461) for KCRW (28 January)

Steve Dean & Alan Hamilton on Zero Hour on Radioactive FM (28 January)

Polyvinyl Craftsmen #306 (28 January)

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly for Asheville 103.3FM (28 January) (try this .m3u if other has expired)

Wreck This M.E.S. #1211 (28 January)

Just Off The Radar #530 for WUGA (28 January)

Jumble Sale Radio (28 January)

J. Eric Lawrence for KCRW (29 January; three-hour tribute at the bottom of the page)

AUSFLUG for FSK Hamburg (29 January) mp3

Jeff Curtis's What You Need for WRUW (29 January) (playlist)

all the bestDJ Dave Mann (29 January)

Steve Simms-Luddington (30 January)

LISTEN > DJ Marcelle Van Hoof's Another Nice M.E.S. (30 January)

THIS IS GREAT & CATHARTIC >> Marcelle also did "Something to Dance to, a Certain Style" — a two-hour dance mix right after her ANM show (click for playlist). This is one of the best listens here. It includes Marcelle's own tribute song for M.E.S. — "Two Walls" — which you can download here (30 January)

Graham Duff for Totally Radio (30 January) << L I S T E N T O T H I S

Kevin Robinson / Planet of Sound (31 January)

Sombrero Fallout episode 17 (25 January)

Brooklyn Vegan Blog Radio (can a SiriusXM subscriber capture this for me?) (31 January)

Radio Beacon Online (3-hour Fall special; "limited downloads")

Bigmouth #89: Mark E. Smith tribute plus Franz Ferdinand (3 February)

Modal Roberts / Altitude 95: Mark E. Smith special (originally aired on Kaos Radio Austin on 1 February)

The Sleepy King Radio #40: Mark E. Smith and The Fall - the nation's saving grace (31 January)

Doug Mosurock / CHIRP Radio show #119: Requiescat Mark E. Smith (28 January)

Kate Reid & Suzy Steininger on Lazy Wednesday Afternoon (30 January) (may not get archived?)

James Kraus - Kick Out The James on WZBC (2 February)

Dandelion Radio has 8 hours of MES this February, split into two parts. Part 1 is streaming once or twice a day; not sure when they'll start streaming part 2.

Nanker Phelge: Me & your granny on bongos - a tribute to Mark E. Smith (28 January)

Lukid for NTS Radio: Mark E. Smith Special (25 January)

Dirk Böhme on ByteFM Freispiel: Mark E. Smith (29 January) mp3

Blaastall on Radio Centraal Antwerp: Flikken vs The Fall (3 February)

Gavin Martin & Martin Bell: Roman Totale's Death Song (A Tribute)

Trash Flow Radio for WAIF : includes Jeffrey Lewis retelling his Fall story (3 February) playlist

Cool Britannia for Freies Radio Innsbruck (2 February)

Rockin' the Suburbs episode 275: The Fall's Mark E. Smith, Rest In Power (5 February)

Wayne Elliott 'Pulsebeat' / Rip It Up #6: The Fall: Last Orders (1 February)

France Inter's Very Good Trip: Hommage à Mark E. Smith (The Fall), héros punk anarchiste (1 February)

Noah Fence's It's a nice world to visit #87 on KFFP: A tribute to Mark E. Smith — first hour; second hour (6 February)

Brian Turner on WFMU: Tribute to Mark E. Smith: The Fall's live recordings (6 February)

The Daryl Easlea Spectacular #145 on Thames Delta Independent Radio: This Is The Fall Group (6 February)

Frank Skinner's tribute to M.E.S. at the beginning of his show on Absolute Radio. Full show is here (27 January)

Rough Peel Radio: DOA Mark E. Smith (29 January)

A. Savage: Frightened (from his Marc Riley 6Music session: the whole show is here - 8 February)

DJ Marcelle Van Hoof's Another Nice M.E.S. (13 February) playlist

LYL Radio: Mark E. Smith/The Fall Special (2 February)

Jonny Zchivago's Disco Dystopia w/ DIE or D.I.Y. on LYL Radio: February Show 2018 (14 February)

Emma Cawley on Dublin Digital Radio: Mark E. Smith (inc. interviews with Dave Simpson, Una Baines, and Steve Hanley) (15 February)

When Big Joan Sets Up: A Celebration of Mark E. Smith (2 February)



Fall gatherings around the world:

1 February - Palace St. Gallen, Saint Gallen, Switzerland

2 February - 91bricklane, London

4 February - Real Cask Brewing, Vancouver

8 February - Printworks, Hastings

9 February - Sound, Duke Street, Liverpool

9 February - Black Box, Hill Street, Belfast

9 February - Mark E. Smith mix by DJ Marcelle, Favorit Bar, Damenstiftstraße 12, Munich

9 February - screening of Hail The New Puritan, Brooklyn

10 February - Rebellious Jukebox - John Doran playing nothing but The Fall, Trades Club, Hebden Bridge, W. Yorks

10 February - Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate

12 February - Poetry Cafe, London (poems & stories about MES - someone please record!)

14 February - Norwich Arts Centre (review and photos)

16 February - Kasbah Social Club, Dolans pub, Limerick

16 February - The Pisser's Tribute to Mark E. Smith & The Fall, Marx Cafe, Washington DC

17 February - Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh

23 February - Cluny, Newcastle

25 February - The Fallen Women & special guest singers, The Lexington, London - tickets sold out

4 March - Shacklewell Arms, London E8, Hex Enduction Hour listening

10 March - Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

17 March - Eden Bar, Birmingham, w/special guest Simon Wolstencroft

22 March - Crescent Community Centre, York

29 March - Thousand Island, London N5

14 April - Widcombe Social Club, Bath


Ten out of ten, M.E.S. Thank you.




17 Feb. 2018

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02apr10 Berlin gig; FIGFALP; Domino YFOC press release; Tate's "Sound & Vision" series; Gorillaz' Glitter Freeze; Gavin Friday int.; Beggars archive update; #1 Cult Figure (Alex Chilton, rip); MES as Narrative Lyric Writer; Quietus, Independent interviews; couple of Youtubes.

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