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The Fall gigography  est. 1996

As a service to fans of The Fall, I am attempting the unlikely job of listing all the shows The Fall have played during their tenure as the only band that really matters.

The chronology is not complete. It mainly consists of shows that exist on a tape somewhere (no, I don't have all the gigs, although I do have a fair number -- 600? 700?). If you recorded the Fall but the gig isn't listed on the gigography, please email me the particulars at

There are shows on the list which, as far as I know, weren't recorded (or at least a tape is not circulating), and those shows are so indicated by the "No tape exists?" tag.

Needless to say, I would very much appreciate any information you might have that would make the list more complete. Also, scans of flyers, set lists, tickets, photos (the earlier the better), and other Fall ephemera are always most welcome. Just email them to me.

The list would not be as complete as it is without the help of the following... I am grateful to you all.

Konrad Adams, Bradley Allen, Paul Allen, Graeme Armstrong, Truls Arnegaard, David Ashcroft, Tony Atherton, Jake Atkinson, Stephen Bailey, Tim Barrett, Martin Bedford, Stephen Bending, Jon Atli Benediktsson, Chris Berti, John Blakeley, Rona Bodman, Michael Bonini, Samuel Boone, Andy Bowie, Eric Brands, Mike Brennan, Stuart Brentnall, Matt Bryden, Stephen Burke, Christopher Butcher, Martin Carter, Chris Cavett, Eric Chabert, Simon Christian, Martin Clabburn, Barry Clare, Paul Clarke, Dietmar Cls, Clinton H., Andy Coates, Graham Coleman, Brett Colquhoun, Sebastian Cording, Dixon Coulbourne, Scott Coursey, Rab Crangle, Miguel Crato, Tommy Crooks, Steve Crow, Kevin Cummins, Andy Cunnell, Mick Cunningham, Warren Cunliffe, Jeff Curtis, Oliver Czoske, Lutek Dabrowski, Gilles Darde, Mick Dawson, Mathieu Deflem, Mark "Dewex", Don Dickerson, Neil Dodd, James Doyle, Andy Driver, Seamus Duggan, Bill E., Michael Eastwood, Sigvaldi Eggertsson, Ian Ellis, Jim Ellis, Mike England, Derek Erdman, Stuart Estell, Michael Evers, Alan Ewart, Mark Fagan, Andrew Faint, Fall Fan Dave, Stephen Fall, Mike Fey, Fiery Robert, Michael Flack, Adrian Flanagan, David Flavell, DWR Fox, Barrie Francis, Bruce Fraser, Gary Frei, Tony Friel, Martin Fuchs, Richard Gallon, Gazza D, Older Brother Gert, Robert Getz, Nick Gibbons, Stephen Gillmore, George Gimarc, Lee Gray, Steve Gregoropoulos, GLH, Adrian Haegele, Alan Hamilton, Shaun Hampton, Spencer Harrison, Chris Hartstonge, Ashley Haynes, Hans Hazenberg, Mark Healey, Stefan Henkel, John Heron, Peter Heustis, Jim Hildreth, Michael Hirst, David Holliday, Andy Holloway, Alan Holmes, Nick Hough, Dec Hickey, Mark Howard, Pam Howe, Stuart Huggett, Jean Hupperetz, Gabi Hütköper, Jaffoon Jaffoon, Twan Janssen, Martin Jarvis, Tim Jauncey, Toby Jeffries, David Johnston, Jon (the Hamsters / Resist), Darren Jones, Mike Jones, Richard Jones, Gary Jordan, Josef, Bernhard Jugel, Michael Jungbluth, Simon Kay, Braca Karaklajic, Keg, John Kempski, Charles Kennedy, Rob Kiernan, Jon Kincaid, Nick King, Skip King, Andy Kirk, Marcus Kittridge, Swen Kleim, Ernst Kok, Martin Kremers, Rutger Kruijer, Alan Laing, David Lang, Rick Leach, Maurice Leahy, Ian Leaver, Grant Lennie, Hans Lentz, Paul Lewis, David Liljemark, Tom Lippi, Andrew Lord, Luke, Peter Luhse, Bill Lutz, Jiri Matoska, The Man Whose Bed Diminished, Matthew, James Matthews, Lindsay McArthur, Alan McBride, Tim McGee, Rob McIntosh, Terry McMillen, Patrick McNamee, Sietse Meijer, Peter Messiaen, Tony Michalakopoulos, Robert Miessner, Mike, Richard Miller, Keith Milne, Graydon Monk, Matthias Modry, Monkeyiron, David Moore, Sebastien Morlighem, Chris Morris, Stuart Murray, Martin Naylor, Stuart Newman, Mike Newport, Bob Nickas, Andre Nieuwlaat, Miguel Noronha, Mike Novak, Todd Nudleman, Mark O'Connor, Neil O'Connor, Will O'Connor, Niall O'Keeffe, Martin O'Neill, Robert Osbourne, Daniel Ostendorf, Brian O'Sullivan, Steve Owen, Graham Park, Craig Parker, David Parker, Rick Parker, Jason Peacey, John Peel, Peppe, Martin Peters, Gerhard Pichler, Michael Pinto, Arjan Plug, David Plunkett, Michael Pollard, Pontypoolie, Chris Power, QTarquin, Martin Radich, Steven Rascoe, Steve Raizer, Barry Reilly, Rembert from Munster, Chris Reuvers, Ras RheinGold, Claire Risley, John Roberts, Paul Roberts, Steve Robinson, Glyn Rogers, Eddie Rudolph, Conan Rumley, Chris Saarnak, Samurai, John Sanders, Carlo Umberto Sansolo, Xavier Schamp, Mike Schieffer, Lutz Schlage, David Seedhouse, Graeme Semple, Sam Sheffield, Yousef Sheikh, Danny Short, Simon, Scott Simpson, Jeremy Singer, Andrew Slatcher, Martin Slattery, Adam Smith, Alan Smith, Edward Smith, Smudger, Chris Southon, Shawn Splane, Peter Staessens, Alex Staszko, David Stedman, Gary Stevens, Oliver Steindorff, John Strawn, Henning Störmer, Brian Summers, Bill Sweeney, Francois T, Terry from Manchester, Bruce Tiffee, Tobin, Tom Tomlinson, Paul Towey, Chris Trew, John Tugby, Tommi Turkia, Michel van der Pol, Paul Valenti, Mauricio Valladares, Marcel Verhoeven, Johnny Vincent, Martin Wagner, Gary Walker, John Walker, Paul Wehle, Peter Wenning, James Whidborne, Paul Whittington, Bernie Wilcox, Tim Wilcox, Dirk Willems, Willer, David Williams, Mark Wilson, Peter Wilson, Stephen Wilson, Heiko Wolfram, Gerard Wood, Paul Wood, Rob Wood, Tom Wootton, Graham Wrigley, Yashin, Mike Ziegler, He/She Whom I Have Neglected to Mention, all the members of The Fall, and all the members of FallNet and Fall Forum, past and present.

Extra special thanks to Rich Kidd, Steve Dean, Stephen Hargreaves, Rob Waite, Conway Paton, Clayton Hayward, Simon Ford, and Mark Harris for their above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty contibutions.

If you have corrections, additions, etc. please e-mail them to me at


Stefan ("sad old bastard", "fucking idiot" says M.E.S.) Cooke


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