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Fall News archive updated 12 January 2017

17 Dec R.I.P. Alan Wise; UK, Slovenia, Berlin, Oslo, Tel Aviv gig; Wise Ol' Man; October Mojo interview (w/news that Elena is out of group); Channel 4 News interview; Brix book and interviews + Extricated Marc Riley session; Christchurch airport 1982 photos; Jeffrey Lewis' "100 Fall Songs" poster; Mastermind; Teddy Bear MES; 1981 interview recording; Blue Orchids/Martin Bramah; Deeply Vale vinyl; David Bowie r. i. p.
28 Nov RIP Tom Head; UK & Australasia gigs and press; Brix and the Extricated tour and press; "Good Night and Good Riddance"; new, ugly Fall t-shirts.
30 Aug Euro gigs, UK tour Apr-May; festivals (incl. Glastonbury); "Sub-Lingual Tablet" LP; Connie & Cookie; "I'll Be Your Mirror" Una Baines comic; London 27 Nov '14 videos; Charlie Hebdo; a new Official Fall Website; Brix's book; Louder Than Words (Hanleys, Wolstencroft et al.); 1978 photos; Iceland Rector; "Totally Wired World of The Fall" BBC6; Luke Haines "Caravan Man"; IAC,O Mojo; WFMU Fall specials (April 2015); Action Records story; Dedication Not Medication cycling clothes; "Touch Sensitive" court case transcript; Q interview (July); Noisey/Vice int.; Jon the Postman r.i.p.
27 Dec Sept > Nov gigs in UK + Helsinki; Uurop VIII-XII live CD; Simon Wolstencroft's memoir; more "The Big Midweek" press; Mark E. Smith Predicts; Brix & The Extricated; Ultraradio Fall comics issue; Deeply Vale box; Una Baines int.; MCR Evening News, Granada Reports, BBC 6music ints.; "It's Not Repetition, It's Discipline" screenings; Fat White Family's "I Am Mark E. Smith"; discography revamp.
01 Sep UK & Euro gigs, Steve Hanley's "The Big Midweek" book launch + Q&A for the Fall News, Danish Fall documentary, Q's "Let's Do Lunch With Mark E. Smith", Loud and Quiet interview, RIP Gary Burger & Scott Asheton," disavowal of "13 Killers" and "White Lightning", Luke Haines's MES micro-opera, BK's "The Skriking", American Tourister rips off "Touch Sensitive", "21 Again" on Mouse on Mars comp, Claus selling signed Perverted By Language posters.
17 Jan Ireland, Portugal, France, London, NL, Leeds, Germany gigs; The Remainderer; Lou Reed (inc. MES poem); Louder Than Words video w/Hanleys + Simon W; Noisey interview; "What I See in the Mirror"; Bal Speer's "Black Charity"; Mutation LP; Tony Millionaire.
5 Aug May/June gigs, Re-Mit, Vulture, Independent interviews, Stuart & Maconie chat, Beggars Archive 5cd box, Copenhagen exhibition, SHanley joins The Membranes, Craig Robinson's Fall timeline, SF 2001 on Ozit, The Real New Forum LP
29 April Nov/Dec '12 gigs, April '13 gigs; Re-Mit preview; Sir William Wray RSD 7"; Guardian, Q Mag Q&As; Lancashire Telegraph, Going Thru Vinyl, Viva Brighton, Scotland Herald interviews; Ding on Salford Radio; IAKO video; Beggars 5xcd box; Steve Hanley book deal; Fall Fans Round Table, 2 Librans Chechnyan Lockdown.
23 Oct European gigs (Greece, France, UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden); Ginger Wildheart's Mutation; Woog Riots LP; Fall-A-Thon in Ohio; Night & Day and Greek interviews; NME Heroes, Blaine Harrison & MES; The Frenz Equivalent cover LP; Night of the Humerons 7"; Another Nice Mess "Worst of the Fall" special; Sex, Drugs & HIV; MES T-shirts, Action Man, and Birthday Cake; Simon W's "You Can Drum But You Can't Hide" book; Pascal Le Gras paintings; Magic Band magic footage.
22 Dec Ersatz GB + reviews + interviews, Nov UK tour, summer festivals in Europe and UK, Live at the Hac pt. 2; Kill Pretty (Mike Leigh); Perverted by Mark E. promo vid; Brian Blessed Alarm Clock + Skinnybrain (Dave Milner); Uncut w/MES on old Fall lineups; Julia Adamson int.; Steve Trafford album; Pascal's "Blue Christmas" video; Simon Wolstencroft's forthcoming book; Ian Willey's 40th birthday cake.
31 Aug Live at the Hacienda DVD; MES Guardian Q&A; Timekode & MES video clips; Fall sign to Cherry Red; Marshall Suite, Wonderful & Frightening World and TNSG reissues; Before the Fall compilation
28 Apr TNSG Omnibus; Danny Baker; Euro/UK/OZ/NZ/Israel gigs; Don Van Vliet, Rex Sergeant, Steve Ormod, r.i.p.; Before The Fall comp; White Lightning promo vid; Pop Fiction; Marshall Suite 3xCD; FoF's "Hex Enduction Ours"; Bracewell & Wilde "The Art of The Fall" (1992); Middles' "Story of The Fall" doc; The Fall in Iceland press; Sex, Drugs & HIV; M.E.S. I.P.A.; MES Quietus interview; Factory Star's "Enter Castle Perilous"
25 Oct East Village Radio session; Ideal; new Scanlon demos; UK/Euro festivals; NZ/Aus tour preview; Eat Y'Self Fitter redux; Susan Vale; Quietus, Vice & Brag ints; Mike Joyce, Adrian Sherwood ints.
3 June YFOC reviews; UK tour + Primavera festival; Times (London & New York interviews); "worker bees" interview; Bury, England's Heartbeat videos; caption comp.; Beleaguered Fall Fan; Paintwork conference book; Bury/Cowboy Gregori 7"; Mojo, Tim Cumming Q&As.
2 April Berlin gig; FIGFALP; Domino YFOC press release; Tate's "Sound & Vision" series; Gorillaz' Glitter Freeze; Gavin Friday int.; Beggars archive update; #1 Cult Figure (Alex Chilton, rip); MES as Narrative Lyric Writer; Quietus, Independent interviews; couple of Youtubes.
30 December Oct-Nov UK tour +Berlin +Milan; Slippy Floor single; Paintwork #3; Elena int. in La Bouche, Martin Bramah int.; Your Future - Our Clutter announced and delayed; HudLit transcript; Beggars archive update; Fallnet Xmas; Frances Stark; 100 Fall albums; Radio 4 Pick-ups; Factory Star; Pearl Divers (Mike Leigh).
29 September Summer UK/Euro gigs; Factory Star; The Fallen twitter; another Smith/Blaney cd; Huddersfield Lit Fest Q&A; Beggars reissues; Greenwich Sound radio 1983; 1982 photos; Alan Wise; Chris Knox; Palais DVD; Jeffrey Lewis interview.
19 May Annual MES Missive; London, Glasgow, Cambridge gig reviews; Domino press release; Paintwork#2 exhibition + photos; Observer int; Nazi cattle; John Robb MCR book; Safi interview; Globo; Monks screenings.
4 March Fall / MES+Blaney gigs; Paintwork#2; Broken Hip#2; Derby punk book excerpt; Huddersfield Lit comp.; Monks DVD; Gene Vincent radio; Lux Interior, Ron Asheton, r.i.p.; Fall rehearsal video; Dick Witts lecture; DNA's "Misery"
30 November vII - 2nd lyrics book; David Luff, r.i.p.; UK tour + 3 Euro gigs; The Fallen press; Smith & Blaney album; 2 Smith ints.; David "Bumble" Lloyd; Shiftwork & Holidays on DVD; Unutterable 2CD reissue; 2008 Fall Albums League results; Martin Bramah solo; Marcia Schofield's Private Passions; Orpheo on tour; Adam Buxton's Mojo promo; Globo
7 August UK gigs and Euro festival reviews; Renegade & IWS reviews; MES Q&As; The Story of the Fall; Mojo Maverick award and auction; MES/ Blaney project; Bo Diddley RIP; Annual Bulletin from the Desk of MES; Scotland on Sunday, MCR Evening News, and BBC R4 Front Row interviews; WPRB review of 4/4/98 gig; Bard of Salford documentary; Maxwell Hall debacle
27 April March UK tour / Renegade excerpts / The Fallen book / Imperial Wax Solvent / Squirrelgate / Daily Telegraph, MusicOMH, Uncut, Word interviews / Hex on Radio 4 / Blaney on Voiceprint deal / Messing up the Paintwork programme & abstracts / Fall news feed
21 January Von Südenfed / Fall UK/Greece gig reviews, Vice TV's "Soft Focus" int., Messing up the Paintwork conference, message from MES, MES reads Lovecraft, "Latch Key Kid", Suzanne Smith & Claus Castenskiold prints for sale, Flying Nun documentary, Dave Day r.i.p., Renegade preview, MES on BBC radio sitcom "Start", Unofficial Fall site now The Fall Online
16 October Fall / Von Südenfed gig reviews, Zone / Jungle World / Chord / Taz interviews (mainly VS-related), Independent Q&A, Fall Box Set reviews, Hammersmith Palais DVD, Mick Middles' Complete Guide, Wyndham Lewis, myspace MES imposter, Fall Cup 2007, Derek Erdman Fall nights, Intermittent Signal (Simon W.), MES fabric doll.
3 July Newsnight Review, Independent Q&A, Barcelona gig, Von Sudenfed reviews & interviews, Fall box set, Julia Adamson, Hurdy Gurdy Man video, Word of Mouth, John Leckie TapeOp int., Reformation video, Ideal TV clip, Record Collector / Manchester Confidential / Harp Magazine ints., Lee on I'm Into CB, official site problems, Foggy Notions letters, PBL fiction collection.
12 April UK tour, RPTLC reviews, Narnack edition, Reformation single, Von Sudenfed, MES's 50th, Uncut Q&A, Foggy Notions / Telegraph / Liberation / Rock & Folk interviews, Renegade delayed, Saturn 5, Universal reissues, Culture Show / Transmission TV spots.
22 February RPTLC released in the UK, Malaga, Spain gig, MES interviews: Independent, Welt am Sonntag, Stool Pigeon, The Times, Fantastic Man; Johnny Vegas' Ideal preview, Memorex of the Krakens, Anjulireeves on youtube, Packing a Gun, 7 Wives of MES, Saturn 5, Grayson Perry, Brix's Star, Frank Sidebottom & Little Mark E. Smith
30 December Reformation Post TLC announcements, NYC & Strangeways gigs, Julia Adamson photos, Dave Milner songs, Gusgus Not Clean remix, Fall forum crash, Sonic Arts Network cd, PBL book, Mitsubishi Blindness, Monks live session, MES on Dylan.
30 October Silver Monk Time & Monks gigs, Oct. UK & Ireland gig reviews, Ben Pritchard interview, "Renegade: The Gospel According to MES," MES DJ set on Radio 1, Environmental Health News, Stewart Lee in the Sunday Times.
21 September simonfb, r.i.p., Bournemouth & London gigs / UK festivals, Silver Monk Time, Sunday Herald & Maximum RnR interviews, Julia Nagle's latest projects, another Peel tribute CD.
17 August Brooklyn Vegan / Arena Homme Plus interviews, Oya Festival, Tesla-K, The Blimp, Tycoons Follies, Artrocker review, Tony Friel archive, PBL book updated, KFNY poster, Billboard, more Voiceprint CDs.
13 June US tour (second leg), more US press (NYT, The Pitch, SLC Weekly, Stop Smiling), Manchester gig (inc. MEN preview & FT review), What Sven Could Learn from Me (Guardian int. from last year).
23 May US tour (first leg), US press (LA Alternative, LA City Beat, SF Chronicle, OC Weekly), Smog Monsters, Morley on MCR/L'pool
1 May Berlin gig, Reclaimers' footy song, MES "In Their Own Write", Praxis Hagen exhibit.
6 April UK tour, Greek/Swiss gigs, "The Two-Year Gap" announcement, John Peel Fall intros/outros mp3, Wire's Fall Primer, Q's Manchester special, Monks Beat Club clips, Fallnet's "Dr. Buck's Letters", Fall album survey results, Nikki Sudden / Ivor Cutler r.i.p., Brix's new house, cult musicians, Gavin Esler.
21 February Official Fall site now Unofficial, Guardian ex-Fall members article, Mojo interview and poll results, MCR & CC remaster details, Mixing It session, Antwerp & Wigan gigs, Ding's two new bands, Ghostigital, New Year's Honours, Fallnet's "Dr. Buck's Letters" book, Praxis Hagen upcoming gallery show, fashion corner: Brix interview & Lagerfeld show, Blue Orchids new album, history of Salford bands.
3 January Word MES interview, ticket refund information, Festive 50, misc. year-end press roundups and Fall forum poll results, preview of Guardian's ex-Fall members article, MES lego minifig, Armitage Shanks & Necropolis Fall-related songs, Ghostigital's "Not Clean" & "Codomatopoeia," Corsa ad back on TV, John Peel's Record Box.
8 November Fall Heads Roll reviews, UK tour reports, Incendiary, Rock Sound & Pitchfork interviews, Perverted By Language book preview, Commercially Unfriendly & Peel Tribute CDs.
30 September Fall Heads Roll details, MES to read footy scores, Peel tribute CDs, ChronicArt preview, Blast Off DVD sampler, Frank Skinner, Jacob's Cream Crackers, Stewart Lee, Deisel-U-Matic award.
18 August Paul Hanley BBC radio interview, MES Metro "60-second" & Kitchen Sink interviews, 1979 Jamming! interview (MES and Riley), Deisel U Matic award, Paul Wilson's Fall Mix, Stewart Lee's favorite things.
26 July Berlin & Paris gigs, Fall site news, Diesel-U-Music & Mojo awards, Live from the Vaults: the "real" story, Sanctuary / Slogan Records announcement, Mayo Thompson, Commercially Unfriendly CD, links to loads of Peel boxset reviews.
14 June UK & Lyon gigs, Conway's guitar tab and Adult Net pages, Jools Holland, Deeply Vale cd, MES int. w/BBC on Peel, Lime Lizard 1993, Festive 50 book, Live from the Vaults delayed, Wake Up in the City, Cuz'n Roy's yard sale on ebay, Jahn Rhondos.
27 April UK gigs, Left of the Dial & Scotland on Sunday interviews, Deeply Vale CD preview, Bingo Masters press release, Scherzo Schist, Live from the Vaults, Simon Reynolds, Simon Armitage, Prenzlauer Berg, Fall Cafe, Poloraoids special offer, Brix & Gromit, MES on Funhouse, Fall documentary transcript, the Fall wants your photo.
25 February BBC4 Fall doc, Hex reissue, KFNY gig, Fall Forum's TNSG, Ice Magazine (UK) MES int., Sun Zoom Spark articles, Playlouder appreciation, unofficial Sparta FC video, Peel set postponed 1 month, MES's New Years Honours list, 9 May 1981 photos, Hunter S. Thompson, RIP.
7 January Jim Watts resigns, UK gigs, Pseud Mag, Festive 50, Deeply Vale, documentary, City Bar "fall-out", Polaroids on the Fall, Wipe That Sound, Narnack sampler.
22 November John Peel r.i.p., Reykjavik gigs, Interim reviews, Hex press release, Taz interview (MES), Aardvark Speaks interview (Ben), bits and pieces.
21 October London gigs, German/ Austria tour, NYC gigs, Exile interview, Access All Areas/ Hacienda DVDs, Blind Man demo CD, Lovers CD.
24 September Ireland, Berlin, Moscow gigs, St. Petersburg Times interview, Left of the Dial preview, Peel session/ Job Search, Mouse on Mars, Clayton's Fall Index, Voiceprint redux.
9 August Magnet mag., Village Voice interviews, Peel session scheduled, Brix's Full Moon Empty Sports Bag piece, Grotesque press release and MES note, York + Stourbridge gigs.
22 June Ben & Dave "sackings," Word & Independent interviews, MES on Morrissey, PJH on the Fall, Brooklyn gig, Jeffrey Lewis's Legend of the Fall, 50k Fall Fans details and comp, How to Buy the Fall, Marc Riley's secret life.
19 May US tour, part 2 (NYC - Houston - MES statement), a few US press tour previews including LA Weekly interview, Narnack details
27 April Daniel Trent Dickson, RIP, US tour, part 1 (NYC - Detroit), Perverted by Mark E, WFMU interview, Stomp and Stammer interview, Mojo MES picks, Franz Ferdinand, G/TT review
07 April Birmingham & Liverpool gigs, Steven Trafford - new bassist, J. Neo Marvin interview, Stewart Lee article, 39 Golden Greats, Perverted by Mark E. tribute, Great God Pan comic strip, misc. reviews, MES & Stevie
09 Mar UK gigs, Mark's fractured hip, Bridgewater Hall, Blackburn DVD, University Challenge, Fall fan film, Brix Smith - Fashion Junkie, Lovers UK gig schedule
10 February London gigs, loads of music press scans (mostly NME), I'm into CB cartoon, Smash Hits trading card, Michael Pollard photos, Cider with Roadies, Guardian int. w/ Ben, Pascal Le Gras exhibition, Blackburn DVD, Sanctuary update.
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24 December lots of UK gig reviews, Birmingham Post MES interview, details on expanded LATWT and Dragnet CDs, recent NME Fall snippets.
24 November TRNFLPFCOTC reviews, HMV gig, Unpeeled interview (w/ Ben) details, Smash Hits '87, Michael Bracewell's most embarrasing moment (and Pseud's Corner finalist), Durutti Column vs. The Fall photo exhibition, Permanent Years / Rebellious Jukebox comp CDs, Fall badges, Reuben's Paintwork title page.
20 October Portugal, Manchester, Leeds gigs, book reviews, 1997 MES interview, new LP and single details.
19 September Uncut interview, book reviews, "No Place Like It" transcript, a few old press clippings, Bingo Master's 25th anniversary, War Against Intelligence cd, Bootleg Box Set review, book launch party, Masked and Anonymous, Jack magazine, The Lovers on tour, Johnny Cash
18 August Prindle int. w/Ben, Hip Priest reviews, Live at Phoenix cd, War Against Intelligence cd, Brix int. 1994, Lovers single, web-enabled MES filter
22 July US tour reports (second half: Cambridge Dallas), New Yorker cartoon, Simon Spencer RIP, "Idiot Joy Show," Words of Expectation review
1 July US tour reports (first leg, thru Cleveland), PBL dvd & User Guide reviews, Jim Watts interviews John French, 1999 MES int., Voiceprint clearance sale
19 June Canada, ATP cancelled, the fall uk, Fall books, Damo vs. USA, MCR's greatest frontman, Meltzer, Bad Man Wagon, Adult Net debacle, comp reviews, Brix '87int., MES '82 int., "Idiot Joy Show"
27 May PBL/Leeds DVD reviews, Aarhus gig, great 1981 MES interview, Smiths Week, Woog Riots tribute, Sanctuary CDs, Rubber Banana Fall radio show
29 April ATP, PoSR review, Peel Session & Step Forward CDs, Made in the NW, Jeremy Vine show, bits
28 March Jim Watts sacked, Country on the Click details, Peel Session, Turkey gig, 85 & 88 gig photos, Luz's "The Joke" comic, Pascal LeGras new work, MES T-shirt, Fall on emusic, Fall Tattooing rip
24 February news about books, Mojo top 50, Claus Fall guitar, Beggars vids, Corsa ad link, 9feb83 + 88oct8 photos, '78 So It Goes clip, Hanley bros interview, several early music press scans, other bits
9 January Independent interview, Early Singles, Listening In, UK chart placing history, Razor Cuts, Pascal LeGras video, Record Collector, ring tones, Blue Orchids CDs, Peel's Fabriclive
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4 December Electric Ballroom gig, Virgin Radio, Fall vs. 2003, MES death row picks, Conway's wallpaper
8 November PPP review and lyrics, Dave Harrop, Manchester Online soap opera
15 October UK gig reports, 1983 photos, Fall press kit
20 September loads of upcoming releases, jigsaws, Vauxhall advert, Mark Prindle int., couple of music press scans, Slates movie clip, Fall Tattooing
23 August singles box and Totally Wired reviews, Rocking Vicar, lots of old music press scans
3 July 2G+2 reviews, 6FM mp3, Bourgeois Blues, bits
13 June 2G+2, Wire 25th anniversay piece, custom Fall gig, PDFs of four old articles
16 May Blackburn, London, ATP gig reviews, BBC 6FM, Sydney 1990 int., French cartoon
19 April US tour cancelled, Mojo article, Select (June 91), bits & pieces
19 March Euro tour reviews, Record Collector interview., Wire review, new Fall discog., misc.
13 February comp results, Athens review, Bournemouth Runner, Pan
13 January Timekode, Pan, bad German translations, NME 2/25/89 interview
2 January album reviews, ancient Usenet refs
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12 December MCR gig reviews, album reviews, Pan
28 November mammoth US tour edition
13 November first batch of AYAMW reviews, London Forum gig reports
5 November Euro gig reports, Knitting Factory Knotes interview
19 October UK gig reports, studybees interview
30 September tour / booking details, 1979 fanzine interview
9 September not much
28 August Flitwick single, 82/83 gig pics
27 June Faustus
31 May Dublin pics, Cash for Questions, Guardian interview
29 April Ireland, UK gig reviews
9 April Netherlands gig reviews
3 March Dublin gig, Invisible Jukebox
28 January World Bewitched details
1 January some ace Castlefield pics
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19 December more reviews
1 December tour reviews, crap interviews
10 November Unutterable reviews
21 October StAnza festival, HighSmith Teeth, comedy dogs
11 October RFH reviews, new Cog Sinister releases
12 September DOSE interview, Fall calendar
22 August Portugal, Manchester gigs
9 August bits & pieces
23 July Psykick Dance Hall, Pure As Oranj details, Triple Gang reviews
9 July few bits
20 June Ashton, Hull, Middlesbrough, Glasgow, Edinburgh reviews, old Volume piece
30 May LA2 reviews
22 May few old LP reviews
2 May bits & pieces
24 April TBLY #19 details, Prop details
8 April more Leeds reviews. WSC interview, other interview snippets
26 March Doncaster, York, Leeds reviews, BravEar interview (plus others)
14 March various reviews, old Liz Kershaw i/view
24 February Past Gone Mad details
13 February few bits & pieces
30 January tour details, Tommy Blake stuff
20 January TBLY #18 details, Hanley in Mojo
10 January Dragnet doylum, New Year message, etc
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23 December Derby, Sheffield, Ashton reviews
10 December token Planet K review, Glow Boys
25 November not much
14 November not much
1 November few Glow Boys bits
26 October Dingwalls reviews, Flux interview
14 October more Dutch tour reviews, TBLY#17 details (tapes, t-shirt)
20 September most of the Dutch tour reviews, MES interview
12 September Reading, Leeds reviews
30 August Manchester, Edinburgh reviews
20 August nothing special
7 August few old reviews, F-'oldin' Money cover
26 July Glow Boys reviews
20 July Dutch, Belgium tour dates
11 July TBLY #16 details
4 July bits & pieces
24 June Meltdown reviews, Calvin Klein rubbish
13 June not much
6 June NME Forum review
26 May Wire interview, more reviews...
17 May Salisbury, Sheffield, Cheltenham, Cambridge, Southend, Luton, London reviews
9 May Leicester, Leeds, Birmingham, Brighton, Salisbury reviews; NME fave songs bit
26 April Guardian interview, Brix interview, more album reviews, MES' radio session
19 April more Marshall Suite reviews, NME chat, live at Sound Republic XFM session, tbly#15 out
11 April Couple of Marshall Suite reviews, Live 77 details, 1985/1987 interviews
30 March Touch Sensitive reviews, Marshall Suite details
20 March Shake-off lyrics, tour details
14 March MES Escape interview
8 March Ashton Tuesday reviews, Falling Through Time part 1, Dragnet reissue
2 March Ashton Sunday and Monday reviews
21 February LP announcement, Inch reviews
14 February not much
7 February various stuff
28 January Peel Sessions CD review
18 January Uncut pieces, Marcia interview, NZ art collection
10 January NME LA2 review, modern rock sociology
3 January Manchester Ritz reviews
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20 December Bristol F&F and London LA2 reviews, cut-out-and-keep guide to recent reissues
14 December NME & MM short pieces
6 December Dazed and Confused interview
30 November Nottingham 92 sleevenotes
23 November NME and MM news items
16 November nothing special
9 November Peel session reactions
2 November Melody Maker singles review, Action Records details
26 October St Bernadette's Hall reviews, Astoria ticket details, Nottingham 92 album
19 October various
9 October NME interview, TBLY #13
5 October F-olding Money lyrics, couple of PNM reviews, Simon Rodgers' career
27 September Live Various Years details/review, 1994 interview
20 September more snippets
14 September bits & pieces
7 September NME interview, Post Nearly Man reviews, Mojo's How to Buy The Fall, Something Beginning With O
31 August Inertia tour details
25 August various snippets
17 August Observer interview, Manchester and LA2 gig reports
11 August Melody Maker interview, Live Various Years details, previews. Rick.
2 August Spoken word LP press release, Northern Attitude key & sleevenotes, Edwyn Collins, TBLY #12 details
27 July FallNet address change
19 July Spoken word LP and band details (from NME), Disney's Dream Details
13 July MES & Elvis, several lyric/literary refs, a few reviews of the rereleases
6 July Some Grotesque/PBL details, Twilight Zone stuff
20 June MES communication, MES font, Falling Through Time, Grotesque/PBL rerelease details, Northern Attitude ripoff, British Grenadiers
14 June Fall cover version details, US tour provisional dates, BEF
7 June not much...
31 May The Fall as a can of beans with a dead mouse inside, Lovecraft, Bracewell
25 May Lay of the Land, old fan club stuff
17 May Alchemy, chiliasm, Michael Bracewell spouting bollocks
10 May Another NME report
4 May Dingwalls and Reading reviews; Guardian, NME articles; pointers to Fall pics and PSF's Fall tribute
26 April German Levitate review, Dee Pop's tour diary
19 April NME online report, Lathe of Heaven
14 April Wire Levitate review
10 April More Philly reviews, Black Cat DC, NY Brownies reviews. Loads of stuff on the Thule group. Select interview from January
5 April CIH, Loop Lounge, Middle East Boston, Plilly Troc reviews. Various press reports
31 March Details of Live in Melbourne 82 CD, Smith on Smith spoken word CD, Nine Unknown Men, initial Coney Island High reports
29 March bollocks Smile comp details
22 March Vox interview, other stuff
15 March TBLY/Info service details
8 March Peel session details; US tour dates
27 February a few bits & pieces, RTL, PoSR out
22 February NME interview
15 February Destroy punk covers exhibition, Masquerade single details
7 February Brats award transcript
30 January Bits on NME Award, POSR/RTL reissue details
25 January Shanley i/view
18 January Time Out interview w/pics, Melody Maker review, Oh Brother press release, Oxford review
11 January Dutch Opscene interview
4 January Melody Maker interview
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21 December Not much
11 December Portsmouth, London, Cambridge, Norwich, Bristol reviews
3 December Oxford, Stoke, Leeds, Liverpool reviews; Esquire interview
25 November Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stoke reviews
16 November Manchester reviews, Loaded interview
12 November Band back together, teletext interview
10 November NME report, various Dublin/Belfast disaster reports
9 November First Dublin/Belfast reviews