Fall News - 13 June 1999

MES will appear at the Nick Cave's Meltdown thing on Sunday 20 June:
Sacred & Profane, offers the chance to hear Nick Cave's friends and favourite personalities reading their own best-liked literary works in the Queen Elizabeth Hall on 20 June. Featuring Mark E Smith (other performers yet to be announced.)
Queen Elizabeth Hall, 7.45pm
Tickets: GBP 15, GBP 12.50, conc. GBP 2 off

The Fall play Edinburgh at Queens Hall, Edinburgh on Sun 22 Aug. This gig is part of the Flux Festival (site will go live on Monday!). Tickets @GBP10 can be bought on-line via the Flux Festival website or by telephone 0870 90 70 999 or 0131 220 4349 or 0131 668 2019

They also play Reading Festival on 27 August, Leeds Festival on 28 August on the Radio 1 Evening Session Stage. Tickets (GBP 33/day) from 0541 500 044, 0171 344 0044, HMV, Ticketmaster. Other details here.

The F-Oldin Money single will probably now be out at the end of July/early August.


You can hear a RealAudio of Mark E Smith playing his favourite records on Radio One's Breezeblock (21 April 1999) at :


The .rm file's about 5 Mb if people prefer to download that first.


Love Bound, by The Audio Arts
(Wilson-Wilson-Wilson-someone else)

available on Northern Soul Fever vol 2, on the Goldmine label


Bruce Tiffee has set up a WWW site for posting Fall video clips:


First up is "Psycho Mafia"/"Industrial Estate" - vintage May 1978 footage from the UK TV programme "So It Goes."


The Fifth Column Theatre (5thcolumn1@compuserve.com) are doing a version of Philip K Dick's Flow My Tears The Policeman Said at the Oval House Theatre in London until June 19th.



John sent in this cartoon from Pulse magazine:

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