Fall News - 27 February 1998

Mark E Smith has agreed that Jeff Curtis, Stefan Cooke and Rich Kidd will put up and run The Fall's official website. The background lyrics parade, gig- and bibliography, and news will be more or less the same as now, and in the very near future we'll put up a front end (and some extra stuff) to link it all together.


>3/30 & 3/31 at Coney Island High in NYC!

>the Fall are booked to play the Middle East in Cambridge, Mass. on April 3.

Marc Hartman:
>philadelphia saturday april 4.


New Peel session to be aired on March 3rd.

The Peel Sessions album looks like it's still due out on the 23 February.

Room To Live and Palace of Swords Reversed reissues are out. Both in a ltd edition of 1000 with 4-track bonus CD containing tracks from Band on the Wall, 3 or 4 May 1982. Room To Live is in resonably good nick (though mastered from vinyl), and also contains Lie Dream and Fantastic Life. Palace of Swords is mastered from CD. Bonus CDs contain (with RTL) Drago's Guilt, Joker Hysterical Face, Lie Dream of a Casino Soul, Hexen Strife Knot; (with POSR) Look, Know, Tempo House, I'm into C.B., Mere Pseudo Mag Editor.

Recent news....

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Graham found:


Die genialen Texte von "Wir kommen um uns zu beschweren" 

"Ich habe geträumt, ich wäre Pizza essen mit Mark E. Smith"

Ich habe geträumt, ich wäre Pizza essen mit Mark E. Smith*
Natürlich hat er mir erzählt wie scheußlich alles ist*
Wir haben geredet und gesessen, fast die ganze Nacht*
Am Ende hat er mir erzählt wie man Platten macht*
Ich selbst hätte nie daran gedacht*
doch ich hab' sozusagen mit Mark E.Smith die Nacht verbracht*


It's a song. In German. About MES.

Eliot translates:
The genius text from "We're here to complain"

"I dreamt that I was eating pizza with Mark E. Smith"

I dreamt that I was eating pizza with Mark E. Smith
Naturally, he explained to me how crappy everything is
We sat there talking for almost the whole night;
At the end, he told me how to make records
I, myself, had never thought about that.
Shit yeah, so to say, I spent the night with Mark E. Smith!


More FallCon culled from web by Graham C. This at:


STEWART LEE (from Fist of Fun book)

I have been an obsessive music fan since about the age of eleven and now measure my record collection in terms of length rather than numbers. I have 20 feet of vinyl and 18 feet of CDs. These are kept in exact alphabetical and date order and act, not only as a complete record of all the important developments within American indie/West Coast/New York/Art Rock in the last 30 years, but also as a psychic ballustrade against the world. And I can appear more interesting than I am by going, 'No, I don't like the Lightning Seeds like you, I like Ultimate Spinach, aaaaaaah!' A woman once said to me that in being so obsessive about music I am reducing a beautiful art form to a simple commodity, but I think she was just jealous because I have more records than her. Here are some high points from my record collection which is better than yours is now or ever will be, easily.

1 The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band ...

2 The Fall

They say pop music is the soundtrack of your adolescence. My adolescence was spent hiding under the duvet listening to The Fall on John Peel, which I suppose makes the soundtrack of my adolescence the sound of Mark E. Smith shouting through a bag of feathers in a giant cave that smells of farts and child's sweat. The only people that liked The Fall before me were John Peel... and some members of The Fall. When I tried to play 'Hex Enduction Hour' in our musical appreciation lesson at school, Mr Harding assumed I had put it on as a joke to wind him up and made me turn it off and listen to James Clayton's Marillion album Script For A Jester's Tear instead. Today, James Clayton manages cool indie bands and no longer really talks about Marillion but I am still proud to like The Fall! Therefore, who is best? It is me! I also own a copy of the Fall's Australian release live album 'Fall In A Hole' and you don't, and neither does anyone you know. But I do. Fall fact - Mark E Smith of the Fall's favourite TV show of 1995 is the children's programme Geeks, and that is true. He is 47 years old. Second Fall Fact, written by Simon - Lard from The Mark Radcliffe Show (Now Breakfast Show) used to be in The Fall.

3 Giant Sand... etc  etc


The Biggest Library Yet

Issue 10 of the excellent (and now er official) fanzine TBLY came out a few weeks ago, put together by Graham Coleman. For details have a look at the TBLY pages at http://members.tripod.com/~GColeman/index.html - some back issues (3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10) are still available for the bargain price of £1.00 cash/chq/PO (overseas send 3 IRCs or $3US). Any enquiries to spleen@valise.com

The equally excellent Rob Waite is taking over management of the TBLY from issue 11, so submissions for the next issue should go to Rob, 19 Wellington Street, Retford, Notts, DN22 6PR, UK. I'll put up the order details once they're finalised.

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