Fall News - 18 Oct 1998


Two low-key gigs which are not being widely publicised:

St Bernadettes Club,
Selby Avenue,
Manchester Road,
(near Junction 17, M62)

Wednesday 21st October, and Thursday 22nd October 1998

New material is promised, which will shortly be recorded for a new LP. Clearly this is likely to be a small venue and Mark seems keen to ensure that genuine Fall fans get first crack at it.

Tickets 7 pounds from Piccadilly Records, Manchester or from the venue itself. [This is what you have to do to get tickets (thanks to Simon Christian): Because it is cash only, you need to send cash by registered post to Piccadilly Records at: Attn : John, Piccadilly Records, Smithfield Buildings, 53 Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JR. A ticket is £8 (with booking fee) + £3.50 for return registered post. So for 2 tickets : 8 + 8 + 3.50 = £19.50]


From this week's NME, tucked away near the bottom of page 17, in the In Brief news section...

"The Fall's Mark E Smith contacted NME last week regarding his outstanding court appearance in New York. No warrant has been issued relating to his arrest during The Fall's tour there last April. Smith's appearance on misdemanour (sic) assault and harassment charges has been postponed until November 4 in order to coincide with a pre-planned Fall tour of the USA"


The Biggest Library Yet 13

Details of new issue, plus competition to win an obscure MES spoken word item. Not the Pot Noodle.



from Mark Radcliffe’s not very amusing really ‘Showbusiness’ book, includes the sort of stuff even the NME would reject as a lame parody of Fall album titles. Still...

“All manner of swots, divots, hicks and junkies passed through that celebrated late-evening residency, contributing to the cocktail of verse, vibes and verbal volley-ball, but the all-important farty noises were down to one bloke. The Boy Lard. So christened because of’ the then large and wobbly belly he carried around on the front of his body, possibly on behalf of a skinny old man in a benevolent act of beer-gut surrogacy, Lard’s real name is Marc Riley. He had come with me shrink-wrapped from the old Radio Five, and was revered as a bona fide cult figure thanks to the part he played in the career of legendary Manchester comedy-show band the Fall. His distinctive approach to a variety of instruments ranging from the six-string treble guitar to the four-string bass can still be heard to this day on such defining Fall moments as ‘Hedgehog Gasometer Leg-Iron Syndrome’ and ‘Trolleybus Tea-kettle Leprechaun Complex’. Perhaps Marc’s most lasting and telling contribution to the band, though, came in 1982 when he left, leaving the distraught remaining members, notably Riley acolyte Mark F ‘'Smiffy'’ Smith (himself later immortalised in the Television album Mark E. Moon), to struggle on without their guiding light, a struggle that continues to this day with the imminent release of the group’s 537th album, Hip-Archbishop Stick-lnsect Spitball Conspiracy Live at the Horse Trials.”



>THE KIWI ANIMAL: Mercy LP (SS LP). "The Kiwi Animal were a New Zealand folk
>band of the early to mid-80s that nobody seems to remember these days. They
>self-released a 7" EP ('Wartime', Brent & Julie Records, 1983) and two LPs
>(Music Media, Massage, 1984; Mercy, Massage, 1985) before breaking up in
>early 1986 without mixing their third, so-far-unreleased LP. Consisting of
>basically just Brent S. Hayward (formerly of Shoes This High, who only
>released one great Beefheart/Fall influenced 7" in 1980, a track of which
>appeared on a recent 'Killed By Death' volume) and Julie Cooper (a
>journalist and musician fascinated with Brent's unusual acoustic approach).
>While their first LP consisted of more traditional acoustic folk songs,
>this 2nd album added Patrick Wallers cello and a more experimental and
>sinister approach using tapes, a toy-piano and word-permutations. The use
>of cello makes Marie & The Atom the only vaguely comparable NZ-act we can
>think of, but rather than going into neo-classicism, the Kiwi Animal
>defined a new form of acoustic music. The album was given a new cover by
>New Zealand artist Kim Pieters, known from her recordings with
>NZ-improv-units such as Dadamah, Flies Inside The Sun, Rain, Doramaar and
>Tanak Nixon-Meeting." $14.00

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