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Fall news

The Fall play ...

Sat. 21 Jan CLUB.THE.MAMMOTH.All-dayer, Arts Club, Liverpool
Fri. 27 Jan Engine Rooms, Southampton
Sat. 28 Jan CLUB.THE.MAMMOTH.All-dayer, O2 Kentish Town Forum, London
Sun. 29 Jan Concorde 2, Brighton
Wed. 1 Feb The Assembly, Leamington Spa
Fri. 3 Feb Tramshed, Cardiff
Thu. 23 Feb Boiler Shop, Newcastle   POSTPONED (see note below)
Fri. 24 Feb Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds Postponed but rescheduled for 23 May. Original tickets valid for new date.
Fri. 31 Mar Fiddlers, Bristol (Ents24 says the 31st, venue says the 30th, Fall XYZ doesn't list it)    Also postponed
Tue. 23 May Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds
Sat. 27 May Bearded Festival Spring Gathering, Catton Park, South Derbyshire, according to their site
Sun 28 May Transfomer, Victoria Warehouse, Manchester, according to With Swans, This Is Not This Heat, Royal Trux, Loop!
Fri. 20 Oct Unity Works, Wakefield



added 7 April

The Official Fall Website says the next LP, "New Facts Emerge", will be released "back end of May". Also good news that the Leeds gig has been rescheduled for 23 May.


added 31 March; updated 7 April

My very best wishes to Keiron Melling, who bravely stepped in to stop two bullies from picking on a young man on a train near Manchester. Apparently Keiron fell asleep on the train and was severely beaten by the two bullies. Here's a news story about the assault.

Keiron is out of the hospital and resting at home. On 3 April, the Manchester Evening News covered the story.

Lancashire Telegram says the two attackers were arrested on 4 April.


added 31 March

Brian Edge wrote the first book about The Fall in 1989, "Paintwork". He's written about his on-off relationship with the group for Flux Magazine.


added 5 March; updated 7 March

A very happy 60th birthday to Mark E. Smith!

The Quietus held their party in East London on Friday night, and judging by the clips and photos it was a great success, particularly The Fallen Women backed by various MESs.

The Quietus also had a feature on their site: Happy birthday Mark E. Smith! The Quietus' 60 favourite Fall songs

Dave Haslam on I Love Manchester: Happy 60th Salford music legend Mark E Smith

BBC Music's Twitterperson not having a good day...

(The above story was eventually picked up by dozens of media outlets, including The Telegraph.)


added 22 February; updated 8 March

Posted on The Official Fall Website:

The Fall regrets to cancel the show in Newcastle on Thursday 23rd February at the Boiler Shop, this is due to lead singer Mark E. Smith contracting a serious case of influenza coupled with a chest infection, of which both are highly contagious. The Fall promise to fulfil this engagement just as soon as Mark E. Smith is well enough to, between 4-5 weeks. The Fall wish to apologise to all our devout Newcastle and Gateshead followers.

The next day:

Unfortunately, due to Mark’s ongoing flu and chest infection, the scheduled concert at Leeds Belgrave Music Hall tomorrow (Friday 24th February) has been postponed. The Fall apologise to fans planning on attending the Newcastle or Leeds gigs. They will be rescheduled as soon as Mark is well enough.

8 March: Dictionary Pudding, who booked the gig at Bristol Fiddler's, posted a statement from The Fall on their Facebook page on 8th March:

The Fall regrets to cancel the show in Bristol on Friday 31st March at Fiddlers, this is due to lead singer Mark E. Smith contracting a serious case of influenza flu coupled with a chest infection of which both are highly contagious. The Fall promise to fulfil this engagement just as soon as Mark E. Smith is well enough too, between 4/5 weeks. The Fall wish to apologise to all our devoted Bristol followers.


added 20 February

Mark E. Smith turns 60 soon and The Quietus is throwing a karaoke party in London.

HE IS APPRECIATED! Happy 60th Birthday Mark E Smith: A Night Of Fall Related Shenanigans

Friday March 3, 8pm - 2am
The Brewhouse,
369 & 370 Helmsley Place, E8 3SB London

Karaoke with live Fall covers band the Fallen Women, meaning you are Mark E Smith.

Fall DJs,
Fall films
Guest DJs TBA

Closing psych/ post punk/ garage disco

Tickets: £10

[ click poster for large ]



added 5 February

Friday, 3 February 2017    Tramshed, Cardiff


Setlist TBD. Reviews on the forum, and thanks to Huw Jones for the setlist.


added 2 February

Wednesday, 1 February 2017    The Assembly, Leamington Spa


Wolf Kidult Man / Cowboy George / Zaptrack / Reece Stick / Dedication Not Medication / Fall Sound / First One Today / 2nd House Now / 9 Out of 10 / Auto Chip 2014-2016 / Brillo // Fol de Rol

Reviews on the forum, and thanks to Phil for the setlist.


added 30 January

Sunday, 29 January 2017    Concorde 2, Brighton


Mister Rode / Cowboy George / Zaptrack / Wise Ol' Man / Dedication Not Medication / Fol de Rol / Fall Sound / 9 Out of 10 / Quit iPhone / 2nd House Now / Auto Chip 2014-2016 // Mr. Pharmacist

Reviews on the forum, and thanks to Mark for the setlist.


added 30 January

Saturday, 28 January 2017    CLUB.THE.MAMMOTH.ALL-dayer, Kentish Town Forum, London


Wolf Kidult Man / Cowboy George / Zaptrack / Dedication Not Medication / First One Today / Venice with the Girls / Brillo Filo / Fall Sound / 9 Out of 10 / New Facts / Auto Chip 2014-2016 / Fol de Rol // Mr. Pharmacist / Wise Ol' Man

Reviews on the forum and thanks to Mark for the setlist.


added 28 January

Friday, 27 January 2017    Engine Rooms, Southampton


Wolf Kidult Man / Cowboy George / Zaptrack / Dedication Not Medication / First One Today / Second House Now / Brillo Filo / Fall Sound / 9 Out of 10 / New Facts / Auto Chip 2014-2016 / Fol de Rol // Mr. Pharmacist / Wise Ol' Man

Many thanks to old friend Ajay for the setlist. Reviews on the forum.


added 23 January

Saturday, 21 January 2017    CLUB.THE.MAMMOTH.ALL-dayer, Arts Club, Liverpool


Wolf Kidult Man / Cowboy George / new song / Dedication Not Medication / Fall Sound / new song / new song / First One Today / New Facts Emerge / Fol de Rol // Auto-chip 2014-2016

Reviews on the forum, and thanks to Phil for the setlist.


added 13 January

A plea for information from Grigoriy (Grisha) Kolmakov's father, Kirill Kolmakov.

GrigoriGrisha (who posted as Is This New on the forum) travelled from Russia to Berlin for the Fall gig on 2 November 2016. He was found dead several hours after the gig having been struck by a subway train. The police don't seem to be considering foul play, but Kirill is not so sure. Here're his emails to another forum member who managed to get Grisha a ticket for the show:

I am the father of Grigoriy, a young man (19 years old) who went to the concert of "The Fall" group in Berlin on 02.11.16 (2 months ago in SO36..). Later, early in the morning (03.11.16) around 5 a.m. he died in an accident nearby in the subway under very mysterious circumstances and, unfortunately, his smartphone was not found. I would highly appreciate ANY INFORMATION about his last day and his contacts. For example, when exactly did you last time see him and was he alone or not... Did something look odd or strange about him? I found you on the Fall online forum -- a friend of mine helped me explore my son's computer -- and from the messages therein. I see, you met Grigoriy (Grisha, a very tall and fragile-looking boy) in the pub or something. I know he got the ticket. If you reply I will send you his photo -- maybe that would help... Many thanks in advance for understanding and the information. I am very sorry to disturb you for such a sad reason.

[A second email] In this story the worst thing is that we will probably never know what Grisha had been doing after the gig -- more than 5 hours before the accident -- and where had he been. His last SMS message to his mother was sent at 1 a.m. on 3 November. He wrote he was fine and resting after the concert. A week after the accident I asked people around the blocks -- every pub or whatever on the Oranienstrasse, where he could sit, eat or drink. I left people bills with his photo and also posted many of them on the streets and at the railway station. Sadly, no one replied except the guy who sold him food in "Chickenberg". However, he said it was too crowded, so nothing useful could have been spotted. Also, it is not clear what happened with his smartphone -- was it lost or stolen. The police don't want to trace it because there is no clear evidence that there was crime or violence involved. Now we are trying to push them to do something about that.

Another bad thing is that the accident happened between two stations (Görlitzer Bahnhof and Schlesisches Tor) out of the video surveillance coverage area. So it is not clear how exactly he ended up under the train. The police report leaves too many questions. later I will tell you more details. It could be neither a suicide nor murder -- I know my son well and see no reason. I don't believe he was killed because of the smartphone either. Maybe he was robbed out of it, which made him feel despair, but still not the reason to kill himself... I think, the best thing you can do is to spread the information among the group fans and ask to recall if anyone remembers anything. It is very likely that Grisha found a company after the concert and they went somewhere to get booze and food... Perhaps someone talked to him during the event.... Maybe " the people who met him before the concert" that you mentioned can tell something useful? Attached find a couple of photos.

If you have any information for Kirill, please email him at



added 13 January

The Official Fall website suggests that the next Fall album is entitled "New Facts Emerge". No release date offered, but there are T-shirts for sale.


added 13 January

Brix and the Extricated played their second session on Marc Riley's BBC6 radio programme last night. Tracks were Pneumatic Violet / Damned for Eternity / Lay of the Land / C.R.E.E.P.

Available for listening for about a month on this page.



7 April 2017

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