Fall News - 30 March 1999

Touch Sensitive single is out.spiral

New album The Marshall Suite will be released on April 19

The Fall 1999 tour

All venues take advance credit card booking unless noted otherwise:

Date Venue Ticket Price Phone/Booking
May 3 Leicester, Princess Charlotte £8.00 0115 912 9000
May 4

Leeds, Irish Centre £9.00 0113 248 0887
(CC booking: Jumbo Records - 0113 245 5507)
May 5 Birmingham, The Foundry £7.00 0121 643 6101
May 6 Brigton Centre (east wing), Brighton (change from Hove) £8.00 0870 9009100
May 7 Salisbury, Arts Centre £9 adv / £10 door 01722 321744
May 8 Hastings, The Crypt £8.00 01273 709709
May 9 Sheffield, University £8.50 adv/£9.50 door 0114 222 8777
May 10 Cheltenham, The Attic £8.00 01242 516645 (Credit card booking: 01242 250002)
May 11 Cambridge, The Junction £9 adv/ £10 door 01223 511511
May 12 Southend, Chinnery's £8 adv / £9 door 01702 460440 (pay on door)
May 13 Luton, Venue 21 £10adv / £11 door 01582 749740
May 14 London, The Forum £11.00 adv 0171 344 0044


Tracklisting for the forthcoming album, released on April 19, is as follows:

(Artful / Circus) cat no.: ARTFUL CD17

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

The album will also be issued on cassette (Cat no. Artful MC17) and on a very limited edition vinyl double album. The vinyl (Cat no. Artful LP17) will feature an extra track: 'FINALE: TOM RAGGAZZI' which is The Fall goes to Kingston, Jamaica!


Touch Sensitive reviews:

Dave Harrop:

Been doing a bit of Focus Group testing of Touch Sensitive here in the office.
Jude (secretarial pool) says she loves the drums, but it's very reminiscent of Behind The Counter (mind you Jude can't walk and chew at the same time).
Mr Harvey (IT dept) said it's Top 20 material, and the chant-like format reminded him of Chumbawamba.
Mark (stores) said it was quite good but not his cup of tea.
Craig (PR) said not bad for a group that was in its death throes 12 months ago.
Personally, and without bias, I think it's fucking brilliant and can't wait for the Marshall Suite.



Wow! As re-births go, this is pretty spectacular!

Touch Sensitive is perfect Fall-pop. The production and engineering quality on this recording gives it a wonderful and frightening, 1984 kind of feel. As Oh Brother! launched the post-Riley, Brix-pop era, so this surely launches the post-Hanley era. And how!

Did anyone hear the Peter Curran show on GLR today? I didn't hear it myself, but apparently he was reviewing Touch Sensitive with Huggy Bear (yes, him from Starsky & Hutch!) and some woman (possibly Sarah Jane Morris?).

Curran was enthusing about TS being a great return to form, whilst his guests found it a bit tinny and wanted it better produced. Curran argued with them that it was the rawness in the sound that made it such a great record. He went on to give details of the Forum gig and signed off with 'I'll see you there'.

Even Mrs Id said it sounded like a great single on the radio!

Manager of Our Price in Staines checked her computer for me and said none of the Our Price stores would be stocking it, but Virgin Megastores (all part of WH Smith group?) would be. Shocking state of affairs!



Multitracked vox aren't something MES has done a fat lot of, and the layering in both TS and Antidote add humorous and sinister touches respectively. I like the orchestral keyboards, and the fact that there are some gaping holes in the texture - glad some sparseness has been kept.

The bass-line - such that it is - in TS is now very high (played on keys or bass? can't tell). Production job (especially on Antidote) is absolutely brilliant. The best-produced Fall record in many a year.

Both songs lamentably short. Dance mix stupidly distorted and fun.


vocals m e smith
guitars neville wilding
drums tom head
keyboards steve hitchcock

produced by steve hitchcock and bernard mac mahon

Hmm. It's just struck me what a huge departure Antidote really is. Less so Touch Sensitive. In Antidote Nev's skateboard kid influences are quite obvious - couple that with thundery Inch-like production, bias away from Hanley-style "melody in the bass" riff approach, and the 4-squared Hip Priest drums, and I have no idea what you end up with, but it's something quite, quite marvellous.


Paul Saxton:
Nah, Antidote is Kashmir, Smith's liking for HM rubbish given free reign. The really nice thing about the TS single is Smith's "They say what about the meek..." line invoking the sharp invective of old. He sounds very healthy here, the best he's sounded in a long time. The Dance Mix is yet another great Fall dance track that you can't actually dance to. In all, an excellent single.


F***in' marvellous, TS is! I especially like the teletubby-sci-fi-hamster anthem-for-the-millenium that is the dance mix. It should be encouraged on day-time Radio One.... if only to see our friend Julia dancing about squeaking that squeaky toy with over-enthusiastic gusto on TOTP. As for Antidotes, well I stand and shout "Goth" at our new Fall groop. Oh aye, and it's Kashmir right enough. Doesn't necessarily make it bad though.


Harley Richardson found an early Antidotes influence!



Peter Reavy:

From an Independent On Sunday article found at http://www.beefheart.com/zigzag/enc.htm (great site, also has RealVideo of Van Vliet on Letterman).


Guitarist and songwriter in Salford soul institution The Fall, has never met Beefheart, but this band would not have sounded the same without him.

The first record I got of his was Trout Mask Replica. The parental reaction was very satisfying: 'What is that rubbish?' At first I thought what the rest of the band still say if I put it on in the tour bus - it sounds like five people playing different songs at once. But there are so many different layers to it; a lot of really beautiful stuff's going on. People think it's improvised, but it isn't, it's very carefully structured.

Beefheart has influenced my guitar-playing - just in a liberating way, I wouldn't dare try to copy him. We were asked to play on a tribute album, but there's no point. It's a shame he stopped making music. I went to one of his exhibitions. It looked like he was painting Bambi decomposing, but then I suppose that's the kind of thing he was doing with his music.


That obscure genre site http://www.spies.com/misc/kfjc/md/db/by-category.html actually has a special Live Fall/Mark E Smith catagory. Of course, only 27 pints is in it. Presumably the other live stuff is in the kick ass funk jazz toasted sandwich maker section


Oliver found some Fall-inspired artwork:

The image I'm bragging about is here:



Doktor Pete:

I think the following says more about Dragnet than I possibly could. Lots of M. R. Jamesish stuff here:

Thank you for using the server at http://www.AnagramGenius.com/

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