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Steve Beeho:

Folding Money.....was recorded by Tommy Blake



the Fall get the usual mention in this month's Q - anyway - it's something along the lines of MES is now sane again, got a new Fall-lineup together, hasn't beaten anyone up recently, is in a film coming out soon...


From: David I. Williams
Subject: <fallnet> Ex Fall-man in 'Difficult Genius' shocker?

Latest Durutti Column press release sez:

"Time Was Gigantic..." consists of all new material recorded over a nine month period in Manchester's Cutting Room studios with Keir Stewart -- ...another 'difficult' genius of the type that Vini often chooses to work with (see also Street, Morrissey, Hannett etc.)".


From: Pete Ferreira
Subject: <> The Wire Fallcon <>

The Sept Wire has an article that mentions an album by The Ambitious Merchants called "Eating Apple Crumble Whilst Listening To 'Rouche Rumble'".

"...acknowledged their debt to The Fall, paid back in full on the opening song, 'Intro', which degenerated midway through into a rushed version of 'How I Wrote Elastic Man'...

--Phil England


From: Andreas_Dobber

by accident (although there is a nice index of artists and songs) I found the following quote (from August 1993) by Lydia Lunch in the Wire Compilation Book 'Invisible Jukebox', which might be of some interest "in the present state of things". As she is listening to Crap rap/Like to blow, she comments:

"The Fall. Glorious slop. I've always had a soft spot for Mark E. Smith. Anyone that's more bitter and sarcastic than I am I've got to respect. I've never had many of their albums, I know they've done many, the music never really mattered, just the spunk of Mark E. Smith. It brings a smile to my lips, I know that he is so brooding and bitter. I've tried to entice him occasionally into doing Spoken Word, because I know that the lyrics, which one can only vaguely decipher on any of their records, are just beautiful. More power to him. I think he's getting more bitter as he gets older, and that really impresses me. Oh, Mark E., keep going! I love him. They don't understand sarcasm very well in America."



A bit of research has led me to discover that The Fall will feature in the *next* volume of Rock Family Trees. Whether that will include a TV series, God knows, but since Peel narrates it, there's got to be a chance.

Simon Wolstencroft features in the current volume, as a memeber of 'The Rehearsal Group' that The Smiths grew out of. He may get a brief mention on the telly, as this particular tree (Manchester) was drawn up at the request of the BBC.


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