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From NME.com:

THE FALL's MARK E SMITH failed to turn up in court yesterday (Wednesday September 30) in New York, and now faces a warrant for his arrest.

Smith will be arrested if he does not turn up to a new court appearance on November 4. Smith was represented by a state attorney in the court, but no reason was given as to why he had not arrived in court. Judge Suzanne Mondo ordered Smith to hire his own lawyer as his income was high enough to pay for his own defence.


The Inertia tour of the US and Canada in Oct/Nov appears to be in some doubt with respect to dates and venues previously posted. The latest news is likely to be found at the promoter's site at www.monsterclub23.com.


Phil Rimell:

From Sunday Times review 5/10/98

.......Post Nearly Man won't convince doubters.But whether Smith is describing seafood, the geography of Manchester or a futuristic women's jousting competition, he remains, in his own words, the"dissolute singer....tapping away at the vast stamina bank".

Cryptic, terrifying - and,somehow, very funny.


From: Graeme Park
Subject: <fallnet> PNM in Select Oct 98

Secret Knowledge

Lost your obscure gems down the back of the musical couch? We slash the seats to reveal them

Mark E Smith Im (sic) Bobby (off 'The Post-Nearly Man', Artful LP)

The Fall's implacable leader takes the spoken-word route and revels, a capella, in his usual mix of incomprehensibility and caustic put-down. For some reason, he doesn't want the album reviewed. We're proud to endorse it; there's music involved, just about.


From: Steve Beeho

There's an interview with MES in the NME Student Guide which comes with this week's issue. There's a particularly good quote about the problems of having people with Fine Arts degrees in the band. Can't *imagine* who he's got in mind......


MES and Julia review the singles in this week's Melody Maker (in addition to MES' piece in the NME).


THE CARDIGANS My Favourite Game

MES: They're quite famous aren't they? Are they Irish or something?
MM: Swedish
MES: Swedish? They're just fucking slates aren't they? They just try and play whatever they hear on the radio. It's like when you go to Scandanavia, everyone supports Man Utd. They've just heard Garbage. Why do those cunts earn twice as much money as me? I'll tell you. Cos they're Cardie lads.
MM: What?
MES: Cardie lads. In Salford, that's blokes who aren't 30, but they dress like their grandads. Man Utd fans - "my great-grandad's mate met Georgie Best" and all that. Cardie lad is as Cardie lad does. That's the Cardigans.


Fiona Armstrong:

Peel last Wednesday:
"Well, as you know there are about 30 000 Fall compilations out at the moment, and shortly there will be another one, which I'm meant to be writing the liner notes for. I've meant to do it for about a year now. I shall do it at the weekend".

Maybe it *is* Peelie that's been holding the Peel Sessions up? Can't see why.


The Fall are booked to record a Peel session in a couple of weeks time.


Pete Ferreira:

"Secret History of Rock" by Roni Sarig has a good four pages on the Fall and a good discography.
The Secret History of Rock : The Most Influential Bands You'Ve Never Heard
by Roni Sarig
Watson-Guptill Pubns; ISBN: 0823076695


From: David I. Williams
Subject: <fallnet> F-Olding Money - original lyrics

F-Olding Money

Well I went to see my banker
Just to raise a little money
But when he told me the requirements
Well I started feelin' funny

He said you gotta have a house
You gotta have a lot
[I ain't gotta window
And I ain't got a pot]

It takes a lotta lolly
To satisfy my honey
[If I could get my hands
On some F-olding money]

Well I went to see the welfare man
To try to get a pension
As I was so depressed
I was needing some attention

He said you don't qualify
You don't get a dime
[That's when I broke his jaw
And that's why I'm doing time]

I'd do it all again
Though it might sound funny
[Tryin' a get my hands
On some F-olding money]

Well next year I got a letter
From a lawyer in the city
He said I'm glad that I found you
But it surely is a pity

Well I hate to tell you now
'Bout your rich Aunt Bunny
[(Has she?) left a sack full
Of F-olding money]

Well they (buried her last week?)
And brother what a crime
[My nephew goin'a jail
Where he don't get a dime]

I'd do it all again
Though it may sound funny
[If I could get my hands
On some F-olding Money]

... mumbles to fade.


Mark Desrosiers:

>Just picked up a 2nd-hand copy of _Snap, Crackle [&] Bop_ by JCC (1980),
>and was mildly surprised to see one Karl Burns listed as one of the

Actually, if you go to the All Music Guide website (The Fall's entry is here: http://www.allmusic.com/cg/x.exe?p=amg&sql=B4228), you can find out all sorts of weird side projects of the Fall's band members. Snap Crackle Bop is Karl Burns' only side dish, but here is Simon Rodgers' info:

1979 M New York-London-Paris-Munich Remixing
1985 Fall This Nation's Saving Grace Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Bass), Keyboards
1987 Fall Domesday Pay-Off (Triad Plus) Guitar (Electric)
1988 Murphy, Peter Love Hysteria Guitar, Keyboards, Producer
1989 Xmal Deutschland I'll Be Near You Producer, Remixing
1990 Fall 458489 A-Sides Guitar, Keyboards, Producer
1990 Murphy, Peter Deep Guitar (Acoustic), Producer, Mixing
1990 Fall 458489 B-Sides Guitar, Keyboards, Producer
1991 Boy George Martyr Mantras Producer
1992 Lightning Seeds Sense Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Keyboards, Multi Instruments, Producer
1993 Fall Infotainment Scam Producer
1993 Deafening Divinities wi Deafening Divinities with Aural Aff Producer
1994 Moyet, Alison Essex Guitar, Mandolin, Programming
1994 Maxi Music Maxi Music Producer
1995 Sedated in the '80s, No Sedated in the '80s, No. 3 Producer
1995 Clueless Clueless Producer
1995 Sharks Patrol These Wat Sharks Patrol These Waters Producer
1996 Rock the First, Vol. 10 Rock the First, Vol. 10 Producer
1996 Lightning Seeds Dizzy Heights Keyboards, Programming, Producer
1996 Best Rock Anthems in th Best Rock Anthems in the World Ever Producer
1996 Brassic Beats: Trip Hop Brassic Beats: Trip Hop All Funked Producer
1996 Huge Hits 1996 Huge Hits 1996 Producer

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