Fall News - 28 Jan 1999


Inch, recorded with Manchester producers DOSE and Spectre, will be released on February 15 on the Regal label. The track will be backed with three remixes. Hear the intro here.

The latest Key Mail Order new releases page lists a release of: Fall, Dragnet, 08 Feb 99 COGVP113CD #10.99  Reissued from 1979, digitally remastered with new artwork and sleeve notes.

The new Fall album is likely to be released at the end of February, on Artful. The single might be delayed til after the album's out, at the record company's behest.


The Peel Sessions album's out:

"Record of the Week" Sunday Times review:

The Peel Sessions
Strange Fruit/BBC Music SFRSCD048, £10.99
JOHN PEEL has made no secret of his long-term admiration for the Fall, Mark E Smith's Mancunian melting pot of garage punk, declamatory poetry, austere avant-rock, playful electronica and the odd kazoo solo. Both Peel himself and the Fall are quietly indestructible fixtures in the outside toilet of the Barratt home that is the British music scene. "There have been times," he writes, in sleeve notes for this 17-track pick from the 88 songs the band have recorded for his show since 1978, "when, as with football teams, the fans have grumbled, feared for the future and left a performance shaking their heads in disbelief. But we always come back, yearning for more." Diehard Fall followers, a protective and loyal league of bald- headed men, will doubtless have trainspotter quibbles with this collection, but for curious newcomers baffled by the plethora of rip-off "best ofs", it's the best introduction yet to the finest British band of the past two decades. The caustic version of Smile included here is as persuasive an argument as any for the value of public-funded arts broadcasting. Truly, this album is a national treasure. Well done, BBC! Stewart Lee


Older Brother Gert.....

stumbled upon the Peel Sessions cd yesterday (20 Jan) in Vintage Vinyl Edison NJ. No suprise to anyone, fecking brilliant it is too, the tracks all neatened up and wearing clean trousers. Track listing:

1. Rebellious Jukebox 2. Mess of My 3. New Face In Hell 4. Winter 5. Smile 6. Middlemass 7. 2 X 4 8. Cruisers Creek 9. What You Need 10. Athlete Cured 11. Dead Beat Descendant 12. Black Monk Theme 13. Idiot Joy Showland 14. Free Range 15. Strychnine 16. A Past Gone Mad 17. M5

Compiled by Steve Hanley, photography and artwork by Tommy Crooks. On Strange Fruit SFRSCD048. From the liner notes, by John Peel, we have this excerpt and I quote:

"Since the compilation of this record, The Fall have recorded several further sessons for my Radio 1 programmes. The band is recording another in a fortnight's time. It'll be the band's 22nd or 23rd. Possibly their 24th. We don't seem to be able to agree on this, although doubtless there'll be someone on the Fallnet who'll know. Or maybe the people who put together the Fall fanzine, 'The Biggest Library Yet' at 19, Wellington Street, Retford, Notts DN22 6PR, will be able to tell us."

So there ya go mates, 15 minutes nearly up.

Listening to the grinding Smile right now, at work, sun just coming up, coffee just going down. I haven't had the time lately for much of the Fall or Fallnet, but listening to these tracks again in their 'live-in-studio' form reminds me again that this is genuinely the greatest band I've ever heard, and that Smith is in a class by himself. If you're looking for a compilation to buy, burrow past the Northern Attitudes et al, and snatch up this one. Essential. Or, as a wank may put, ignore at your peril.

an odour resembling The Fall permeates my whole bedroom while epiphanies stream


Graham C:

Well, nearly three years after I sent off some Deutschmarks to an address heard on the Peel show, I finally get a copy of the Fall split single from issue 16 of What's That Noise magazine:

The Fall - US 80's-90's (live)
Autechre - P.I.O.B (Mix two)
Drome - Moon on my Screen (Dub version)

I must say it is the worst pressed record I've ever seen, with hundreds of bobbly blisters all over it and its virtually unplayable. It's probably halved the life of my stylus. Still, gawd bless em I say. I don't know if they have any copies left, but the address is -

 Postfach 103185
33531 Bielefeld

Tel/Fax 0521-63146

The latest issue, no 18, comes with a 19-track CD with a Fall friendly line up including Ten Benson, I Ludicrous, Yummy Fur, Country Teasers, Male Nurse, Gorkys etc... From Britain, it's 20DM, or 8 GBP, dunno about from elsewhere. Notes , or eurocheques payable to Holger Lubkemann.



Julie Burchill well and truly lays into Peel in her column in today's Grauniad. Of course she mentions the Fall: "60 years old and he's still got his own teeth, sorry, Fall records...", he's "like the Queen Mother".


Rob Waite sez:

On last Monday's League of Gentlemen, Tom Murphy was one of the lads in the Pauline's Pens sketch. When she's being interviewed, he's sitting on one of the desks at the front, swinging his be-trainered feet.

Details from TBLY #14 are up at: http://members.tripod.com/~GColeman/fourteen.html


The Inertia tour is re-advertising:

Try http://www.monsterclub23.com for further details.

April 1 Montreal The Medley
April 2 Montreal The Medley
April 3 Toronto Concert Hall
April 4 Detroit The Majestic
April 5 Boston Cyclorama
April 7 New York Hammerstein
April 8 Philadelphia tbd
April 9 D.C. Capitrol Ballroom
April 10 Pittsburgh tbd
April 11 Cleveland Agora
April 13 Cininnati Annie's
April 15 Atlanta Tabernacle
April 16 Nashville tbd
April 17 Kansas City tbd
April 18 Chicago Metro
April 20 Milwaukee The Rave
April 23 Vancouver Plaza
April 24 Seattle Pier 48
April 25 Portland Museum
April 29 S.F. Maritime
April 30 L.A. The Palladium

Line-up: Dickies / Fall / Buzzcocks / Pere Ubu / Gang of Four

Venues and bands subject to change


Check out the back inside cover of DC/Vertigo comics coverdated March...full page ad for Inertia tour..."punk's not dead, it's just been having a little lie down", and a sorta arty safety-pin.

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