Fall News - 14 Feb 1999


The Fall play Ashton Witchwood, Manchester (0161 344 0321) on Sun 28 Feb, Mon 1 Mar, Tues 2 Mar. Also London Forum on 14 May.

The new single "Touch Sensitive" will be released either on 22 February or 1 March as a CD and a 12".

Inch, recorded with Manchester producers DOSE and Spectre, will be released on February 15 on the Regal label. The track will be backed with three remixes. Hear the intro here.

The Backdrop CD has popped up on the pre-release lists for 22 Feb. Also a re-released Light User Syndrome with the two extra Chiselers mixes from the single.


Yous guys can find the CD artwork for Inch at the following addy....




In the new Uncut, there's a few MES bits in their Bunnymen interview:

Where did you acquire the legendary overcoat?
"From Mark E Smith. I'd started seeing The Fall, who I thought were brilliant. Well, he lent me it and I never gave it back! Best coat I ever had"

"I saw The Fall at Erics, and there was this tramp, this gargoyle, giving it 'Psycho mafia, chh, chh'.I remember goin to me mate ' This is the best thing I've ever seen'. Apart from Bowie, maybe. Unusually, I went up and told him he was amazing. He went 'Thanks cocker, you make it all worthwhile'. We were friends. Years later I was tagged a Fall roadie, which I wasn't too pleased about. But Mark is one of the most intelligent blokes walking the planet"


"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." - Matthew 11:28 (KJV)

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